Telsa S will have voice dialing and more connected car features per owners’ requests

tesladThe PR darling of EVs, Elon Musk has responded to feedback from customers who bought  an ad in a local Palo Alto newspaper in the form of a Tweet and more. Elon Musk tweeted that the customers were right and many of the features will be implemented soon.

Some connected car features wanted are voice dialing by speaking the numbers, a larger touchscreen spot for answering calling to avoid disconnecting incoming call by mistake. 

iPhone 5/5C/5S CarPlay Delays 2015 for MB, Volvo while Hyundai on target

VolvoCarPlayIt looks like that many of the carmakers who committed to Apple CarPlay for iPhone5 and later are not able to get the feature out this year and will launch CarPlay at later dates.

So far Mercedes, Volvo, Honda do not have exact dates for  CarPlay with most coming in 2015 while CarPlay compatible Hyundai 2015 Sonata models are being sold with a promise of a CarPlay update by the end of this year.