AT&T Mojio carrier in USA: free service for first year

mojioMojio today announced that its connected car device will work via AT&T’s wireless network in the United States. It will work with Telus in Canada.

The Mojio  connects to an onboard diagnostic port OBDII  that is in most cars manufactured after 1996. Drivers with Mojio will be able to locate, monitor and diagnose their car from their iOS or Android smartphone. The data from the car will be delivered through AT&T’s network.

Pioneer App Radio issues with iOS 8 & CarPlay delay?

Pioneerappradio3headunitPioneer AppRadio users should think twice before upgrading to iOS 8. There are problems with the in-app keyboard, general compatibility and display issues with AppRadio Mode apps. Therefore Pioneer suggests not updating to iOS 8 if you are using AppRadio apps in your car.