In connected car apps to reach 269 million by 2018, thanks 2 CarPlay and Android Wear

telematicsfeturesA new report by Juniper Research on the telematics sector  found that the number of in-vehicle apps in use is expected to reach 269 million by 2018, representing a more than five fold increase on last year’s figure.

Connected Cars: Consumer & Commercial Telematics and Infotainment 2014-2018 reports growth will be fueled by solutions such as Apple’s CarPlay, which will promote in-car apps.

Teens don’t like parents texting while driving either

teensparentstextdrivingIt’s not only teens who text while driving but parents engage in distracted driving in front of their children.

A new survey from Liberty Mutal Insurance and SADD shows that parents drive without a seat belt, text, and driving after consuming alcohol, the same practices parents tell their kids to not do.