Volkswagen ELR connected car research offers driving buddies with ESP

infotainmentvwVolkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) is working on more “intuitive” forms of driver, car and external communications, noted a news release from the company. Volkswagen group encompasses Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and VW.

ERL researchers are looking at the three elements important for connected driving, the car, mobile devices and cloud.

The overall user experience is seen as the important ingredient for connected intelligence services. Volkswagen wants to be in touch with customers in and out of the car using cloud and connected devices.  The ultimate goal is to  design vehicles capable of learning, predicting, and adapting to drivers’ needs and wishes.

Research is performed with customer clinics, driving simulator studies, and product usability tests.

After learning from ELR researcher, more VW Group cars will have options that seamlessly integrate smartphone apps and connected navigation with real-time map images and updates. The navigation systems will show the expertise of a driving companion or friend who is familiar with both the driver and destination.

ERL researchers are also developing systems in cars to identify the preferences and individual needs of drivers.  A car could connect to the cloud and understand the driver’s location, how it affects the driver and will  offer assistance for driver’s needs, such as giving a route for a parking spot in the kind of parking structure the driver has shown a preference for, or offering the route home from work according to traffic and a stop at the closest Starbucks.

Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) is located in Belmont, California. Audis are currently being used to test autonomous driving features with sensors on the grille. Volkswagens are one of the few cars that come with MirrorLink.