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AUTO Connected Car News is the premier source for news about connected cars and vehicles. The staff has almost a half century experience in the news field. The news site is a sister publication of Wireless and Mobile News with a history of over seven years of quality content with over 8 million readers.

AUTO Connected Car News was founded to meet the needs of new connected car market providers, buyers, enthusiasts, businesses, developers and analysts by offering daily news updates. AUTO Connected Car News is a media partner to Telematics Update an industry leader recognized by major automakers all over the world. We have also partnered with Electric Car Insider for the Tech CARS Award.

The connected car market is growing exponentially and there is new news every day that is breaking fresh and original. AUTO Connected Car News news areas of coverage include:

  • Breaking automotive technology news.
  • Compatibility with iPhone or Android.
  • New product announcements.
  • Telematics industry news.
  • Breaking research.
  • Apps and application updates.
  • Autonomous self-driving autonomous auto-piloted vehicles.
  • The latest trends in the convergence of telematics, wireless and consumer electronics devices.
  • Aftermarket head units that you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Automobile connections to the environment.
  • Wireless connections, 5G, DSRC, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Connected car technology.
  • Embedded chips.
  • Electrification technology.

AUTO. Stands for : Automobile Unbiased Telematics Overview

AUTO Connected Car News is published by Aproprose, provider of timely and relative information since 1991.


AUTO Connected Car News receives an between 70,000 – 120,000 Page Views a month with some visitors reading as many as 5 pages per visit. The majority of visitors are from the United States and Canada. We have newsletter subscribers totaling 3,000 and growing since its launch in November 2014. Some articles have as many as 250 comments from avid concerned readers.

Credentials/ Ranking

AUTO Connected Car News’ columnists have appeared or quoted by Yahoo Autos, Cars.com, Motor Matters, Wikipedia, GM, AutomotiveIT News, IDG Tech Hive, Wireless Week, The Los Angeles Times, Success, Investor’s Business, Electric Car Insider and more. AUTO Connected has over 70,000 inbound links and more coming every day. We have the honor of being re-Tweeted by the Mayor of Los Angeles. More importantly, AUTO Connected CAR News is the leading publication that focuses solely on connected car technology in the United States.


AUTO Connected Car News currently has a staff including an editor, two seasoned writers, a videographer, a quantum computing professor/advisor, an industry analyst and consummate public relations professional. All staff have an active presences in social media totaling thousands of followers.

ELynnFullpiceditedxecutive Editor, Lynn Walford has over twenty years experience writing for  publications such as, Auto Futures, Get Creative USA Today/Gannett, Yahoo Autos, Cars.com, GearBrain, Informa Connected Cars, Investor’s Business Daily, Wireless Week, TopSpeed,  TechHive,  Automotive IT News, Electric Car Insider and various Networld Alliance publications. Walford successfully managed Wireless Mobile News to garner over 8 million page views.

Honored with many awards and a Knight Digital Media News Entrepreneur fellow, Walford offers a wry yet in depth look at the connected car space.

Walford learned to drive in her sister’s 1966 yellow Mustang convertible. Her first car was an Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint, followed by a 1965 Thunderbird convertible. Her next car was a 1964 Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spyder which led to a series of Toyotas and other “more reliable cars. She currently drives an all-electric 2016 Nissan Leaf SL which has a new battery pack per Nissan’s warranty. Read all articles by Lynn Walford.

Walford has appeared on countless radio and television shows. A key note speaker at conventions, Walford is available to comment on news stories. Contact:

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Reporters, Correspondents and Contributors to AUTO Connected Car News

shargilbertnewGilbert Shar, Contributor, has written about breaking technology for several years in his spare time after working in the electronics industry.  Gilbert’s focus is on breaking news stories, research and tech . Read all articles by Gilbert Shar. Twitter/Google+

bryanjohnstonBryan Johnston,  Reporter was a former ghostwriter for some of the industries’ top technology firms, Johnston contributes stories about wireless devices, development platforms, industry analysis, news, ADAS, CV, V2V, V2I and other topics. Johnston is a graduate of UCLA and proud Bruin. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Malani and two cats. Read all articles by Bryan Johnston. Bryan on Twitter  Google+.

staceyfaceStacey Jeffrey PhD, Reporter/Consultant, is an expert in quantum computers and algorithm frameworks. She covers advanced computer technologies, autonomous vehicles, security, privacy and alternative mobility services. Read all articles by Dr. Jeffrey.

Jim Loving, Reporter/Photographer/Videographer, writes for AUTO Connected Car News about technology advancements in engine designs for higher power and efficiency as well as aftermarket products at the SEMA trade show. Loving specializes in luxury sports cars including Porsche and Ferrari. Read recent articles by Jim Loving.

Management Team Members
larryhead5454Lawrence (Larry) Cranston is the Director of Corporate Communications and Publicity for AUTO Connected Car News with over two decades experience working in the industry with various news, technology, and media companies. He can be reached via telephone only. We have removed our email addresses due to overwhelming SPAM without unsubscribe features.

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1001 Freemont Ave. Suite 1403

South Pasadena, CA  91031-1403

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We offer several ways to present your autonomous connected car or automotive business or service in the best light. We currently run Google Adsense ads and are open to affiliate relationships. We accept bylined pieces, we will write about your company or service and we will interview your source (editorial fees required). For prices and details contact Larry Cranston via phone, the above email address or subscribe to our PR Professionals Newsletter. For information about pitching for editorial and guidelines read our public relations page.


AUTO Connected Car News complies with Bing and Google Webmaster Guidelines and never uses profanity of any kind. We  also have a policy of not degrading any race, sex or product. We validate and fact check all news stories according to AP guidelines. Our website has a SSL Certificate and is mirrored on https://www.autoconnectedcar.com. Our newsletters comply with international and Canadian anti-spam laws.

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AUTO Connected Car News is the winning source for the Tech CARS Awards.


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On November 28, 2014, AUTO Connected Car News was accepted to the Bing News program.