Permissions Requests

We grant permission to media, providers, chipmakers, automakers, software developers, and other connected car participants.

Permissions are granted subject to certain conditions and are provided in response to specific requests.

Unless we advise you otherwise, we require that items be attributable to “AUTO Connected Car News” (and not any other variation of our names), and not to a specific writer or editor. The attribution on websites, blogs, apps or news sites must include an HTML hyperlink back to the original article or in the case of the Tech CARS Awards, the home page. We generally approve mentions as long as they are written in AP style.

Permission Request Procedure

All requests should be submitted by email to pr[at]

Quote Request: The exact words of the quote and the URL of the source of the quote

Accolade Request: The exact form of the accolade and the URL of the source of the accolade; we can provide approved forms of an accolade upon request.

Article/Review Request: The name of the article or review and the URL of the page on which the article or review appears.

Photo Request: Both the URL of the page on which the photo appears and a description of which photo on that page is the one being requested

Logo Request: A copy of the actual proposed use.

For Requests Please Include:

The purpose of the request, including the medium in which the logo, link, quote, accolade or article or review will appear

The name, organization and e-mail address of the person to whom the consent or request for additional information should be sent.