iOS Bluetooth Pairing Issues with iPhone and Car Infotainment

iOS 8-8.4 Bluetooth Issues with iPhone 5/5c/56, 6-6+ and in-Car Infotainment Systems

Here are all the articles we have published so far showing all the problems our readers have had with Bluetooth on their iPhones starting with iOS 8 up to iOS and up to iOS 9.3.1.


  • Why there are iOS 11, iPhone 8, 8+, X Bluetooth issues good and bad + fixes.
  • How Bluetooth fixes for iPhone 4,5,6 + with  iOS 8- 9.3.1+ for cars are working
  • Why Bluetooth Siri-ous issues with iOS 9.2.1 iPhone 5-6+S with car infotainment: GMC, Buick, Mercedes, Kia & BMW.

  • Why iOS 9.1 with iPhone 6S, 6+, 5S, 5, 4S is causing Bluetooth problems with in-car infotainment (again).

  • Why iOS 9.0.2 for iPhones fixes security while Bluetooth and in-car connections suffer?
  • iOS 9 update iPhone 6S/+ warnings for Bluetooth in-car connections.
  • Will iOS 9 update cause car Bluetooth iPhone issues like 8.4.1 does?
  • Does iOS 8.4 fix Bluetooth issues with in-car infotainment & iPhones?
  • There are reports of music problems with iOS 8.4 Bluetooth in cars, while one user stated that he can now play music with his iPhone connected to a USB port.
  • UPDATE 6/07/2015: There are reports that shutting off “Handoff” features helps with Bluetooth connections and iPhones.
  • There are now reports that Apple Watches have Bluetooth issues when in cars.
  • Why iOS 8.3 4 iPhone 5-6+ breaks Bluetooth, USB and CarPlay car connections.
  • Does iOS 8.3 fix USB, iPhone Bluetooth & Siri-ous issues with in-car infotainment systems?
  • Why there are more iOS 8.2 car Bluetooth iPhone 5-6 issues and fixes.
  • Hey Siri, why don’t you fix my car Bluetooth connection with iOS 8.3?
  • Why iOS 8.2 doesn’t fix Bluetooth issues with in-car systems.
  • Why iOS 8.2 or 8.3 should fix Bluetooth problems on iPhone 5/5S/5c – 6/6+ with cars.
  • Why Bluetooth iOS 8-8.1 & iPhone 6-6+ issues persist in cars.
  • Apple iOS 8.1 4 iPhone 5-6+ didn’t fix Bluetooth issue with hands-free devices/cars.
  • iOS 8 iPhone issues with Bluetooth & connected cars: How to use the nuke it fix.
  • Does iOS 8.1.3 update does it fix Bluetooth glitches/issues with in-car infotainment systems?
  • Auto-C-Car News weekly update: iOS 8/iPhone Bluetooth blues with car audio systems.
  • GM offers iOS 8-8.02 Bluetooth pairing help 4 iPhone 6/6+/5/5c/5S/4S with GM/Chevy/Cadillac/Buick.
  • Can Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, iOS 8, peacefully co-exist with Bluetooth issues with in-car sytems?
  • Will iOS 8.2 update fix Bluetooth problems with iPhone 5/6 and in-car infotainment systems?
  • OS 8.1.1 Update for iPhone 4S, 5-6+ does it fix Bluetooth issues with in-car systems?
  • Apple receives Edsel Yugo Award for biggest snafu in Tech CARS Awards.

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Bluetooth connection problems have been reported with many car models such as BMW, Audi, GM(Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick), Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Lexus, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda, Citroen, Pontiac, Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Dodge and more.

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10 thoughts on “iOS Bluetooth Pairing Issues with iPhone and Car Infotainment”

  1. Just purchased iPhone6Plus, yesterday. Tried pairing with 2009 Acura MDX today, and nothing.
    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now that I have read this is an Apple issue, luckily I can return the phone, which I will obviously do if I can’t get the hands free to work.
    Bluetooth is an IEEE standard. How do you screw that up?

    You can’t advertise that your device is “bluetooth” if IT DOESNT WORK WITH BLUETOOTH.

    “Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which has more than 25,000 member companies in the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, and consumer electronics.[6] The IEEE standardized Bluetooth as IEEE 802.15.1, but no longer maintains the standard. The Bluetooth SIG oversees development of the specification, manages the qualification program, and protects the trademarks.[7] A manufacturer must make a device meet Bluetooth SIG standards to market it as a Bluetooth device.[8] A network of patents apply to the technology, which are licensed to individual qualifying devices”.

  2. Apple I almost caused an accident because my auto dial features and phone book search no longer work in my BMW 535. I got occupied wondering why only part of my contacts appeared and then they all disappeared. So angry. As a software developer you put us through hell to provide quality Apps, yet this obviously went through zero quality review!

  3. Today the Bluetooth connection between my 5s with iOS 8.3 and Mercedes B180 started dropping intermittently. Been working ok up to now. No recent software upgrades etc!

  4. I have successfully paired my i6 iOS 8.3 to Blue tooth in my Caddy DTS 2010. It works except the audio does not automatically mute during a call. I reset networks on iPhone, un-paired it from the GM Blue tooth and then paired it again. Still no mute of the audio. I previously had no problems with my 4s older iOS . Any ideas?

  5. ioS 8.3, unable to connect as Bluetooth audio to 2011 Nissan Maxima. Both car and phone show the connection state as connected, however the ‘Bluetooth Audio’ Input on the Maxima never becomes available. I have not tested phone calls yet. This all worked just fine on my Galaxy S5. I’ve removed the pairing records of the Galaxy from the Maxima, and added the iPhone 6 as a new device – still not working. 5/14/2015.

  6. Since yesterday I updated my iphone 5S from IOS 7.x to IOS 8.3. I was able to make a call in my BMW E90, and suddenly later that day the bluetooth pairing seems to have lost. After switching the car OFF and starting it again, while the iPhone had bluetooth switched ON and paired before, I could make a call. So it’s not very stable.

  7. Been talking to an Apple software rep. Lost bluetooth connectivity with the IOS 8 upgrade and have been trying to get answers ever since. IOS 8.3 did not restore bluetooth connection in my Honda 2014 CRV. Stated they will get back to me.

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