Rivet News Radio lands in connected Jaguars & Land Rovers: HearHere!

Rivet News RadioAt the Paris Auto Show, HearHere Radio and Jaguar/Land Rover(JLR) announced that Rivet News Radio will be the first preferred service for JLR’s InControl Apps audio system.

The partnership is supported by tier-one system engineer Robert Bosch of Bosch Automotive Technology.

Rivet was designed with drivers in mind with simple integration of listener’ personal newstreams with hands-free infotainment units.

Rivet News Radio will deliver business, tech and current events news to all Jaguar F-type and XE sedans this October and to all JLR models in 2015.

Drivers load Rivet Android and iPhone apps that sync to the Jaguar or Land Rover sound system. They they can hear audio stories created exclusively from Rivet newsroom, the Associated Press and other outlets.

Rivet News Radio, is designed to deliver personalized, topical news directly to smartphone users.

Rivet’s listening experiences has built-in features for safety and customization. The programming — which is unique to each listener based on preferences — pauses when drivers get a phone call or turn off their car. And once they’re driving again, the story they were enjoying will pick up where it left off.