Dash opens API for Devs to compete with connecte car devices: Zubie, Mojio & Automatic

DashAPIDash announced its ‘Automotive Graph’ an open platform for the road, API is available for third-party developers called CHASSIS API.

Dash noted on its website is opening up its OBII system for the ‘Internet of Cars.’  The API allows developers to add to the existing Dash mobile applications.

Developers can pull fuel expense data and get real insights into a car’s fuel efficiency. They can Build applications to help drivers save money.

Statistics can help users re-evaluate their personal transportation choices, driving habits or the declining health of their car by tapping into their driving data.

Developers can build applications for safer roads by offering real-time alerts like speeding and hard brake alerts.

Dash currently offers drivers real-time feedback for improved driving and fuel efficiency. It also connects to great deals and cheapest gas is nearby.

Dash apps are free on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

Dash is similar to Zubie, Automatic and Mojio in that they all connect to the OBD-II. However with Dash drivers can buy a generic Bluetooth enabled device for as little as $10 while the other devices range from $99-$150.

Since Dash connects to the OBD-II port on most cars since 1996, it can not communicate to other computers in the vehicle.