Linux Auto Grade open to connected car devs, CarPlay & More

lf_automotive_logoA collaborative open source project  Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), first open source software release is available for download from the Linux Foundation. Recently, BearingPoint GmbH and Systena joined the organization and are participating in the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Steering Committee.

Linus Auto Grade offers an optimized embedded Linux OS stack as a starting point for engineering work. It builds on Tizen IVI supported by Intel and Samsung.automotivelinux

It allows developers y to create their own branded user experience. Standardizing on a single platform allows for fast development. They calim it creates a safe and reliable connected car experience. Open collaboration within the AGL community also means support for multi-architectures .

With AGL developers should bee able to more rapidly innovate and evolve to meet customer needs.

AGL builds on top of Tizen IVI and adds HTML5 and JavaScript into a single open source reference platform.

Sample features include dashboard, infotainment, news readers, audio controls, Bluetooth phone connections and smartphone integration.

Companies that support Auto Grade Linux include Fjuitsu, Harmon, Hyundai, igalia, LG, NEC, NIssan, Jaguar/Land Rover, NVIDIA, Renesas, Rosa, Suntec, Texas Instruments, Toyota and more.

Each component includes a detailed Design Requirements Document (DRD) HMI flows, graphical assets, architecture diagrams and more.

The only problem with open source software, it that it geive hackers an open door to participate.  WordPress’s openess has made it favorite of hackers.  In order for open source to work well, there also has to be high level of security built-in and developed.