2015 Mustang’s faster USB & triple audio choices

MUStangThere will be three styles of audio for the 2015 Ford Mustang and is the first Ford vehicle to feature a high-power, 2.1-amp USB port that charges phones and other devices twice as fast as other ports. Mustangs will also offer CD playing, steering wheel button audio control, voice control. AUX connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity.

Ford claims that the solid foundation enables the audio system to provide cleaner, clearer sound. Improved aerodynamics significantly reduces wind noise, especially at highway speeds.

There are the standard six-speaker a premium package, nine-speaker system with an eight-inch touch-screen or a 12-speaker ShakerPro with trunk-mounted subwoofer.

The basic system has high-frequency tweeters mounted on A-pillars that point across the interior to give more direct sound to the driver and front passenger.

The more rigid doors of the new Mustang enable the use of slimmer, lighter 6.5-inch door speakers . A pair of 6.5-inch round full-range speakers are mounted in the rear package tray of the fastback, or in the quarter panels in the convertible.

Both premium audio systems add a front center speaker in the top of the instrument panel for better vocal and speech clarity. These systems add a separate 8+1-channel amplifier. The mid-range nine-speaker system adds a second speaker to each door, separating the low and mid-range frequencies for improved fidelity.

The top-of-the-line Shaker Pro has a pair of coaxial tweeter/woofers in the rear, plus a trunk-mounted subwoofer for maximum bass response.

Ford SYNClets drivers connect devices of their choice. Audio systems can be adjusted with supplemental controls on the steering wheel and voice activation for hands-free operation are standard.  The 2015 Mustang has standard Bluetooth wireless connectivity,

All  three have CD players and auxiliary inputs. The standard audio system also features next-generation SYNC AppLink, enabling drivers to use selected smartphone apps while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.