Tesla S warranty extended to 8 yr unlimited mile warranty

tesladashTesla CEO Elon Musk announced today that the Tesla Model S drive unit warranty has been extended to match that of the battery pack. That means the 85 kWh Tesla S, now has an 8 year, infinite mile warranty on both the battery pack and drive unit. It will cover all the owners of the cars, new or used.

The warranty extension will apply retroactively to all Model S vehicles ever produced.

Free app for teens to prevent texting while driving

SafeCell360iPhoneappSafeCell 360 is an app available to teenage drivers in the United States for the 2014/2015 year free. It enables the teens and parents to block apps, text messages, emails and monitor them.

The app provides parents the ability to limit the use of their teenage drivers access to their Android and iPhone devices while driving. SafeCell 360 is designed to run in the background and monitor for motion.

2014 ITS World Congress expects Visteon, Transcore, U.S. DOT, Michigan DOT & investment funding

detroitworldcongressThe 2014 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Sept. 7-11 comes to America every three years, this year it will be in Detroit, Michigan. A multitude of industry leaders will be present and presenting at the event.

Transcore Trucking Tolling

At Belle Isle, TransCore will demonstrate a viable answer to today’s nationwide tolling interoperability. Using a live test-track, the truck driver will test a multi-protocol tag – GoAnywhere Pass – in a loop using six different readers set up for various protocols. Participants will observe the transactions in the tent on a big screen.