GM offers iOS 8-8.02 Bluetooth pairing help 4 iPhone 6/6+/5/5c/5S/4S with GM/Chevy/Cadillac/Buick

Chevy MyLink links with iOS 8There have been reports of Bluetooth pairing problems with many car makes and models when iPhone owners upgraded to iOS 8 or tried to get their new iPhone 6/6+ to pair with automotive infotainment systems. AUTO Connected Car News contacted General Motors to see if they had any solutions and we received a statement from Stuart Fowle, Global Connected Customer and OnStar public relations representative for General Motors.  GM has many support options for GM, Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicles to help with iOS 8  Bluetooth pairing.

It’s hard to tell how great Bluetooth pairing problems are with car infotainment systems because there are literally millions of iOS 8 users. On September  21, Apple reported that 46% of iOS users were using iOS 8. There were 10 million iPhone 6/6+ units sold in the first weekend (9/19/-9/20) alone.  However, when drivers can not get a proper Bluetooth connection it can be very frustrating.

We were not aware that GM has a staff dedicated to help with technology issues.  We were aware that GM has stepped up its technology efforts and is the first major car maker to offer 4G LTE AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot service in most of its models* and may be first to offer a wearable device app. It appears that GM has technology support superior to many of the luxury German car makers.  It also appears that drivers have been seeking help from Apple forums when they may be better off getting help from car makers.

smallLogoFowle noted that most GM vehicle owners at General Motors offices have not had issues with iOS 8 and or iPhone 6/6+. However, GM does offer multiple support options for Bluetooth pairing issues with Chevrolet MyLink, Cadillac Cue and  GMC/ Buick IntelliLink  infotainment systems.

“At this point, General Motors is not seeing any increased volume of customer Bluetooth issues related specifically to Apple’s latest products and operating systems,” wrote Stuart Fowle in an email to AUTO Connected Car News. “If our customers have a question about pairing a Bluetooth device, they are encouraged to visit their dealer’s Certified Technology Expert (CTE).”

GM CTEs are employees of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC stores and are supported by an internal GM group of 55 regional Connected Customer Specialists responsible for training and technology awareness.

“Customers can also call the GM infotainment call center located in the U.S. with trained experts in GM in-vehicle technology. Chevrolet, Buick and GMC customers should call 1.855.4.SUPPORT and Cadillac customers can call 1.855.4.CUE.NOW,”  the statement to AUTO Connected Car News, concluded.

We found that the most disturbed owners were with high end luxury cars, such as BMW and Audi. One forum member reported that Audi support told an Audi owner “Unfortunately the iPhone 6 is not yet compatible. The iOS 8 versions have been freezing our systems.

So what have we learned from this situation? Before upgrading, it is a good idea to check with your connected device makers to see if they are compatible.  For instance both Clarion and Pioneer have reported issues with iOS 8 . Once you update to iOS 8 or 8.02, you can downgrade to iOS 7.

*According to the OnStar website many Chevy (Malibu, Impala, Spark, Volt Equinox) GMC (Yukon/Terrain/Sierra) and Buick (Regal, LaCrosse, Verano, Encore) models can be bought as of this writing with AT&T 4G LTE.  AT&T 4G LTE is already in two million vehicles.

Below are the Bluetooth Pairing Steps from the Infotainment Manual for Chevy, Volt, Camaro, Cruze and Malibu>

Pairing a Phone/Device

  1. Press the CONFIG button or v.
  2. Select Phone Settings.
  3. Select Pair Device (Phone). The radio displays “Please start Bluetooth search on your phone.
    Confirm or enter number:.” If the  device supports a four-digit Personal Identification Number
    (PIN), it will display. The PIN is used in Step 5.
  4.  Start the pairing process on the cell phone to be paired to the vehicle. See the cell phone
    manufacturer’s user guide.
  5. Locate and select the device named after the vehicle make and model in the list on the cell
    phone. Follow the instructions on the cell phone to enter the  PIN provided in Step 3, or to
    confirm the six-digit code  matches. The system recognizes the new connected phone after
    the pairing process is complete.
  6.  If the phone prompts to accept connection or allow phone book download, select always accept
    and allow. The phone book may not be available if not accepted. Some phones will put
    connection request or phonebook request in a pull down task bar at the top of the screen. Drag down the task barand look for connection/ phonebook request and accept.
  7. Repeat to pair additional phones.

Unable to Connect Device to VehiclePandora the manual states:

If the device is unable to connect to
the USB or Bluetooth:
1. Turn the vehicle off.
2. Open and close the driver door, wait about 30 seconds, and try  to connect the device again.

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  1. I have a 2010 camaro and my 4s worked perfectly. I have had the 5s and now the 6s plus and neither of those worked properly. I can male calls and use siri but cannot play music without connecting to wire. Cannot play music over bluetooth? Anyone?

    • When I drove a test Chevy car, it was designed to only allow music streaming for Apple products via a cable. There was probably a reason why Chevy was obeying what Apple wanted.

  2. This is seriously disappointing.. My 2011 Chevy Volt has never been able to pair with any current tech phones.. Even in 2012… After onStar said they pushed me an update , and I exhausted many hours doing things suggested by Chevy, onStar , and most informatively, my own research and trial and error… This was a major feature for me as I travel for sales constantly and am always tied up with headset etc… How hard is it to make this thing work for what it was assured would be one of my most useful features I can hardly do without during working hours….

    • I have a 2013 car and it works with a phone from 2011 and 2014. Have you called the GM tech line 1.855.4.SUPPORT?
      There is an aux port, you could use an aftermarket device, although it’s not the same.

    • Mike,
      I too have a 2011 Chevy Malibu, and once I upgraded both my work phone and my personal phones to the newest Android and Apple IOS, neither phone can connect Bluetooth. When I attempt to re-pair them, my vehicle does not show as an available Bluetooth connection. I’ve reached out to GM as well as OnStar, and was told I would be pushed a Bluetooth update via OnStar. It has been a month, and still no update. I continue to call OnStar and am told its a GM issue and it would take another 10-14 days to get my update. Maybe I’ll get updated before my car retires. Extremely disappointing and frustrating. Get it together #GM #OnStar!!!

  3. My IPhone 4s has been Bluetooth to my 2010 GMC Sierra for 2 years with no problem. It’s been Bluetooth to both my motor cycles with no problem. Now every day I have to re Bluetooth to my GMC . Something is definitely wrong with the GMC. What is up with my truck?

    • You can call the GM infotainment call center located in the U.S. with trained experts in GM in-vehicle technology. Chevrolet, Buick and GMC customers should call 1.855.4.SUPPORT.

  4. Bought a 2014 Arcadia Denali last year, iPhone 4s would not work in my new car. Went and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5, it worked great. Just did an update with my smart phone to a iPhone 6s plus. I have had the phone for 5 days and it will not. I even went back to AT&T, they couldn’t figure out the problem either. Is there a solution to this problem. I don’t want to buy a product that will not work, for what it advertise to do. Very disappointed. Please help me solve this problem.

  5. I have a brand new AT&T android Samsung Galaxy 6 and a 2015 GMC Yukon. The Bluetooth would work occasionally, and then disconnect. I replaced the phone with another brand new Samsung Galaxy 6. The same thing happened. It doesn’t matter if the phone is in a protective case or not. The problem is with the truck not the phone.

  6. I have an AT&T android phone and have the same issues as the iPhone users above. I either can’t call out using Bluetooth in my car or if I’m lucky enough to place my call or receive a call I get cut off. So frustrating and unsafe.

    • If some one wants to start a class action lawsuit, I can help find an attorney who specializes in this type of case.

      • Would gladly want to find an attorney for that. Have been to our dealership 9 times (documented…4 undocumented) about this problem. The dealer owner said buy a new phone and if it happens I will reimburse you for the phone. Called him on his bluff and waiting to see what happens. Under Ohio’s lemon law it qualifies as a lemon and would love to get out of the lease at the very least and hopefully be reimbursed for the down payment also. Count me in for an attorney.

  7. I bought a 2015 Yukon Denali and headed to Florida. Punched the onstar for directions and they ask if the red light was on. I said yes and they said take it to your dealer. I took it to a dealer in sebring Florida and he said it need a part but they had others with the same problem and they all were back ordered. How can they be installing on star systems on all the new cars if they don’t have the parts to fix the ones they have already sold.

  8. i have a iphone 4s. connects to the 2014 Cadillac cue originally. but every time you restart the car you must re-pair to make it work.
    the Cadillac cue disconnects and then reconnects about every 2 minutes if you don’t re-pair

  9. The information above is both helpful and reassuring. I recently updated my iPhone 4s OS, thereafter my problems began. The bluetooth system connects and disconnects on a regular (and equally annoying) basis. I recently called a tech with GM and had a similar experience that one of the other contributors noted above – its an Apple problem. He went on to advise that Apple had acknowledged that the problem was Apple-based, and they were working on a patch. In the meantime he recommended that I switch back to IOS – 7. Problem with that is I am going to pickup an iPhone 6 and therefore do not see the switch as an acceptable fix. Are there any ‘updates’ that may provide hope for the future H/F-B/T connection ?

    • We have been hearing on and off that Apple techs will admit to a problem. When we contacted Apple directly we never heard back. We suspect that at some point there will be an update that may/could help.

  10. I have 2015 Yukon Denali and using Iphone 6 and 8.02. Called 3 times to Onstar ans spoke with GM representative who tried to connect. Seems to connect but no audio. Went to dealer who says oh I have same problem on his car. He said come back when GM updates their software again. This is accurate as of Oct 15th. Like everything else GM does lately, deny the problem and give hype. So much for professional service!

    • I had an update $150 of car software today on 2009 pontiac g8 GXP. No help. Dealer says gmc, chevy, Buick all have issues. I had talked to Onstar who connected me to GM infotainment. The tech stated the problem as GM issue.

      • For $100-$200 you could have bought and installed a new CD receiver with dual device Bluetooth from Pioneer. Our GM contact still contends that they are not aware of any issues.

        Here we go round the blame cycle again. We have reports from readers who say Apple knows they are at fault and are working on fix. The problem with the whole system is no one knows what the other side is doing.

    • That sums up the whole situation with Apple and every other car maker! Pioneer is the only company that claims no problems. The good news is that now they at least know there are problems.

  11. This article solved my Cadillac Bluetooth issue with my new iPhone 6. By calling this number: 1.855.4.CUE.NOW, I connected to a Specialist with Cadillac Bluetooth named Annie. She was able to give me steps to solve my pairing and connectivity issue even before the update for iOs 8 comes out later this month. This is AFTER a visit to the dealership and two technicians who tried to help. We got it to seemingly pair there, but it would not work in the audio within the car.

    Thanks for the phone numbers. I have never been on your website before, but you offer great information and useful advice. The problem is definitely to GM cars as well as all the other makes being reported in other sources. I was glad this article was maker specific. I even found out there is a recall on my SRX. My car is only four years old. Thanks again!

    • I’m glad I could help. The problem appears to be that it takes days before the information gets from the dealerships to the engineers back at GM. When I spoke to Stuart Fowle, he checked around at GM where many people have iPhones with iOS 8 working with GM car infotainment systems.

      The same confusion used to happen in the wireless space, updates were released and then people had trouble with their phones. Verizon is notoriously late on its updates now because they test software updates more than other carriers.

      GM is really “upping” its technology efforts.

      • I have an iPhone 6 plus and it will pair to My 2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab but i can’t make a call or answer a call. It acts like it will but when it starts ringing you can’t hear anything?

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