Parrot Media Center connects all the car screens & devices with Wi-Fi and digital TV

Parrot_MediaCenterParrot, announced Media Center for automotive, based on research on digital TV, Ethernet AVB and Android.  The main function of the system to broadcast video to all devices/screens.

Passengers can watch TV  or movies on Parrot displays, end user smartphones or tablets.  There is a digital TV receiver than can broadcast to all the displays in Full HD (1080p) . Videos can be synched on all screens or different video can be seen on different screens.

From the screens built-in the car, passengers can play games from the Parrot apps store including Facebook, Glympse, Spotify, Fruit Ninja, Colin McCrae Rally and more.

The system can be adapted to fit most vehicles. Mass production will begin in the first half of 2015.

The concept from Parrot is to bring “content anywhere anytime” and guaranteeing the highest level of performance,”

Parrot is supplies infotainment solutions worldwide to car manufacturers of all types. Therefore in the next year, we may see similar systems in cars, SUVs or family sedans.