Nokia connects to connected cars by funding Zubie

ZubieConnected car services company Zubie announced an $8 million investment from Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) this morning from Nokia’s $100 million connected car fund.

Nokia is also investing in Zubie with Nokia Growth Fund Partner,  Paul Asel joining the Board of Directors.

Zubie connects to the OBDII port on cars made after 1996.

Zubie’s AlwaysSmart app analyzes data about driving behavior and engine health in order to provide safety and cost recommendations. It also allows tracking of family, friends and cars to know where people are and to share rides. The tracking app in Android and iPhone has been especially helpful for parents of teen drivers.

Zubie claims it makes driving easier, safer and less expensive. Zubie service costs $99.95 and comes with one  year of free service. It is similar to Automatic  the cheaper Dash App  or app open source Mojio which is supposed to ship this summer. The app will alert drivers to impending problems and advise how to drive better.

Zubie has GPS, a wireless connection to the cloud and multiple sensors that track car health and activity.

Zubie also offers business services for tracking business fleets.

Another feature will let drivers know if the valet is drag racing the car.  Motion Monitor will notify the driver any time the engine is started and in updates will notify when hard acceleration and driving faster than 45 MPH.

For Zubie, the investment will allow it improve its product and increase employees.

More partnerships in the future will include Fortune 500 companies such as telecommunications, dealers and insurance companies.

Previously, Zubie  has partnered with iControl Networks to offer home automation through cars and  smartphones seamlessly.