Latest Auto Connected Car Trend: Advertising – Contextual Deals Connections & More

SynappDominospizzaAs app makers find all sorts of ways to connect cars and smartphones, it didn’t take long for advertising to enter the space. In the future, connected cars may be aware of the drivers needs, before the driver is even aware of what is needed.

Added AD Rewards Via OBDII  from Kiip and Mojio

At the Ad Tech, San Francisco, Next Ads Frontier, Kiip Mobile Marketing announced that Moji apps have partnered to reward “driving moments” in the connected car.  The two companies will use real-time vehicle information to give out rewards.

In the news release, an example of a reward is:

  • You head for work early, you are rewarded with of free cup of coffee for being an early riser.

Connected to the cloud, daily driving habits will be recognized and then computed into advertising opportunities for valet parking, location sharing and automated parking.

Mojio connects to the OBII port of cars and will not ship until Spring 2014. The company calls itself a cellular GPS device that makes any car a smart car with car-smart apps for your phone.  We have connected the company to get more specific details on how the device works and how much it will cost.

More Adoration and Ad Exploration from Pandora

Pandora streaming audio is already one of the most popular smartphone apps played in cars, which is full of advertising. Pandora is in all the top car models and will be in a third of the new cars that roll off the lots in 2014. Listener hours were 1.71 billion in March 2014 and Pandora has 9.1% of total U.S. Radio listening.

Next Contextual Marketing, Offers and More Geo Triggered

Harmon completed an industry first  on its Aha service for Quizno’s subs.  A geo fence was place around place around local sub sandwich restaurants.  When a driver was nearby a restaurant, a quick coupon was sent to head unit, with a special offer. It was designed with big easy buttons on the head unit. The trial showed a higher “buy through” than typical web ads.

Contextual apps could combine the fact that calendars show the kids are two different events, along with the fact parents usually order dinner around 6:00 pm, which then offers three dinner choices in the area that can be picked up in twenty minutes.

Currently, one of the first apps on the new MyFord Touch SYNC is the Domino’s pizza ordering app with a connected pizza app.

Music is personal, different divers may like different music and music with kids in the car may be different. App developers are working on ways of identifying drivers music preferences such as the QNX powered GraceNote.

Since, Apple’s CarPlay shows calendar and music, there is a possibly that contextual apps will be programmed, with ads.

Let’s not forget that the massive ad service provider Google is participating in the Open Automobile Alliance, pushing Google Maps into cars which is reported to be for advertising revenue by analysts. Google will bring in more than $14.5 billion in mobile revenue in 2014.

There’s an App Ad for That

Juniper Research reported that there will be 120 million app-connected vehicles will be on the road worldwide by 2017.  App developers can use data from the smartphone and or car telematics to offer the ads people need when they need them.  Some examples we thought might happen:

  • Twenty minutes after a stop at Starbucks, there is an offer for 50% a pack of Charmin at a market with the cleanest rest rooms in town.
  • After a visit to the Gym, the driver may receive a discount coupon for deordorant or electrolyte drinks, smoothies or protein bars.
  • If a driver stays in a bar longer than four hours, the “My Mother the Car” app will offer a discount for a taxi or a Uber ride home.
  • While driving in the parking structure at a mall, there can be offers for different products or stores in the shopping mall.
  • When the gas tank is close to empty, the in-head unit shows the closest gas stations with the cheapest prices of gas.
  • When your tire pressure is low, your wheels are out of balance and there is 30,000 miles on your tires, you get a notice that you can get free balancing at America’s Tire.
  • On cold rainy days, a Pep Boys coupon for 20% off of windshield wiper blades appears.
  • While entering the Von’s parking lot, ads for cheaper items at Ralph’s appears.
  • In Beverly Hills, the plastic surgery app, keeps a record of the driver’s weight, wrinkle factors and breast or nose size to offer deals from plastic surgeons in the area.

As with all geo-centric or personal data apps, we hope that consumers privacy will be maintained and drivers will be given options on ways to protect their data.  Currently there is a coalition trying to pass laws to protect drivers’ data.