How to Pitch and Contact AUTO Connected Car News for Coverage

AUTO Connected Car News is dedicated to giving precise and important content about the connected and autonomous car space.

We have a limited  amount of space and time to cover everything. It is important to us that we only publish information that is pertinet to our readers.  It is also important to be able to profit from advertising and sponsored content to cover our time and expenses.

Notes to PR Professionals About Contacting AUTO Connected Car News

Due to the massive amount of SPAM we receive, you must meet the following guidelines when you send pitches to anyone at our company including reporters and editors.¬† We have had our contacts removed from the Cision and other journalist databases because professional who should know better don’t follow the rules.

  1. Your pitch must have a one-click unsubscribe link that works. This is an international Anti-Spam rule based on the Canadian Anti-SPAM Act that we follow for our newsletter.
  2. Only send it one time – two, three, four even five follow-ups make no difference–deleting emails is work and wastes time that we could be writing or editing. We read everything that comes through.
  3. If you get and “unsubscribe” back that means that you are off topic and to STOP sending emails.
  4. We only cover news in the United States and media partner with U.S. only events only.
  5. We do not cover IPO or investment stories unless it is a quick one-line in Connected Car News Tips.
  6. Please read AUTO Connected Car News before submitting, the database information that has been circulating is incorrect.

In the past year, AUTO Connected Car News email addresses were sold. We sent hundreds of unsubscribe messages. Major violators include

  • HighWire PR – Even after asking several times to be removed, the company continued to send emails. We called them twice to ask to stop.
  • JCN NewsWire – has no unsubscribe anywhere. We have contacted them several times to stop sending emails. Finally we set up the server to automatically reject anything from the company.

Please also note since we list an email address it doesn’t mean you can send anything.

We do cover news about autonomous, connected cars and new technology and offer sponsored content, native advertising and other opportunities to find out more please subscribe to to our PR Professional Newsletter for details. You can also get email newsletters for the Tech CARS awards and weekly news summaries.