A Connected Car Review of News: Smartphone UBI, Delphi Tech Board & Green Hills

Renesas_0814There are new announcements for connected cars, Agero UBI (Usage Based Insurance) for smartphones, Green Hill Software for Renesas processors and a new technology board for Delphi.

Agero, announced its new mobile usage based insurance (UBI) platform with PolicyPal with real-time driving tracker,  and Auto Crash Notification (ACN) using mobile device sensors.

Agero’s mobile telematics platform provides UBI predictive analytics that tracks how often and far a policyholder drives; how hard they brake or accelerate; if they travel during peak urban traffic hours and other information to tailor in

Safer Cars with Seeing Machines to Stop Distracted Connected Cars

seeingdrivingIf there were people watching you in your car they would see if your eyes were not on the road, if you were sleeping and if you are incapacitated.  Soon some sources claim GM Chevy, Cadillac owners will have a friend seeing what they are doing to help them drive. Seeing Machines’ eye tracking systems using Takata hardware.

Seeing Machines is an Aussie tech company that uses Takata safety equipment. In a press release on Monday stated that Seeing Machines has an agreement with Takata and that the partnership has signed a contract to deliver the first ever mass-manufactured implementation of a driver-monitoring for a “Major Global Automotive Manufacturer.