Connected Car Daily News: Honda, BMW, Tesla, Automatic, Trafficware, Siemens, Keysight & Alta Devices

At AUTO Connected Car News we realize the amount of information about connected cars can be overwhelming today we launch a new feature with condensed daily news. In the news today are Honda, BMW, Tesla, Automatic, trafficware, Siemens, Keysight and Alta Devices.

Oil and Gas Mixup in Honda CR-V’s

2017 and 2018 CR-V SUVs with Honda’s latest 1.5-liter turbo engine are plagued with gas leaking into the oil especially in cold weather climates. Honda is working on fix.

“Honda has been investigating the situation and developing a remedy, which we hope to make available through authorized Honda dealers by mid-November 2018,” company spokesman Chris Martin told Consumer Reports. The repair will be covered by the warranty and will also be applied to 2019 model-year CR-Vs before the 2019s go on sale.

5 i’s for BMW

In 2021 BMW ‘s electric vehichles will be the BMW i3, the Mini BEV, the BMW iX3, the BMW i4 and BMW iNext, notes an email sent to The Drive.

Tesla Software Update 9.0

Tesla v.90 is being pushed out, but lacks “Navigate on Autopilot” feature. Elon Musk Tweeted

“V9 moving to wide release now. Holding back Autopilot drive on navigation for a few more weeks of validation Extremely difficult to achieve a general solution for self-driving that works well everywhere,” Musk tweeted.

The update for the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as well as on Tesla’s mobile app includes”

App can start software updates remotely, send destinations to the car and media controls from passengers’ smartphones.

  • Now, all eight external cameras from  Full Self-Driving hardware in every Model S, Model X and Model 3 are active, enabling better situational awareness on the road with a 360-degree visualization of surrounding vehicles.
  • Blind spot monitoring, which previously relied solely on the ultrasonic sensors, now uses the side and rear facing cameras to detect vehicles and displays them on-screen. When the turn signal is activated and a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, the lane line shown in the on-screen visualization turns red.
  • New classes of vehicles are displayed, including bikes/motorcycles, light duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks, to provide drivers with a more complete understanding of their surroundings.
  • The 360-degree visualization also shows vehicles in adjacent lanes, even when they’re behind or far ahead of your Tesla, and multiple lanes to each side of your car are now visible.
  • If an obstacle is detected in the path of your vehicle while driving at low speeds (i.e. while parking), full acceleration is reduced in order to help prevent drivers from accidentally accelerating. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Controls > Autopilot.

When the car is parked ‘Park.’ Classic arcade games from Atari are now discoverable as hidden Easter Eggs.

Tesla is is touting its latest NHSTA NCAP rating and claims “Model 3 has been deemed to have the lowest probability of occupant injury than any vehicle ever tested by the NHTSA, due to it low center of gravity and safety features.

Automatic OBD Dealer Deal

Automatic, announced the launch of the Automatic Dealer Program, an all-new service bundle that automotive dealers will provide to consumers with their new and pre-owned vehicle purchases to enhance their ownership experience.

The Automatic Dealer Program enables dealers to offer consenting customers a trial subscription that includes three free years of Automatic’s Crash Alert and Connected Maintenance services, as well as six free months of premium services, such as roadside assistance.  This offering delivers connected vehicle services for a net cost to the dealer as low as $40/vehicle. This cost includes the device and trial subscription.

Best Compact SUV chose the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i Premium AWD as the best 2018 Subcompact SUV with 667 points followed by 2018.5 Nissan Rouge Sport SV FWD (644), Hyundai  Kona SEL AWD (525) and 2018 Ford EcosSport SE FWD (498). SUVs had to cost less than $26,000 and were evaluated on cargo volume, the advanced active-safety and driver-assistance features , and Car Seat Check.

Trafficware TrafficCast Connects to Smart Cities

Using Trafficware’s Connected Vehicle capabilities of its ATC controller firmware, TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra Road Side Unit (RSU) is now deployed to connect its TravelSmart mobile app and data collection and analytics platform – BlueARGUS.

Providing a new approach to roadside sensor functionality, TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra RSU combines two wireless technologies, Discoverable (unpaired) and Non-Discoverable (paired) Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC, 5.9 GHz) installed within one roadside device.

Siemens RSU OminiAir Cert

Siemens Mobility, Inc. announced it has received OmniAir Certification for its Sitraffic ESCoS roadside unit (RSU), the first roadside unit to receive OmniAir’s commercial, connected vehicle certification. Siemens’ RSU is one of the few RSUs today that meet U.S. Department of Transportation FHWA specification version 4.1.

The Siemens RSU detects information from infrastructure such as traffic signals, crosswalks, or highways, and then turns it into a transmitted message to oncoming vehicles equipped with onboard units receiving a dedicated short-range communications signal, producing video and audio warnings in the vehicles

Insights to Keysight Tech in Novi

Keysight Technologies will offer demonstrations of e-mobility, autonomous driving, connected car, and automotive electronic test solutions to accelerate innovation and enable customers to design and manufacture products faster at  Automotive Testing Expo 2018/Novi, Michigan, USA.

Alta Devices Solar Empowers Autonomy

Alta Devices Gen4 technology can be attached to the car’s surface and could provide additional power to the battery both while the vehicle is parked, and during motion. Alta Devices AnyLight™ power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord. The tech will be showcased at Smart Automotive Surfaces, Oct 10 – 11, 2018 at The Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel, Detroit, MI .

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