Audi A7 Self Driving Autonmous Cars Don’t Have Ugly Can on Top LiDAR on Grille

audiconnecctAt CES Audi announced that it has developed its own, much smaller LIDAR that is mounted on the Audi grille, eliminating the ugly “can” at the top look. The company showed just how intelligent and beautiful self-driving cars can be.

In a demonstration Audi used an app to “call” the car from a parking spot to the front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas.

The car started by itself, drove out  of the garage, turned the corner, and parallel parked.  Audi then showed the car returning to the spot, parking between two cars.

In another demos at CES Audi’s A7 could drive in traffic when the traffic was less than 40mph a feature called Auto Piloted driving. The car has facial recognition cameras to see if the driving is paying attention and sounds an alert if the driver is not. This Audi A7 was equipped with front and rear radar, a forward-looking laser, and a windshield-mounted camera.

The A7 looked and worked beautifully

The Audi Urban Future Award 2014 finalists include four teams in four cities developing four projects to connect cars and cities that will develop new forms of connected car scenarios.