Automatic to SYNC, Siri & IFITT with Ford/Lincoln

AutomaticFordAutomatic is working Ford to enhance the SYNC systems on Ford vehicles  to deliver features from the Automatic platform. The first app for iOS 8 only will be in the App store next week and support Siri.

Automatic users in SYNC-equipped cars will be able to talk to Apple’s Siri on iPhones via the steering wheel button.

Automatic will also enable access to the  If This Then That, or IFTTT service, which automates actions using the Internet.

Basically, IFITT allows a user to create a macro based on an event such as turn on the air conditioning at a certain place/time or send a text message to spouse when the driver leaves work.

Automatic and Ford will launch more features in the future.

This collaboration started as a conversation with Ford’s R&D team that.

Automatic is a device that attaches to the OBDII port of cars later than 1996 that connects to GPS and a smartphone to provide data to the user and driving tips.

Automatic works with iPhone 4s and above, and Android OS 4.0 and above (HTC One requires Android 4.3+). Automatic also alerts emergency responders in case of accidents. A do not disturb feature silences the phone while you drive.

Automatic notifies the driver of Engine Trouble Codes mean and what you should do about them. The company claims that the device and service will save gas and make sure that you never forget where you parked.

Competitors to Automatic include, dash app, Delphi, Zubie and Mojio.