AT&T Mojio carrier in USA: free service for first year

mojioMojio today announced that its connected car device will work via AT&T’s wireless network in the United States. It will work with Telus in Canada.

The Mojio  connects to an onboard diagnostic port OBDII  that is in most cars manufactured after 1996. Drivers with Mojio will be able to locate, monitor and diagnose their car from their iOS or Android smartphone. The data from the car will be delivered through AT&T’s network.

Mojio is built on an open platform allowing developers to create apps that run on Mojio’s platform. At the AT&T hackathon during Super Mobility Week, apps such as Proximity Alert and  RumbleStrip used Mojio devices.  Mojio is also partnering for advertising with Kiip that can give coupons for places nearby.

The Mojio device can be used to connect cars that are already on the road. Mojio claims the core Mojio app makes driving more intelligent, while keeping driver safety and convenience top of mind.

Apps that are expected include parking payments, automated trip expensing, simplified car rental or home automation connections.

Mojio will be available in the US in time for the holiday season for $149 which includes the first year of service . The second year of service will be $4.99 per month. Competitors include Automatic(which connects to Siri) Zubie and dash App.