ADAS for all to connect cars via smartphones- Apio, with Waze-like crowdsourcing

apiosmartphoneThere is an another entry into the race for smartphone ADAS features such as notification of accidents and safer driving. Apio recently filed a patent that covers the ability of a smartphone to detect a vehicle crash while inside the vehicle. Apio appears to have the crash notifications of Zendrive  and the crowd sourcing of Waze without driver input. It has also has a bit of mojio’s Zubie’s or Automatic’s better driving suggestions.

Apio Systems mobile platform monitors and sends real-time, pertinent alerts to drivers, and uses data to create online reports.

Apio shows how well the driver is driving, various road hazards, and traffic flows and alert. Drivers within Apio’s network will benefit from “autonomous crowdsourcing” without dangerous manual driver input.

Unlike Automatic or other OBDII port devices, the Apio system works on the drivers own smartphone in any vehicle, without additional equipment or connection to the vehicle.

This technology helps drivers to respond to their driving environment and adjust their own driving risks to avoid problems, and allows managers to monitor safety, and improve company efficiency.

“Situational Awareness” uses proprietary algorithms to detect  driving situations as well as road and traffic conditions that could be hazardous or waste time.

Apio claims it offers business safety benefits, efficiency, and customer value to fleets, roadside assistance, auto clubs, telematics companies, and insurance companies.

Apio’s founder, Sascha Simon, worked for Mercedes Ben, as head of its Advanced Planning Group, the same unit that launched Mercedes’ connected car system.

Zendrive, a service that uses the smartphone sensors to measure driver behavior, announced that its Zendrive Accident Detection SDK can now be used by developers, the feature was developed with help from BMW.

Appio received a $5 million Series A round of financing led by Verizon Ventures. Verizon also will be offering, Verizon a premium roadside assistance service Verizon Vehicle that uses an OBDII device and speakerphone clipped to the visor that is similar to OnStar.