Automatic drives Nest Thermostat for less energy usage

Automatic2015One of the nominees for Best OBDII device in Tech CARS Awards, Automatic, announced that it is now compatible with Nest thermostats. Automatic noted that the integration can help save energy costs for heating and cooling used only when needed.

Automatic’s Connected Car Adapter allows the customers to create rules that can automatically adjust the Nest Learning Thermostat based on vehicle activity. It can set to wake up or save energy with the Away mode. It can also track the car’s location near the home or office, so it can start warming up or cooling down the location before arrival. For example, the user can set Nest to “Away” when s/he turns on your ignition and starts trip, conserving energy immediately.

Automatic works with a smartphone app or web portal. The Nest can be set with filters for location, time of day, and days of week, such as different times and temperatures on weekdays when the driver will arrive home from work.

Other integrations for Automatic exist for Jawbone, IFTTT, Ford Sync, and SpotAngels, a street parking rules notifier for San Francisco. More brand name services will be unveiling Automatic integrations in 2015.

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