Research shows connected car buyers confused with connected car features, OnStar best known


42% of car owners (with a 2009 model or later, who are looking to buy a new car), have heard of Connected Cars but don’t really know what they do, while 44% have never heard of connected car reports a new Harris Poll. The most familiar name is the connected car space is OnStar.

Owners in the Luxury car segment show the most interest in owning a Connected Car: BMW (40%), Acura (37%) and Audi (34%).

Best Known Features

  • Voice Activated Controls – have a familiarity of 41%, although desire to install one in the next vehicle is only at 28%.
  • Vehicle Mobile Applications – car apps, Internet radio, movie/restaurant reservations,  have an overall familiarity of 23% and next-vehicle interest at 17%.

Connections & Privacy Wanted

  • Two-thirds of car owners (65%) say they want built-in connectivity, compared to slightly more than one third (35%) who prefer brought-in connectivity using their smartphone.
  • More than half of car owners say they are less likely to buy a vehicle that uses a data plan/carrier different from their own, and 31% say they are “much less likely” to purchase the vehicle.
  • Only 20% of car owners are willing to share aggregated data about their activities or agree to advertising in exchange for more or lower-cost data. One bright spot in the findings: younger vehicle owners are more open to both strategies.
  • Privacy is a concern. Two-thirds (65%) of car owners say they fear owning a Connected Car could compromise their privacy.

OnStar Top Brand

While only 14% of car owners say they know what a Connected Car is, 78% are aware of the OnStar brand and 33% are aware of Sync,
“Connected Cars” include a variety of individual technologies and features. How familiar are you with each of the following technologies and features that can be included in a car?”

U.S. car owners with a 2009 model or later and are a decision maker for a new car purchase.

I have heard of it, and am familiar with it.I have heard of it, but am not familiar with it.I have never heard of itVoice Activated Controls and Features –41 %44 %16 %Vehicle to Driver Communication – mechanical features and notices
34 %41 %25 %Personal Assistant Service – concierge help and features
34 %41 %24 %Internet-Enabled Navigation –34 %45 %21 %Vehicle Internet Connectivity
26 %47 %27 %Vehicle Mobile Applications –23 %44 %33 %