EV charging stations # >Starbucks & 1st BMW i DC Fast & apps

chargepointappThere are more ChargePoint charging stations than Starbucks, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven: 8,160,Dunkin’ Donuts or Wal-marts. BMW’s new fast chargers are supported. EV owners can find charging stations online or via Android and iPhone apps.

When drivers realized there are so many places to  charge an EVs, they’re more likely to consider buying EVs.  There are many charging stations are at many stores.

With 18,000 charging locations across U.S. and Canada, ChargePoint has more spots than the number of Starbucks: 14,958, McDonald’s: 13,890, 7-Eleven: 8,160, Dunkin’ Donuts: 7,681 and Walmart: 5,256.


Connected Car Expo previews at CTIA Vegas 9/9-11

connectedcarexpoThe Connected Car Expo has announced the roster for CTIA Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, NV, September 9-11. The event is expected to a preview of the Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show November 18-20.

Before the show are several days devoted to Ford, with the Ford App Developer Conference on September 8, the over night Ford Hackathon (9/8-9/9) and Ford App Pursuit (9/9-11).

There is a CCE pavillion with mobile apps from Hertz Neverlost, Lixar, OnStar and Speaktoit.