Car buyers want seamless connected car connectivity + luxury infotainment

frostsullivanFrost & Sullivan’s analysis of the North American advanced connected car and ADAS systems found that consumers demand seamless connectivity and high-end infotainment features in cars. The company also noted that the industry is on its way to 000 (zero emissions, zero accidents and zero fatalities.

The research also found that night vision assist with pedestrian detection or collision warning and mitigation using augmented reality (AR) which were considered to be of higher importance compared to other features like power liftgate or ambient lighting in the vehicle.

Advanced safety applications (ADAS) will be considered customary commodities in two to three years, followed by functional convenient features noted Frost & Sullivan Automotive and Transportation Industry Analyst Neelam Barua.

NHTSA has directed rear view cameras be made standard fitment by 2018 to make vehicles more intelligent and safer. Honda and Acura have rear view cameras standard in all their models/lineup.

Luxury automakers prefer to offer either optional or advanced feature packages targeting different age groups and geographies at attractive price points. For example, Mercedes Benz CLA has an abundance of advanced features packaged at the price tag of $29,999.

The goal of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero fatalities is becoming possible as technology progresses.

Mass-market carmakers are focusing on fuel economy and emission reduction, while premium carmakers use inventive features including laser-based headlamps, HUD heads-up displays, customized¬† instrument clusters, enhanced ‘virtual’ view of the road using AR, and gesture controlled infotainment.

Among the various current advanced technologies, safety applications, followed by comfort and convenience are the most favored by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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