Why Bluetooth iOS 8-8.1 & iPhone 6-6+ issues persist in cars

iOS-8-WiFi-BluetoothThe most popular articles on AUTO Connected Car News focus on the recent snafu with Bluetooth connections and in-car infotainment systems from either the upgrade to iOS 8.1 or with new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus models.

When we last combed through the massive comments from our readers, it seemed like the 8.1 update helped with a few new model cars. However, there  are still problems reported with BMW, Audi, Acura, MINI, GM(Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick), Honda, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Lexus, Fiat, Hyundai and more.

For those drivers who can’t get their Bluetooth to connect, it has been a nightmare. It is also the first time we’ve seen such rampant hatred for Apple products.  Apple support forums continue to show complaints of iPhone 6/6+ or iOS 8.1 issues.

At Telematics West Coast (Day 1, Day 2, Demo 1 Demo 2, Roundup), I asked almost every delegate who worked on in-car system design as well as car dealers and analysts why the recent snafu occurred. The car makers are as frustrated as the car owners with Apple.

UPDATE 8/19/2015: There are reports of Bluetooth problems with iOS 8.4.1 and fixes in iOS 9.

UPDATE 7/05/2015: There are reports of music problems with iOS 8.4 Bluetooth in cars, while one user stated that he can now play music with his iPhone connected to a USB port.

UPDATE 6/07/2015: There are reports that shutting off “Handoff” features helps with Bluetooth connections and iPhones.

UPDATE 5/21/2015: There are now reports that Apple Watches have Bluetooth issues when in cars.

UPDATE 4/12/2015: It seems like it’s déjà vu all over again with the latest update to iOS 8.3 for iPhone 5-6+ and in-car infotainment systems.

UPDATE 4/09/2015: New problems and fixes have been reported for iOS 8.2. Hey Siri functions will change with iOS 8.3. AUTO Connected Car News has now over 1,000 comments details the woes of iPhone owners and iOS 8.Xx.

UPDATE 3/10/2015: Apple issued an update iOS 8.2. It appears to fix some problems with Siri and other USB issues. We have several comments that Siri issues and other Bluetooth issues have been fixed. However, there appear to be new Bluetooth issues. Commenters are saying that you must delete all your devices before reconnecting to Bluetooth again. Now there appears to be an issue with Honda and iOS 8.2…

UPDATE 1/30/2015: Apple issued an update iOS 8.1.3 it appears to not have fixed issues with in-car infotainment systems. Mazda Handsfree compatibility websites show that iOS 8 can’t receive incoming calling with Handsfree connections.

UPDATE 1/22/2015: We have scoured Apple Forums to find even more complaints from car owners and unstable Bluetooth Connections.  We have also discovered more information about iOS 8.2 and Bluetooth.

UPDATE 1/20/2014: Your votes enabled Apple’s Bluetooth Snafu to win the Edsel Yugo Award for Biggest Snafu in Connected Car Technology 2014.

Apple Controls it All

iOS is a closed system.  If you are a car maker and want to know Apple secrets, you  have to pay big time. One delegate who works at a major car maker said, “If we ask for help from Apple the amount of the money we would have to pay would make it impossible to make any car system at all.”

Apple also “bullies” wireless carriers by setting prices and terms for which they can sell Apple products. This system worked fine when it was controlled by Steve Jobs, people trusted him, now the Apple is showing flaws. Apple makes huge profits from people believing that Apple can do nothing wrong and that it offers excellent products.

“I’m sure our engineers are working on the Bluetooth issue right now,” said another HMI designer for a major Asian car maker.

Apple Doesn’t Admit Mistakes

It appears that iOS 8-8.1 has instituted a version of Bluetooth that is not downward compatible. When Apple makes a mistake, they never admit it.  The car makers, generally reverse engineer Apple’s code to figure out what to do. It makes it very difficult for the car makers to fix a mistake if it is inherently wrong the Apple code.

Apple Was Pressured to Make a Larger iPhone Fast

Samsung and other Android smartphone makers were gaining market share by making devices with much larger screens. Stock analysts and investors pressured Apple to make the larger iPhone 6-6+ and added features so that Apple would not lose market share.  The best season to release a phone is the fall to have products ready in time for the busy holiday buying season when many cell phone contracts are up for renewal.  Apple had to release iPhone 6-6+ and iOS 8 in time for the buying season. The due date may have caused it to be released before the code was fully tested and ready.

Car Makers Have Long Life Cycles

The car you buy today, was most likely designed three to four years ago.  Cars are owned for longer times than smartphones.  The development cycle for phones can be as little as a year, if phones are not downward compatible, the car owner suffers.  Car makers are not psychic.  They can’t design systems to work with future phones when the phone makers don’t even know what the phone will be like in a few years.

What Car Owners Can Do

Car owners should not assume if a product is made by Apple it will work with their cars. If your current phone works, don’t upgrade the software before checking that it will work with your in-car system. Unfortunately, if  you already updated to iOS 8.1, you can’t go back to the previous version of iOS.

Pioneer found some problems with AppRadio and iOS 8. It warned owners of AppRadio systems not to upgrade.

Most of our friends wait before upgrading and often wait six months before buying a new model smartphone, in order for compatibility glitches to be worked out.

You can keep your old phone and switch out the SIM for in-car use, which is pain for now but will work as a temporary fix.

Depending on how old your car is, you can replace the infotainment system and know for sure that your latest phone will work. Most smartphones are now in the realm of $650-750 or more (an iPhone 6 is $649) . For around the same price as a smartphone, you can get a new infotainment system from Kenwood or Pioneer , Alpine or Harman.  There are after market kits to make it look like the original.

Installation for a new car system usually around $100.  If you have a low-end system already in your vehicle, Pioneer has low-end units for a little as $100 that offer dual-device Bluetooth, when two people are in the car with Bluetooth both pair automatically and the first one to be used, connects.

We also working with a device maker to see if we can find an inexpensive device that will help. See update 1/20/2014.

Apple’s answer to Bluetooth problems is CarPlay that requires a connection with a lightning cable. The only in-car system that works with CarPlay right now is in the new  FerrariHyundai is expected to have CarPlay ready for the 2015 Sonata. Other car makers have postponed the delivery of CarPlay. Pioneer and Alpine make aftermarket CarPlay systems. In order for CarPlay to work, the aftermarket system makers have to pay extra for it. Many people don’t like having to plug-in their phones when they enter the car for features to work.

More Bluetooth Blues Tactics

Car owners can continue to complain to Apple.  The people who are the most effective at complaining to Apple are shareholders.  If you know someone who has influence with Apple stock, they are the ones who carry the clout.  Apple has turned into a phone iOS dictatorship, the best way you can combat it is with your money. Many believe that if you are going to pay $650 for a phone, it should work with your $65,000 car.

The only hope on the horizon is that there update is being tested by developer beta testers. Apple does not report what is in the update until it is released. With the last update, the wording stated “Fixes an issue that could prevent connections to Bluetooth hands-free devices.”

We thank our readers who have consistently wrote in the comments what car makes and models have problems with iOS 8.1 or iPhone 6/6+ and Bluetooth, the more people who write comments, the more we can document the problem. When we started the car makers were telling us that they were not aware of the problem. New comments indicate that both car makers and Apple are aware of the Bluetooth problems.

We showed the comments and talked with car makers at Telematics West Coast. We will continue to go to bat for our readers at The Connected Car Expo at the LA  Auto Show.

If you have updated to iOS 8.1  or iPhone 6-6+ and it fixed or fried your Bluetooth issues with your in-car infotainment system, please let us know in the comments below, be sure to note your make, model and year of your vehicle as well as the problem you are experiencing.

Reports from reader comments indicate that only some Bluetooth vehicle connection issues have been helped by iOS 8.1. We have comments that indicate Bluetooth connection problems with 2011, 2013 and even 2014 model vehicles. Read a summary of Bluetooth issues and fixes along with the new “audio-only” connection fix. Read the most popular nuke-it fixes. Consumer Reports rated Lexus and Toyota as the most reliable which related to its infotainment systems.

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  1. I have recently upgraded to an iphone 6s and it seems to connect when it feels like it with the Bluetooth in my car. It is a 2010 Toyota Corolla and it has never had issues with previous phones. The only thing it refuses to do is allow incoming calls come through to my car whilst on Bluetooth, it goes straight to the phone and I can only use loud speaker. What confuses me is my music will play through my Bluetooth, I turn off my car and when I get back in it doesn’t connect. Once I finally get it to connect again I press “play” and a disturbing buzzing noise goes throughout my car. it is extremely distracting to have this happen while I am driving, so I am just wondering if there are any solutions to solve this?
    Thank you

  2. I just upgraded from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 and I am ticked off to experience the same issue! My iPhone will not connect music audio via Bluetooth to my Toyota Sienna. If I had known this I would not have bought the iPhone 6. No longer s fan of Apple because of this. Second time I got screwed. Won’t be a third. (Bought expensive music dock station for iPhone ; years ago. Loved it. Updated that iPhone 4 and then the phone would not charge or play music.) I love my sienna and pisses me off Apple messes with their products which results in wasted money!! Guess what Apple. I thought we would be an apple family but this is a big deal to me. There are other smart phones out there.

  3. I have just bought iPhone 6 outright and just bought a Chrysler 300c …..Samsung Galaxy S5 will allow for inboud and out bound SMS (text messaging) to be heard and or viewed by the uconnect infotaiment system. iPhone6 here we go list goes on.

    1. Lost text messaging functionality via the VR
    2. You play a song via Bluetooth, the same song repeats over and over and over and over and NO its not a device set to NOT shuffle infact I had the Album set to play and it wont even play the album.
    3. You play a song as a USB device connected by the usb cable from the phone and only bits and pieces of some songs play
    4. Same as above but sometimes error 3 happens and then it reverts back to errer 3.
    5. Error 3 can become Error 2 but you have the usb cable connected.
    6. You have the USB cabled connected to the car and the shuffle buttons are greyed out on the infotainment system.
    7 You play via bluetooth and you lose sound quality
    8 Both via Bluetooth and USB cable connected and when you select the next track using either the paddle behind the steering wheel or the touchscreen >>NEXT button and the same song restarts.

    There you go. Enjoy.

  4. Just upgraded my iPhone 4s to iPhone 6+. First time I tried it in my car it connected beautifully with my 2012 Scion xb and I was streaming music, answering calls, etc. After several days bluetooth no longer works. When I try to pair with the bluetooth in my car according to manufacturers directions, my iPhone says it’s connected but it continues to search for other devices (like the iwatch). It also tells me my phone is “unregistered”. Going back to Best Buy to see if they can help me. If they can’t, I am trading it in for another brand.

  5. Upgraded my iPhone 6 to IOS 8.4.1, no longer connect via USB connection to my BMW Z4. Upgraded to latest BMW AUX/USB firmware, playback now possible but music gets drop every so often. Very frustrating. The last thing that changed before it fails was the IOS 8 upgrade. I am moving on to an Android device next time.

  6. I have the iPhone 6+ and a Honda C-RV 2013 model. Bluetooth worked just fine initially but once I upgraded to the lastest version of the OS my Bluetooth connection would repeatedly drop out during calls. The call was still connected but the Bluetooth would disconnect and then re-connect over and over again. It has gotten so bad that I cannot even carry on a conversation any longer. My wife’s phone is the same and she has the exact same problem. Music seems to be okay however. I am using an Apple Watch. Come to think of it, the problems got worse once I had the Apple Watch, so there may be a connection here. Very frustrating. I’ve deleted and reconnected the Bluetooth connect, with no apparent improvements to the connectivity drop-offs.

  7. Just purchased a 2015 Honda Civic Ex with manufacture sticker stating all these built features and added cost for simple ex model car. With zero disclaimers about any compatibility issues with any cell phones.

    Having closed deal on car paying cash is when the service rep first question asked what cell phone do you have. Apple OS-6 model which is not compatible and hasn’t been since the day it rolled out

    Comments from American Honda; “nothing can do about it deal with it”. ” There is a update in works”; “This is a Apple problem”; bottom line they hide the up front details and don’t share issues until they sale the cars.

    Apple blames the car company stating they send out updates for new product, before the consumer gets it’s the car companies responsibility to update there products.

    Two customer service providing companies that have forgot they are here for us, not the other way around.

    To have a issue that effects so many consumers still to this date and have back in fourth finger pointing taking place, pathetic in every way one looks at it.

  8. My phone will no longer connect to my 09 Hyundai Genesis. It’s bee like this for a month. Tried shutting off handoff and no luck. My phone doesn’t even appear as a device to connect to, yet it connects to all my other bluetooth devices with no problem. Whomp whomp.

  9. I have a 2012 Mazda 5 with factory audio system. I couldn’t get ANY of the myriad tips online to get my iPhone 6 paired with the car’s bluetooth. I even tried switching off Hand Off, which I love very much. Nothing. Multiple and all types of resets, still nothing. Then I came across a really odd tip: someone on some forum somewhere suggested using the voice prompts (accessible from the steering wheel controls) instead of the radio buttons to pair the phone. Much to my surprise, it actually worked!! My iPhone 6 is now pairing flawlessly (with Hand Off on), and is functional. I hope this helps!

  10. I have a 2011 Subaru Impreza with the factory stereo. Ever since Os 8 on my iPhone 5, pairing the phone to make a call takes up to 5 attempts. And it will NEVER allow u to receive a call hands free anymore. Used to work fine

    • Just got 6s and paired fine with 2014 Subaru Forester but doesn’t remain connected. Have to reconnect every time I restart car. Music will cut off in the middle all the time. With my 4s it always stayed connected but music and calls would cut off randomly all the time. Maddening. Constantly seeks for other devices too.

  11. Iphone 6 + iOS 8.3 + 2011 Toyota Venza . I was unable to sync my phone. The following worked while on the phone with Toyota but they don’t know why. Turn radio on to an fm stations. Delele Car Multi-media from iPhone if it shows. Use selector nob to choose pair an audio players (not a phone). Give it the name of the iphone when requested but when the phone shows that it is trying to connect to the Car Multimedia Player, touch that icon. The pass code box should appear. Give it the pass code for the phone (0001) NOT the audio player. This worked for us. Good luck!!

    • There have been other reports that you have to connect the iPhone through the infotainment system on other makes also.

  12. iPhone 6 plus running current iOS . Have to constantly repair connection to Mazda3 2015.

  13. The car industry is a maize of contractors and sub contractors that develop and manufacture head units. The problem is that the auto OEM, your BMW, Audi, Ford, GM…has no idea how to develop a car infotainment system, they have never did it before and they wil never do it in the future.

    There are a dozen of third party companies that are subcontracted by the car maker for various parts of the so called infotainment system, different companies develop different parts of the software, that goes on a head unit, other companies develop the firmware, than other companies develop the electronics, others the harness, others the CD/DVD/ satnav, others the Display(s) others the cables, USB hubs, fascia plates….

    And so on. In the development of an infotainment system there are involved over 20 different companies. The development takes over 24 months, and that if all goes according to plan.

    Who puts together all these developers are a handful of companies. These companies are the ones responsible for manufacturing the end product.

    The car manufacturers are OEMs( look it up) they have no idea what’s going on in the development stage of a infotainment system. They just come up with the concept and third party companies make it happen. Well here lies the problem: as I said there are a handful of these head unit developers/ manufacturers/ suppliers, in the world.

    Your readers might be surprised to find out that the radio in their cars is developed and manufactured by the same company, in many cases. For exple: all non Ford American cars have their radios/ head units/ infotainment systems manufactured by one or two companies such as Delphi or Bury!!! For Ford owners, you surely heard about Panasonic? These are the people responsible for your ” infotainment systems “, not the car maker or Apple.

    Europe car makers, you ask? Do you really think your car radio is developed and manufactured by BMW, Audi or Ferrari? Have you heard of Bosh or Harman? Yes people, there are less than 10 companies in charge of development and manufacturing of auto head units in the entire world! These guys gather together hundreds of subcontractors in order to bring you that thing you call car infotainment.

    Besides, you might be surprised to learn that most electronics inside each head unit, the PCB, are very similar and are manufactured in the same place, very often, irrelevant of the car company or the head unit these parts are going to be used in. The PCB, in most cases, is where the Bluetooth chips are located! These Bluetooth chips are often the exact same ones in all cars, irrelevant of the car brand. That’s because there are only a hand full of Bluetooth chip suppliers. Anybody familiar with Texas Instruments, Broadcom or Nordic?

    If the BT chip is the same in all of these cars and development takes more than a few years, surely when there’s a problem with one chip, the impact will be greatly increased and noticed on various cars.

    Bluetooth is not an Apple proprietary technology and that Bluetooth is an ever evolving tech. Apple, with their updates are only keeping up with the latest Bluetooth org releases( look it up ). What is clear is that car manufacturers are useless at developing software And are hiring armies of companies that fail to communicate with eachotherand that take way too long to come back with a finished product that works.

    So unfortunately, for the problems you have, right now, you’re out of luck, Apple won’t be able to solve your problems because it’s really out of their hands and your car manufacturers won’t be able to solve it either because it’s been out of their hands for some time now already.

    Regarding communication between car manufacturers and Apple. There is the MFi Program.

    Both auto EMs and head unit devs and manufacturers are part of this program in order to always have access to the latest technical specifications and technical support. Surely you have looked this up and know that the MFi program is a free development program.

    NOTE: The content of this comment has been edited due to our strict policy “We have a policy of not degrading any race, sex, author or product. We do not publish swear words.”

    • Please be advised I actually met and talked with in-house developers from some of the major OEMS in the world. Phil Abrams at GM said “We didn’t change anything, Apple did.”

      In fact, Apple in its updates did fix some Bluetooth problems. We have confirmed that the updates did resolve issues for some car owners, mainly newer vehicles.

      • To follow up my post of November 16 2014, the problem continues. I spent hours on the line with an Apple technical advisor and he finally agreed that IOS 8 does not communicate fully with the Subaru (a new 2015 model). The music playlist from the phone will not appear on the car’s screen and songs cannot be selected. He spoke to the Apple programmers and relayed to me that they would not commit to fixing the problem.

  14. I have a 2006 BMW 650i, and have never had a problem connecting my iPhone 5, then I accidentally did a software update and now the phone won’t pair. I’ve since updated again, now on 8.3, and still no connection. It recognizes the car, but the connection attempt keeps failing when I try to enter the PIN. WTF. Any suggestions?

  15. I have a 2012 BMW 328 with the latest infotainment & telephone software updates. My iPhone 4s worked fine. I got a new iPhone 6 and now the car Bluetooth won’t pair up with the phone. I tried to connect an iPhone 6+ with same negative result.

    The BMW is sending out the sync request and the iPhone sees the car’s request (I see the BMW name show up on the iPhone Bluetooth connect screen) but nothing happens after that. After a few minutes the BMW request times out and I get a “connection failed, timed out” message from the car. Both the BMW and the iPhones are running the latest software (iOS 8.3 for the iPhones.)

    Apple and BMW deny there is any issue and are apparently ignoring the entire thing. You’d think that connecting a $600 phone (the most popular cell phone in the world) to a $55,000 luxury car would be pretty simple. You would be wrong. Consumers beware, you’re on your own.

    • When I talked to BMW developers in the fall, they were aware there were problems. They did update the software. Then Apple updated the software. The best development allows for downward compatibility, Apple is not doing that with iOS 8.3.

  16. Land Curiser Prado 2011 model, bluetooth working perfect on my previous iphone model. With the new iPhone 6 its just a nighmare. Why cant they fix it today?

  17. I have a 2013 BMW X3. My iPhone 6 BT audio was working just fine until the iOS 8.3 update (with the Apple Watch update). Now, the CIC will display the song that should be playing, but no audio comes out of the speakers. Phone calls still work with BT, though, and I can connect via USB. Frustrating!

  18. I was running with an I phone 5 connected to a new JVC unit with video screen ( multi media unit ) worked fine, upgraded to a new 6+ and it worked until the first software upgrade? The latest software aside that it would fix Bluetooth bugs so I upgraded in early March. It’s now a lot worse it disconnects from Bluetooth all the time after about two minutes into a call and you then have to mess around with the radio volume and touch the phone to activate the loud speaker! Not Happy and Not Safe! Fix it now or Galexy here I come!

  19. I have a 2006 Acura MDX and never had a problem with my bluetooth connection until i upgraded to iOS 8.3 a few weeks ago. what a mistake. My phone is no longer discoverable. I deleted network settings and deleted all prior phone pairings in my vehicle and nothing works. I am very frustrated with Apple.

  20. I have a Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS that worked well with my iPhone 6 Plus, until I updated to iOS 8.3. Now no one can hear me during phone calls. I’ve repaired my device, and the issue still remains. Any suggestions?

  21. I have discovered that my i phone 6 plus will
    Not ring if bluetooth is on. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Please be sure to state the make model and year of your car. These problems are literally all over the map!

  22. We have 2 63 plate BMWs. Previously both iPhones paired with no issue to the incar BMW handsfree system, now since the newest update by Apple for their iwatch neither phone an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 will pair at all.

  23. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion. Iphone6plus is paired to car and phone calls work without ring tone and I have no music or pandora at all. Not a happy camper.

  24. Iphone 5 with IOS6 worked terrific in my 2013 Toyota 4Runner. Purchased a new Iphone6 with IOS 8.2. Bluetooth works fine for music but absolutely will not pair with the phone. I’ve spent 5 days reading every forum and trying every “so-called’ fix there is from resetting network setting, resetting all settings, restoring the pohone as new and nothing works. Thank you Apple I now have a $500 device that only plays music in my car. Kick me right square in the gonads If i ever buy another Apple product

  25. I have a 2012 BMW 135i. My old iPhone 4 s (on which i never updated the software) worked great. I just got an iPhone 6 and can pair the phone just fine. Unfortunately, the volume is so low that I have to turn the car’s audio system all the way up to hear it. I’m not happy with Apple right now!

    • Have you tried turning up the volume on the iPhone instead? I’ve found that it with some phones & Bluetooth I have to turn up the phone volume.

    • Since there are millions of iPhones out there and million of cars, I wouldn’t even guess the percentage.

  26. Seems like it’s every car except ford. I have 3 ford cars at home and all drivers have iphone 6’s with 8.1 and it works perfectly. I have friends with fords and iphone 6’s with 8.1 and works perfectly. Ford has sync, and no one else does. Maybe all the other car makers should take notes from fords sync system…

    • We have one report of a 2014 Ford Escape with Sync that lost all contacts. The weird thing about these Bluetooth problems is that they are all over the place with no clear immediate cause.

  27. 2014 BMW 520d, iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.2. Can’t connect at all via Bluetooth, the phone can find the car but I never get a code for connection. Tried entering same code manually in both the car and phone but no luck. Tried before with iOS 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 and nothing has changed with iOS 8.2

  28. 2012 Mercedes Benz GLK, no probs with iphone 4s, iPhone 6+ doesn,t seem to want to connect to anything with Bluetooth

  29. Ford Edge won’t sync with iPhone 5 after iOS 8 download. SOLUTION. Reboot the car computer by removing negative lead off car battery for 5 minutes. After hooking up the power, allow MyTouch system to boot up and then linkup Sync on your iPhone. It to two attempts for me but I’m back to normal ops with phone calls and Pandora.

    • We’ve seen the disconnect the battery and or reset the entire system fix work a few times before. Congratulations.

  30. Right! It’s an iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB, my carrier is AT&T 18.1, Modem Firmware 1.04.00, version 8.1.3(12B466)
    Pandora version 5.8

    Thank you!

  31. I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier with a Tranzit Blu Bluetooth receiver installed on the back of my radio. I just got a new iPhone 6 last night, and it wouldn’t connect today. It was working fine on my iPhone 5S with iOS 8.1.3 installed, which is what is on the 6 as well.

    I found the followin instructions and followed the directions, and it fixed the problem.

    The key was to reset the network settings to wipe out the previous communications with my other phone. Do this: Reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    You’ll have to re-enter your wi-fi password, but that’s all I had to reset. I did not have to power off/turn on my phone after I did it.

    My iPhone 6 connected immediately to my Bose Bluetooth speaker without a problem.


    Follow these steps first:

    Check that you are in range of the Bluetooth accessory with which you are trying to pair your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Most Bluetooth accessories have a range of approximately 30 feet.
    On your iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth and find your device in the list. If your device says Not Connected, tap the name of your accessory to attempt to connect it.
    Tap Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and then on again.
    Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to power.
    Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is in pairing mode.1
    Restart your iOS device.
    Tap Settings > Bluetooth and locate the Bluetooth accessory you are currently connected to or attempting to connect to. Then tap and “Forget this Device”. Try to pair your Bluetooth accessory again.
    You may need to enter your Bluetooth accessory PIN again if your accessory requires one. Some common PINs are 0000, 1111, and 1234.
    Restart your Bluetooth accessory by turning it off and then on again1.
    Update your device to the latest version of software. See how to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    If your Bluetooth accessory has upgradable firmware, check to see that you have the latest version1, 2.

    Further steps

    If you’re still having an issue after following the steps above, follow the steps below for the type of issue you’re experiencing.
    Bluetooth disconnects, intermittent connectivity, or unable to find

    Move your iOS device closer to the Bluetooth accessory.
    Position your iOS device and Bluetooth accessory in direct line of sight of each other. For example, move the Bluetooth accessory and iOS device to the same side of your body.
    Remove any case, stand, or other accessories from your iOS device and see if performance improves.
    Check for sources of potential interference and move both the iOS device and the Bluetooth accessory away from other electronic devices.
    Reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    This will reset all network settings including: previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords, recently used Bluetooth accessories, VPN, and APN settings.

    Can’t pair to a Bluetooth accessory

    If you see the word “Connected” next to a Bluetooth accessory in Settings > Bluetooth, your iOS device is already paired to a Bluetooth accessory. Remember, you can only connect to one Bluetooth accessory at a time.
    If your Bluetooth accessory requires a PIN for pairing, be sure that you are entering the correct PIN1.
    Reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    This will reset all network settings including: previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords, recently used Bluetooth accessories, VPN and APN settings.

    • The clearing out of settings which readers call the “Nuke-it” fix has been at the core of getting Bluetooth to work again. Commenters have stated that Apple support told them the old settings are not cleared when the software is updated.

  32. I have iPhone 6 + and a 2012 Volkswagon golf- have not been able to work in car by Bluetooth since I got phone iPhone 5 worked like a dream) anyhow downloaded IOS 8.2 today and I now having it working perfectly through the car though it took a few attempts to pair them up .

  33. My wife and I both got new iPhone 6 and mine is the 6 plus. She drives a 2013 Ford Explorer with sync and her old 5 worked flawlessly, I have a 2011 f250 with a BRAND NEW ken wood with Bluetooth and every since we went with the 6s, neither one will automatically pair. I am in the road a lot and depend on this feature. Guess u should have stuck with my android instead of spending well over $1k for 2 new phones.

  34. Val again,
    Continued working on issue. Last step: I removed my iPhone 6 BT connection from VEHICLE leaving no record of my phone. Started again from scratch like doing first time. VOLA! Phone recognized and paired with Lexus. Works just fine now.

  35. Same issue. 2015 Lexus RX350 SUV. My iPhone 6 shows searching for BT and does not pair with car. My husbands iPhone 5 works in the car just fine. The iPhone 6 did work when I purchased car last year. Very frustrating as I used all the time.

  36. 2013 Mitsubishi RVR – bluetooth worked with iphone4 but will not work with new iPhone 6 and most recent OS

  37. I have a 2014 toyota highlander, Bluetooth worked perfectly until I updated to IOS 8. I just updated to IOS 8.1.3, I still cannot pair my IPhone 5s to my car.

  38. Same problem with my 2014 Subaru Outback. I can connect the audio player, but impossible to connect the phone.

  39. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla with Bluetooth and upgraded my iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) to iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1.3) experienced connection problems, but I did get it to work! After I initially paired the iPhone 6 to my car that was successful. However, if you turned the car off and then back on the iPhone 6 could not reconnect to the Bluetooth in the car!

    I have spent 5 calls with Apple technical support over the last two days (you must get to 2nd level) and 9 hours of trouble shooting to resolve this problem.
    Before I get on the solution, I also have a 2013 Toyota Corolla and had no problems connecting/reconnecting with the iPhone 6. The problem is that there are internal network configuration settings that were changed with iPhone 6/iOS 8.1 and if you do a restore backup from iTunes you will pick up the network configuration settings which cause the problem.

    The resolution is
    (1) in settings/iCloud make sure that your contacts … etc that you want to save have been turned on;
    (2) restore the iPhone 6 to its factory settings;
    (3) on your iPhone goto apps updates/purchased and then update all your Apps;
    (4) update all your mail settings;
    (5) copy all your photos, music… files. (
    6) manual setup up your apps … sorry for some of gamers you may lose your progress/levels … (I had some old games from 4 years ago which are no longer in the app store, so lost them).

    Once again DO NOT perform a restore backup with iPhone 6 this does not work.

    Sure looks like they didn’t test iOS 8.1 with cars.

    One last item Apple does not admit there is a problem nor offer compensation for the time one has to go through to fix it.

    • Thank you for the in-depth explanation. We have seen similar fixes that work for some car owners. We’re glad you got it working. Nine hours or a few days seem like the general rule. Some people have also resorted to disconnecting their car batteries to reset the car.

  40. 2014 Jeep Compass with Uconnect technology. Iphone 6 worked fine for the last three months then yesterday starting dropping calls. Audio would switch between UConnect and iPhone several times a minute. Un-pairing and re-pairing has not worked. I am a sales rep, in my car all day. I am beyond annoyed!!! Unacceptable, Apple.

  41. I have a 2012 Camry and I am having the same problem with Bluetooth connectivity. I have taken it in several times to the dealership and they don’t have answers. Very very frustrating!!!! I don’t understand that if there are this many problems that Apple won’t fix it!!!!

  42. 2014 Toyota Corolla…won’t connect Bluetooth with the iPhone 6+. Voice recognition still works thought the speaker system, but contacts won’t transfer over, and messaging doesn’t work.

  43. HATE IT – got a new 2014 Honda CRV and a new iPhone6 thinking I would have the best of both worlds – the Bluetooth continiusly switches called from the car to the phone and back again! Very annoying to say the least – so disappointed that Apple has not gotten a FIX for this yet! Makes it impossible to use the Bluetooth!
    So unlike Apple – I’ve loved everything they have done to date but this is a major annoyance!!! There has to be a fix – and NO I don’t want to buy anything to fix it –
    I expect it to work right – as it should!!!

  44. Same issues here as well. iPhone 6 not pairing with BMW328i 2013. Its seeing it but not pairing it. UGH Apple!

  45. Same problem as the rest you…!! Can connect any phone to my BMW X3 2007 old iPhones, iOS 6,& 7 and also to my wife’s Volvo XC 90…
    But they just do not even see our new Apple iPhone 6 plus’s..!!!
    Can also connect friends phones to the vehicles but Not Apple 6 plus on iOS 8.1.3

  46. I’m the exact opposite….my music works, but my phone won’t pair. I’ve had this issue ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 5c. I thought it might just be that model, so I upgraded to the 6+ when it came out….nothing – only music.

  47. Have a 2012 Honda Civic. Everything worked great with my iPhone 4 and my wife’s iPhone 5. I purchased an iPhone 6 in October and it seemed to work fine After upgrading to iOS 8.1 connection drops started happening. Phone seems to connect to the car’s bluetooth OK, but if I try to make a call, every few minutes, the bluetooth connection would drop. The call is still connected, but I loose the car audio/microphone capabilities. It usually connects back up within 10-15 seconds, but it is annoying as I have to scramble for my phone to make sure the other party doesn’t hang up or that I miss something that they say. I would rather it not work at all as I think it is more of a safety issue when it works intermittently.

  48. Hi, This is an update for my last post I have the latest IOS 8.1.3 . I restored my phone deleted bluetooth connections on my car .and repaired the bluetooth. Same problem!! The car system says handsfree link bluetooth connected then drops the bluetooth connection for a few seconds then the car systems says iPod . I can’t hear the other end. My call hasn’t dropped I keep saying are you there? Then they respond. Also when I was previously playing music when the call came in and I hung up the music doesn’t go back on like it used to in IOS 7. I have to manually look at the phone unlock it and start it up. This is a driving distraction to say the least!!!! I am looking for an aftermarket solution.

  49. I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and since downloading latest iphone 6 update cannot make or receive calls through Bluetooth in the car. So much for hands free devices!!! It keeps saying there are no names. Went to two Verizon stores and called Hyundai. Hyundai is WORKING ON IT? How long is reasonable to work on it.?? When on the highway I don’t intend to hold my phone. Yet it is essential that I use it. Any answers or suggestions?? This is extremely frustrating and inexcusable. It’s like a seesaw with one blaming the other!

  50. 2013 Honda Pilot and iPhone 6. Bluetooth calls are fine for several minutes (10-15ish most times) but then the connection between the phone and the car drops. The call is still connected if you just speak into the phone instead and it reconnects itself in about 15-20 seconds. Can find no specific pattern to the time or conditions surrounding the drop other than what I mention above and it is not occurring 100% of the time, either. Every iOS update has impacted the timing of the drops and it seems less frequent now but it’s definitely still broken.

  51. Hello bought iphone 6 plus for no contact with my bmw x5 2011 delivers phone back to shop. called apple today they said they had not heard about the problem, they have an iPhone in return

  52. I have a 2012 Honda Accord and recently my car shows an error — “Bad Usb” when I plug in my iPhone 6+.
    I looked into my car manual, and it states that the device is incompatible.
    My car usb works with apples older firmware before ios 8. I guess I’ll have to hope for an update from apple to repair this issue.

  53. I have a 2014 Mazda6 with an IPhone 6 with 8.1.3. The phone pairs fine everytime I get in the car, but the text messaging is the problem. It knows a text is received, but can’t read the message or show it on the display.

  54. Me he comprado un iphone 6 de 64G con iOS 8.1.3 y en imposible conectar el bluetooth del terminal con el de mi vehiculo VW Passat 2009, nadie me ofrece una solucion alguien me puede ayudar? Aunque viendo la cantidad de problemas que todos tenemos me parece imposible. No es admisible que Appel venda sus productos como los mejores y resulta que son una porqueria con un sin fin de problemas que no arreglan y encima se permiten el lujo de echarles la culpa a los demas dispositivos

  55. My iphone 4 and 5 connected fine to Bluetooth in my 2010 MB 350 GLK. I upgraded to iphone 6 in January and it would never connect before or after iOS 8.1.3. I reset the phone and car bluetooth innumerable times to no avail. Clearly an apple problem. I’m very sorry I got the iphone 6. Wish I had known this before I got the 6. I would have stuck with my 5.

  56. Hi! I have a Honda CRV 2011 and my IPhone 5S used to work perfectly! I upgraded to the IPhone6 and now it doesn’t connect at all… says that it is “unsupported” when I connect to the USB port. I used to use it for vocalized directions using maps through my car and that no longer works. So I can’t use navigation for anything. So frustrating!

  57. Issue with iphone 6+ connected to lexus rx350 through BT, the volume drops suddenly. Only workaround I have found is to start Siri and increase the volume, exit siri (also works by starting maps, start directions, increase volume, then exit maps) play music, this seems to fix the issue.

  58. Honda hands free link worked fine until I upgraded to iOS 8 ver 8.1.3 Now the phone works, but none of my music will play through the cars speakers even though my phone is “paired” with the car.

  59. I have a 2011 Toyota 4Runner Limited edition. Recently switched from a 4s iPhone to the 6. Phone works fine but the audio will not link. I have removed phone 10 times and reset network settings. Nothing seems to work. Anyone have a suggestion?

  60. My new IPhone 6+ won’t sync with my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. I can get the adapter from Apple for a wired connection but I can’t do voice dialing via the Bluetooth system in the car. My 4s was working perfectly. Is there a fix on the horizon or are we just screwed?

  61. 2007 Mazda CX-9. iPhone 6 running ios 8.1.3. The iPhone sees the Mazda but fails to pair. Two Android phones and previous iPhone 4 paired fine.

  62. I just update iPhone to 8.1.3 and I’m still losing Bluetooth connection in my 2013 VW Passat. I held off updating to 8.1 and only did do a few months ago and have had nothing but Bluetooth issues ever since. I will not buy a new car but this could make me switch to Samsung.

    • I also had car at VW for this and I do NOT have an updated needed for the car radio system. This is an Apple issue.

  63. I have Toyota Corolla 2014 with Bluetooth and USB connected infotainment. After updating my iPhone to iOS 8.1.3 Bluetooth music playing stop working. USB music won’t play at all and only fix is when I plug iPhone to USB i can make Music play through Bluetooth only (no USB playing) Contacted Toyota and they suggested me to contact Apple. Apple suggested to contact Toyota as their specification says that Toyota infotainment is compatible only with iOS 7 :-(.
    Since then trying to contact Toyota again but no luck.

  64. Have a 2014 Mazda 3, so less than a year old. Just got a new iphone 6 and can’t connect my phone at all. Can’t play music or pick up calls. Not really going to pay for a new sound system in a brand new car just so I can answer my phone. Pretty poor.

  65. iphone 4s worked perfectly with 2012 BMW 325 coupe until installing 8.1.3. Now i am cannot control music from my phone. it simply wont play unless i manually change it on the phone itself. Not a safe option whilst driving. Anyone know of any fixes?

  66. Just upgraded to the iPhone 6 with latest update. I have a BMW 325i and it is not discoverable, very inconvenient and hinders my work. Not happy. If Apple is aware of the problem then they should make it known to prospective buyers.

  67. I have a Toyota Prius 2014. Just upgraded from iPhone 5S to a 6. I’m not able to pair the phone and bluetooth. Very frustrating!!!!

  68. I have a Nissan Maxima 2010 I did update My iPhone 6 to the IOS 8.1.3and it fried my Bluetooth can’t even cut it on in my Maxima have to go take it to tech support tomorrow to get fixed

  69. Just activated my iphone 6+, running IOS 8.1.3. I was able to successfully pair to my 2010 RX350, but for phone only. I cannot get the music/audio to connect using bluetooth

  70. I just bought a 2012 Hyundai Genesis with the Tech package. I have an iPhone 6 Plus running IOS 8.1.3. My Bluetooth connection works fine; my phonebook however will not download to the connected car although it is paired properly. Not even one record will download. No error message is given, it simply stops downloading. Dave

  71. Use a six character name for your phone I think if you have a larger name it will not be able to detect it

  72. Honda Fit 2013 handsfree device that’s intergrated in the vehicle by the dealer experiences occasional interruptions in converstions when synced with my iPhone 6.
    Voice commands to Siri are very responsive.
    My main challenge is when dialing out, the ringing won’t go on Bluetooth and sometimes conversations won’t start until 60 seconds after the call is actually connected.

  73. I have a 2014 Odyssey. After the 8.0 upgrade bluetooth wouldn’t work. 8.1 fixed many issues but my car still won’t read my texts anymore (like it did for the first 4 months I had the car, before 8.0 or 8.1). My husband has an android phone and, of course, it works just fine in my car and in his new Accord! I used to always defend Apple to him because I loved my iPhone but now I’m beginning to hate it and considering an android on my next phone contract. This is ridiculous. Lamenting the death of Steve Jobs!!

  74. I have a BMW (2013) 3 series, my iPhone 6 does not pair at all. My previous phone, iPhone 5 worked just fine. It’s very annoying!

  75. I have a BMW (2012 ) 3 series and my iPhone 6 will not pair at all although previous iphone 5 running ios 8 worked fine, Thishas been going on for 4 months. Wake up Apple – get this sorted,

  76. 2008 Toyota Highlander, I had a Droid RazrMax and it worked great with my blue tooth. Purchased the iPhone6 yesterday and will be returning it since it won’t pair with my Highlander. Being hearing impaired the blue tooth in my car is imperative.I resisted the iPhones for years even though all of my children love them. I really like my MAC but this phone is not worth not being able to have hands free in my car.

  77. I have a BMW 328i xDrive 2014. I have an iPhone 6 at iOS 8.1. I can connect with Bluetooth but my music no longer autoplays, that is, in order for the music on my iPhone 6 to begin playing, I must touch the Play button on the phone. Previously, the music would begin to play automatically when the iPhone was selected on my Multimedia screen. Not an impossible situation, but a major annoyance (as my phone is most often stuffed into my jeans pocket when I get into the car). I am not aware of any issues with using the telephone function, but there could be and I have not yet encountered them.

  78. I have a new iPhone 6+ with most current version of iOS and a 2014 BMW 535d. The bluetooth interface is a TOTAL WRECK. It can’t move from podcast back to music, or even activate podcasts, nor even pick music properly. It all worked before iOS 8. I have the latest version of BMW software. This is on Apple’s doorstep. Mr. Cook needs to stop strategizing with Hip Hop groups and slanted content providers and get back to knitting sweaters properly.

    • I agree I noticed that too the siri hands free doesn’t work properly. I contacted Apple and they recommended that I restore the phone. Which I did and it took two hours and I am still not finished going through all of the apps to sign in and verify etc. After looking on the support board it seems that there is no answer yet except restore phone to new and manually add apps , music etc . Which I have done . I haven’t had a chance to use it in the car yet.

  79. New iPhone 6 will not connect with my 2009 Toyota Sienna. My iPhone 5 worked great yesterday. What is the great”apple” doing about this??????

  80. I have a 2014 Acura RDX and the bluetooth pairs correctly but , while I am talking on the phone the bluetooth connection constantly drops on and off while I am talking on the phone . I know that it is the bluetooth connection because the symbol in the screen goes on and off. (It is not the cellphone connection) I have the latest update 8.01 Other issues are unable to hear the phone ring and dial up by voice not working. The other issue is after I hang up the music will not come back on and I use a usb cable . I am frustrated . I don’t have the time to restore my phone either. It would take all day. I haven’t seen a fix yet .

  81. I have a Volvo v60 and it doesn’t work either! Frustrating! I can not even pair the telephone with the car.

  82. 2007 Lexus G350. Ever since I upgraded to 8 the Bluetooth drops calls dialed by voice. If pull over and dial by hand it’s fine, but if I tell the phone to dial it immediately drops the call before it starts dialing. Apple said its the cars fault. Toyota checked and said the car is fine. It all worked fine on iOS 7. The “genius” at my Apple Store suggested I get a different car! Serious problem, as my car is often my office and I depend on voice dialing.

  83. Just bought a Subaru forrester 2015. Bluetooth worked fine until I upgraded to iOS8. Now, Bluetooth incoming and outgoing calls no longer work, and I cannot listen to radio and use iPhone gps app at same time. can only play from music from iPhone if connected to BT in car. So annoying.

    • I have a 2011 Subaru Forester and my Bluetooth worked perfectly with my iPhone 4 and 5, but had ongoing problems with 6+. I could connect it manually, but it would never connect automatically. I read a thread that said some people were having luck by deleting the phone and pairing it through the voice menu and not the menu button. Sounded ridiculous to me, but after trying everything else, I had nothing to lose. Unbelievably, it worked. I cannot tell you why. It takes about 20 seconds after turning on the car, but it is connecting automatically, which it has not done for the last three months. I hope this works for others.

  84. My iPhone 6+ syncs my phone though it took several syncs before my contact list was complete. It WILL NOT sync my music via bluetooth. I have to use a cable. Very disappointing.

    • Please let us know the make, model and year of your car. We’re keeping track of the makes and years.

  85. I just bought the iPhone 6 last week and did the new ios update (which required me to restore my phone back to original- I was not very happy about that) right before my purchase. I have a 2008 Ford Edge with sync radio and I cannot connect to my Bluetooth now. Pandora is all I listen to when driving so I’m extremely frustrated!

  86. I have a 2014 Honda Accord. iPhone 5s worked fine with blue tooth in the car. I got the iPhone 6 and it does not work with current Ios 8.1.2. Very frustrating. Is there an easy way to “Delete the Bluetooth connection profiles in iPhone Bluetooth settings which paired with hand free link.”

    If I “reset all settings on my iPhone, will this create problems with other aspects of my phone?

  87. I didn’t want to upgrade from my iphone 4s because it did everything I needed, but I dropped it and it stopped working. I have just got my new iphone 6 with ios 8.1.2 and it won’t pair at all with my Audi A4. Very annoyed and feel like I took a painful step backwards. Any one with any more news on fixes?

  88. I have a newish Alpine head unit CDE134BT in an older truck. Same problems as everyone else – upgrading my iPhone 4S to 8.0 and then 8.i caused all sorts of problems.

    I was about to junk the phone until this morning when I got in the truck and noticed that the phone had not paired with the head unit. This is a new problem – it always paired before , just never worked correctly. I re-paired the connection and saw that the head unit now has a new Bluetooth device name. It used to be “CDE134BTE” and now it’s “Alpine Head Unit”.


    I have no idea why or who updated what or how they did it but I am glad they did.

  89. My new i-phone 6 doesn’t pair with built in Bluetooth on my 2010 Toyota Aurion Sportivo. Like the many others out there, I’m very annoyed this was not picked up during the test phase before release. Hopefully a system update will resolve or will we have to wait for i-phone 7?. Feeling ripped off!

  90. I drive a 2011 VW Golf and have always been able to connect my iPhone to the Bluetooth – until I updated my iPhone 6 to the iOS 8.1 software! Now the car won’t recognise my phone at all!!! NOT HAPPY!!!

  91. I am so very upset. I just switched from Android to iPhone and am regretting it. Among other discomforts, my blue iphone 6 running 8.1.2 connects to my 2012 Nissan Sentra SL’s bluetooth for calls but not for music or navigation apps. I don’t understand – don’t people say apple can’t go wrong??? I’ve tried other forums and fixes. No dice.

    • This is the kind of situation like “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” story. We have hundreds of comments regarding the problem. At CES, I was looking for a temporary fix. I’m working with a few vendors to see if they can help in the meantime.

  92. My Apple 5c worked perfectly until I updated to the 8.1 now it won’t pair up and the car is a 2013 Elantra. I hate this phone give me back my old Android. It even managed to hold a charge!

  93. Got an iphone6+ for Christmas. Have 2008 Highlander. My iphon4s was Bluetooth compatible but iPhone 6+ is not. No place in new phone to enter security number so I’m back to the less than safe option of holding phone while driving. Not happy. Surely there’s a solution/update to rectify this???

  94. 2014 Kia Sportage, iPhone 6 iOS8.1.2 – can make and receive calls via Bluetooth, but neither Apple maps or Google Maps works through Bluetooth. In order to get turn by turn instructions I have to turn off Bluetooth on the phone. This totally defeats the purpose!

  95. Mazda 3 Maxx sports iphone 6 – making calls and receiving calls via Bluetooth not working properly. Playing music via bluetooth seems to be working ok

  96. 2012 Ford Focus, iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.2 – phone functionality works via Bluetooth, but suddenly, music apps (native iTunes, Pandora, etc.) will not play unless connected via audio cable. Frustrating, and there seems to be no solution.

  97. I have a 2011 Kia optima and my new iPhone 6 isn’t able to find my car via Bluetooth. I’ve tried everything people are suggesting and it won’t even load my connection options.
    I would want to switch SIM cards to get my older iPhone up and going because that connected very easily to the same car!
    But the screen cracked and was freezing and going slower than normal so I’d rather have my new phone, it just sucks that I can’t have hands free calls in my car because my phone is too new…hope this is going to be fixed soon.

  98. Broken music controls and bluetooth between my 2012 BMW 335i E93 and iphone 4s with iOS 8.1.2. Running latest firmware in the car, still doesn’t work. Resetting network settings on phone, still doesn’t work. Re-pairing bluetooth, still not working. Complained to Apple.

  99. I have a new iPhone6 that is currently running 8.1.2. My 2011 Acura MDX did previously pair with my old flip phone but now it won’t pair with my iPhone 6. Thanks Apple for marketing a POC.

  100. I have a new iPhone 6. I just bought a 2015 Acura MDX. The phone pairs fine, but does not auto sync when I get into the vehicle. I hope they fix this very soon as it is very annoying to have to pair your phone every time you start your vehicle.

  101. I have a new iPhone 6 and it won’t pair with my 2013 VW golf and I am incredibly frustrated. It’s ridiculous to feel like I’ve gone backwards!

  102. I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2. I can connect to my Chrysler 300 using bluethooth but I cannot connect to my Jawbone wireless speaker. I am very disappointed. I also download stored songs from the cloud but not all of the songs are downloaded completely. The frustration continues.

    • Mate I bet you cant play songs via Bluetooth on it I know that I cant and I have 2014 300c and iPhone 6….you cant select the next track and you have lost text message functionality

  103. We have a 2015 Honda CRV EXL and are having trouble with the pairing and texting with our Apple Iphone 6.

  104. My iPhone 6 works perfectly with my Ford Sync with the exception that there is no sound when I attempt to play music. After trying everything suggested on the web and suggestions offered thru multi-hour Apple support sessions, I visited the Genius desk at my local
    Apple store – they replaced the hardware – still doesn’t work – . My work around was to dig up my old iPhone 4, synch it with my current tunes and connect it to the Ford. Btw my iPad Mini and my wife’s old iPhone 3 work with Ford Sync. Wake up Apple!

  105. I just bought a 2013 Hyundai Accent and my bluetooth wont even show up. I have a iphone 5s and it has iOS 8. If anyone has any help please!!!!!

  106. Cavewoman here. Motorola flip phone worked with 2013 Jetta TDI for almost a year. One day it lost the connection, and no one (many tech savvy friends) can relink it. I am headed to VW since I am close to end of car warranty. Problem may be with VW software or hardware–not only iphone problems.

  107. Okay, I just switched from my Blackberry (I know, but I’m with the government) to an iphone 6, my husband has insisted and my friends had been making fun of me. There are lots of cool things, but one of the main things I want from a phone is to be able to communicate easily, and through Bluetooth when I’m in the car. The audio phone is working, but the texts won’t go through the Bluetooth and be read to me. My Blackberry did this without fail! Shouldn’t Apple technology be at least as good as Blackberry?! I have a 2014 Honda civic hybrid, not exactly an antique.

  108. 2015 Toyota Highlander does not connect with my iPhone 6plus. Daughter’s Samsung note 3 connects with no problem. My iPhone 5 connected, unfortunately don’t have the 5 to fall back on.

  109. I purchased iPhone 6+ from Verizon and initially it paired with my 2012 Ford Explorer just fine. As soon as I upgrade the software with the first revision, it stopped pairing. My wife’s Samsung Galaxy 5s still pairs just fine. I went to the Verizon store for help and it paired with their little Bluetooth earpiece so Verizon figures it’s not their problem even though they sold it to me. That’s really great customer service…sell you a product…when it doesn’t work right…tell you to call someone else. I wish I could do that at work.

  110. I am so tired of this. I have 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback and Bluetooth is messed up.
    My 4s worked great but new iPhone 6+ is terrible. Cannot make up its mind if it wants to be on Bluetooth or phone- jumps in mid call .
    This will become a liability issue for apple because people will get hurt or die in wrecks while reaching in a panic to get phone when it jumps off Bluetooth so as not to lose important call.
    I cannot believe that this problem is so rampant.
    I have tried Apple Store genius tech and his boss.
    They point finger at Mazda?
    Have dealt by text with Apple support and have reset phone to no avail.
    Spent one and one half hours on phone with senior tech adviser from apple.
    He went to mazdahandsfree.com website and was almost as frustrated about this as I am.
    I send emails to Tim Cook daily and no response.
    So very frustrated.
    Apple has really let me down.
    Total bullshit!
    Called Att and they said apple changed frequency on iPhone 6 which makes them incompatible with my Mazda?

    • Gee and to think I was just about to call Apple!! Thanks for sharing … I’ll save my time, sorry you can’t get your time back!! I have the same year Mazda but the 6 and equally frustrated. I wish I would have just stayed with my IPhone 4. Worked perfect with car. I’d like to get rid of both! Mad at Mazda and Apple… some one needs to come up with a fix. I live in Maryland… hello, hands free state!! Very annoying not to be able to pick up a call or listen to music.

    • i am having exactly the same issues i have a iPhone 6 (8.1.2) and Mazda Maxx sport 2012. Sometimes it works and then it won’t. So frustrating!!! Have repaired the device a few times and nothing seems to fix it. My iPhone 4s worked perfectly.

  111. Have a 2013 Acuar TL. Bluetooth worked great with my iPhone 5 and iOS 7. Got an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2. Pairing is fine, but calls drop constantly only to reconnect seconds later. It’s bizarre.

    • This is the same thing I have experienced. I had an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 in my 2010 Mazda 6. Worked like a dream. I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, and now, even though I can pair it, I can’t talk on the phone for more than five minutes without the call dropping – and then reconnecting 2 seconds later. It makes it impossible (and unsafe) to carry on a conversation. Also, now when I try to make a call from my phone, it doesn’t automatically go to bluetooth. It does whatever it feels like doing.

    • I have a 2012 Acura TL, iPhone 6+ with the same issue. Calls keep dropping from hands free Bluetooth and reconnecting 2 seconds later. Very frustrating

  112. 2015 Honda CR-V and iPhone 6 running 8.1.2. Phone functions work over Bluetooth but audio never connects. Have to plug in USB cable. Used to work with iphone5s and iOS 7.

  113. With 8.1.2 (and probably onward) for iPhone 4S and later – you must forget all paired Bluetooth devices on the phone and then restart AFTER updating the OS. Do the same on the Bluetooth devices as well. Then re-pair. You may have to forget and re-pair as many as three times to get everything back to normal. If you connect to your car using a cable for music control, I find that most third-party lightning cables do not work properly. Genuine Apple cables seem to work on my Hyundai and GM vehicles where a Griffin and a Radio Shack “no-name” lightning cable do not. All iPhones since the 4S are Bluetooth 4.0. Check which version of Bluetooth your car or other Bluetooth device supports.

  114. I have a 2015 Acura MDX and my bluetooth does not work with my IPhone6…I am pissed! 55k for a car and I can’t do business on the phone while I’m in it and no one has answers!

  115. have a mark 7 golf and a Plantronics voyager head piece although the phone connects to both systems, when taking telephone calls the phone does not default to whatever system is connected to it either the car infotainment system or the Plantronics headpiece. Sometimes it is fine other times the phone reverts to taking the calls unless you look on the screen and manually select the appropriate paired device very annoying..

  116. ok found a fix that works! 2012 Subaru Legacy issue noted above. here are 2 ways to pair a device in my subaru, one using the dash controls, and one using the audio talk controls on the steering wheel. i was trying to delete and pair using the dash controls, which worked to pair but i would have to manually connect each time i started the car. so i tried using the audio talk method, deleted the device, repaired, and success! my iphone6 remains connected!

      • I can also confirm that this method worked for my 2013 Forester as well!

        Phone is an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1.2

        This is my first successful Bluetooth auto-connection since obtaining my iPhone 6 in Fall 2014. My iPhone 4s paired with the same car never had a problem.

        Auto-connecting after using the radio knobs/buttons to pair my new phone never worked. Deleting and then paring using the voice prompts and the ‘talk” button on the steering wheel corrected the problem. Why? You got me!

        Thanks Drew!

  117. I just updated to iOS 8.1.2 on iphone 6 and the bluetooth connection issue continues. 2012 Subaru Legacy. I can pair the phone, but it does not automatically connect when i turn on car. I have to manually connect each time i get in the car. Very frustrated that Apple has not fixed this after 2 months of the release.

  118. After finally successfully pairing my 2015 Honda Accord and my iPhone 5 (now running iOS 8.1.2 as of yesterday) it all seemed to be working with the exception of my texts & Siri.

    When recieving a text in my car, connected to Bluetooth, I recieve NO notification. Not even a beep. In my HFL settings, I do have notification enabled, as I do on my iPhone in my Bluetooth settings. Never a problem before. Now, I do not hear a beep, nor does it pop up in my car with the option to read aloud since I’m driving. This has always worked until I upgraded to iOS 8. So, basically, I’m driving 1.5 hrs each way on my commute and often have to stop and get dinner/kids, etc on my way home, but I’m missing ALL of that communication if it comes via text.

    With Siri/Voice typing- I have to hold the phone up to my mouth to type text/email by voice. It does not ‘recognize’ me over the car speakers/microphone like it usually did.

    I have reset network completely, I have paired/unpaired, I have deleted and re-added icloud, I have renamed my phone…all of the above. Nothing works.

    Yesterday, after 3 hours at my Honda dealership (Sony phone worked, husband’s Galaxy worked, but no iPhones worked) and an hour on the phone with Apple Support, I was told by Apple Support:

    1) it could be my iPhone case. The same one I’ve had for almost a year
    2) the issue is with my carrier. Despite the fact that my personal iPhone is on T-Mobile and my work iPhone is on AT&T (neither work with HFL text)
    3) they have never heard of this problem before and all they can suggest is that I do a complete and total reset of my phone.

    I am SO sick of this issue- I am seriously thinking of moving off the iPhone.

  119. We have a CC Volkswagen 2012 and our phones BlackBerry and Iphone 4S were perfectly connecting until more or less three weeks ago. Suddenly my iphone 4S stopped connecting
    and I couldn’t find the reason why.
    I don’t know where to go or what to do, this issue is real pain in the neck!

    If somebody could help us please let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

    • There are several fixes some work and some don’t. You are not the only getting the run around. We have hundreds of comments on this issue which Apple seems to be ignoring. The car makers are aware of the problem because we keep asking them and they say they are working on it.

  120. I have a 2008 Dodge Charger. My Bluetooth was working fine last night on my iPhone 6 before the 8.1.2 update. I got in the car and spent over 40 min pressing the “connect” button on my phone over and over again. I finally got to work, removed my phone from my Pioneer Appradio 3, as well as had my phone forget the radio and still not working. I then figured I needed to update to 8.1.2 (which I did) and still can not connect. I have no aux cable in this car so I am stuck with crappy radio stations. I have no idea what to do….

  121. I got a new iPhone 6+. It appeared to work fine, but I could not l use it with my the radio 2013 Plug-in Prius. When I called people on the phone, they could hear me, but I could not hear them. I had installed IOS 8.1.1. I figured IOS was the problem. So, I installed IOS 8.1.2, but it didn’t fix the problem. Somehow, the receiving volume in my radio was turned all the way down. I don’t know how this happened. I wonder if my iPhone 6+ turned it off. I finally found the volume control for received phone calls in my radio. It was hidden in a sea of menus.
    I hope my experience helps you.
    If you have a Prius, look in the “Audio” page in “Setup”. You have to push the down arrow to get to the 4 volume controls.

  122. Ios 8 is NOT stable. I would have never upgraded but I made the mistake of getting the Iphone 6 plus. I should of stayed with my iphone 5 that I had refused to upgrade. it worked just fine. Once I got a new iphone, I had no choice, it came with ios 8 which is just not working right. The Bluetooth on the phone is ridiculous, it cuts in and out, drops calls and I feel makes driving unsafe. I work in home care and need to be able to talk to people hands free and was absolutely able to with my old phone.

  123. I haven’t been able to connect via Bluetooth in my 2014 Subaru Foestor since the 8.1.1 upgrade. I spent 4 plus hours on the phone with seniors tech advisors at Apple trying to try to resolve the issue. Tonight the call ended with the tech filing a report to the engineers and telling me to wait and hope that a fix will come. After switching from Droid to Apple just 6 weeks ago, I am ready to dump the iPhone.

  124. This is ridiculous! I didn’t have issues before on old iOS and now nothing but problem! Apple needs to get their shit together and fix this ASAP or there will be lots of people jumping ship!

  125. .. I cant get my new 6 plus to sink at 2011 BMW X5… Very frustrating! Hope they come up with a fix soon..

    • Hello bought iphone 6 plus for no contact with my bmw x5 2011 delivers phone back to shop. called apple today they said they had not heard about the problem, they have an iPhone in return

  126. 2012 Kia Optima with UVO, and an iPhone 5 upgraded to iOS 8.1.1. I can pair the phone, but a couple of days later it is un-paired again. Keeps unpairing itself! Never had this problem until the 8.1 upgrade. Wish I had never upgraded the iOS.

    • I also have a 2012 Kia Optima with UVO using 8,1,1 and I can pair but can not download my 136 contacts. so I need to go to my Iphone 5c and use my contact list when I make the call. so I do not have hands free to initiate a call, but everything else works. Any suggestions


  127. I have a BMW X1 2014 and my brand new iPhone 6 won’t connect. The phone won’t (can’t?) find any Bluetooth devices so I am considering bringing it back and getting an android phone. So frustrating, disappointing and – worse still – revealing of the Apple product development process. All about making the quick buck. Well, they won’t be getting mine again.

  128. I have a 2014 Chevrolet SS. My IPhone 4s worked fine with Bluetooth. I got an IPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.1 and it will not pair with the car. Should have kept my 4S!!! Very frustrating.

  129. we have a BMW x1 2013 and BMW serie 1 2014. we have the same problem with our iphon 6 and 5s (ios 8.1.1) : During a call it sometimes loses the connection for 20-30 seconds and re-establishes it again. Not really funny.

  130. I have a 2013 Kia optima with uvo. The Bluetooth works with making phone calls, but playing music over it sounds terrible, especially with songs that have more bass. The audio worked fine with my iPhone 5. As soon as I got the iPhone 6 the problem came about. I went apple repeatedly and met with the “genius” people 4 times and ended up getting a brand new iPhone 6 but the problem still persists. I have given up and just don’t use my Bluetooth for music. Also using the USB connection has the same sound quality issues. The iPhone 6 is a very poor product with many more problems. I’m really disappointed with Apple.

    • These are all problems we have heard before. I have personally spoken to reps from Hyundai, BMW, GM and Honda, they say they are working on it. At the LA Auto Show Phil Abram of GM said, “We didn’t change any thing, they did.”

      The best guesstimate is that there something “strange” in the new Bluetooth profile.

  131. I do have a BMW X3 from April 2014. Annoying problems – I have to couple from BMW menu. it connects but loses connection after some while…. Hey I am travelin on business a lot in car and am missing calls now often. I hope there will be a fix soon. iphone 6 here. Didnt try with my old iphone5 and ios 8 yet

  132. I have a BMW 5 series and could successfully establish a bluetooth connection with my iPhone 6 and iOS 8.1.1. However, during a call it sometimes loses the connection for 20-30 seconds and re-establishes it again. Not really funny.

    • We agree that it is not funny. It is serious business and the fact that Apple seems to be ignoring and denying the situation is worse.

    • I am having the exact same issue with my new iPhone 6 and my 2013 Honda Fit. I can connect fine, but when I’m in mid conversation, my phone will connect and disconnect for about 10 seconds. This is really frustrating…

  133. Upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 the other day on iPhone 6, and still cannot connect to my Acura’s 2013 Bluetooth. Wife’s iPhone 6+ connects fine with iOS 8.0.2

  134. Purchased iPhone 6, previously used iPhone 5 with no issues. I own a Kia Optima 2013 SX. Attempted Bluetooth connection with iOS 8 and iOS 8.1, neither worked. Today I’m attempting the iOS 8.1.1 and wiping the phone completely to see if either work. I’ll add the results later after determined. What a pain…..

    • After updating to 8.1.1, iPhone 6 still wouldn’t recognize. To troubleshoot, I grabbed my previously paired phone(iPhone 5) and connected. I then disconnected the iPhone 5, removed all pairings on my car Bluetooth, disabled iCloud on all devices and renamed my iPhone 6 to a different name. After performing all of the steps above, the iPhone 6 finally discovered the car Bluetooth! I’m not sure which one of the below items resolved the issue but if you own a Kia Optima 2013 SX and recently purchased the iPhone 6, try the above steps and hopefully it will work for you.

      Good Luck

      • Thanks for your post. I couldn’t remove pairings from my car bluetooth, but instead, I renamed the existing one to my iPhone name and then tried to connect from Car bluetooth, then immediately I found car bluetooth name in my iPhone 6. Later the pairing is successful.

  135. I have a 2011 Toyota Highlander and IPhone 6+, for all versions of IOS 8 (8.0, 8.0.2, 8.1 and 8.1.1), I am able to establish the Bluetooth connection easily with the car, the sound of music is perfect, however the sound of the telephone conversations is horrible, does someone have an idea for ​​a fixed?

  136. btw: using iOS 8.1.1 / 2013 bmw x1. Finally got my iphone 6 and car bluetooth to connect. this is what i did:
    1) deleted all bluetooth connections in the car
    2) deleted all bluetooth connections on my phone
    3) added new bluetooth device in the car
    4) put in 4-number code
    5) put in same 4-number code on my phone

    and it finally paired! i performed the same ritual in my wife’s mini and it worked too!

    good luck everyone.

    • I have tried all of this and it doesn’t work for me. Glad some of you are up and running though!
      Getting very frustrated!!

  137. Mini Cooper s 2012 cannot pair using iOS 8.1.1 tried everything that has been suggested and nothing has fixed it, I have wasted days attempting this and have given up. Fed up, wish I had my old phone back!!!

  138. I had an iphone 4S that worked perfectly with my 2014 BMW 428 convertible. I upgraded to an iphone 6+ and the only function that works in BlueTooth. BMW Connected, BMW Apps, Office, et al no longer work. I can still make hands-free calls and play music over blue tooth but that is it

  139. I have been unsuccessful in Pairing My new iPhone 6+ with my 2010 Lexus R350. I’ve been on the phone with the iPhone Wizard at Lexus with zero success. I can still return this phone and am considering it – I’m getting pretty fed up with Apple’s attitude and issues. It definitely is not the same without Steve Jobs. my phone is running IOS 8.1 and has an update 8.1.1 ready for installatioin. I’m not comfortable updating until I check that out. On the other hand, it doesn’t work now, so can the update hurt it even more?

  140. I have a 2009 Mazda CX9 which paired and stay paired with my IPhone 4. I upgraded to an IPhone 5s Monday and easily paired it with the Mazda immediately. I installed 8.1.1 yesterday and when I got in the vehicle this morning it did not connect and the Mazda system indicated there was no phone paired. I paired and connected easily. I just went out to see if it stayed paired and would automatically connect and it did. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for next time.

  141. the phone recognizes the car, but the car never gives me back a passcode. at least in my situation, i’m beginning to think it’s a car software problem and not a phone software problem.

  142. I have 2012 BMW 528. Bought iphone 6 last week. Can’t pair it with BMW Bluetooth. Updated from iOS 8.02 to 8.1 on day I received phone. No good. Today, updated to 8.1.1 and still won’t pair.

  143. i updated my iphone 6+ to ios 8.1.1 and still no pairing between the car and my phone. i then went to bmw.com/bluetooth and checked compatibility between the iphone 6+ and the model of my bmw, and according to the site, there is no compatibility. that said i don’t know how often the site is updated. i’m really frustrated about this. it’s a huge inconvenience.

  144. I have a 2009 Toyota Venza, Bluetooth phone wil work, however the Aux to listen to music or other audio programs will not work with new update. My iPhne 4S worked great on both. I’m not impressed with the overall function and wish I had done more research before getting another iPhone. Very discouraging!

  145. I just purchased a 2015 Acura TLX which has introduced more technology in one of their vehicles than ever before. Included is Siri Eyes Free which works fairly well. However, I have an iPhone 4s running iOS 8.1 and many of the Bluetooth connected features are not working. This includes address book transfer, text messaging and intermittent issues of dropping phone calls.

    Acura came out with a software update that was installed by the dealer this past week which provided improvements to the user interface to make it more user friendly. Although Acura didn’t advertise this update to fix any of the iOS connectivity issues, it did at least allow me to start receiving text messages but I still can’t reply. I submitted a trouble ticket with Honda Technical Services who admitted they are aware of the issues and are working with Apple developers to find a resolution. When I tried contacting Apple, they admitted being aware but didn’t open a support ticket. They just provided a link to allow me to provide feedback. Really??

    iOS 8.1.1 was just released and I’m upgrading now. I can only hope this will provide better or more reliable functionality. As mentioned in this article, Apple needs to make their Bluetooth backwards compatible. Imagine that! Get it together Apple!

  146. My 2015 Subaru outback with Navi–Infotainment worked fine with Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone 5 with IOS 6 and 7 I recently downgraded to iPhone 6 with IOS 8.1 The playlist section on the Bluetooth audio screen no longer lights up, voice command does not recognize the songs, and when the phone is hard wired to USB, the lists are visible onscreen but will not play–the phone indicates that the device is not supported It is therefore not possible to choose songs from the screen. Making hands free audio impossible.

  147. Was using my iPhone 6+ with my 2012 Prius C Trim Level 3 fine for weeks and suddenly today bluetooth calls were not working. My in dash display showed it was stuck on dailing a call out even though I wasn’t placing a call. Hitting end call on the dash did nothing…. phone was at home screen. Reboot phone, turning bluetooth on and off, unpair and re-pair did nothing

    Bluetooth audio/music still worked fine.

    My fix was to FIRST rename the iPhone in the settings and then unpair and repair it to my car. Afterwards, everything back to normal. Hope this helps someone.

  148. My new IPhone 6+ does with OS 8.1 is not connecting to my 2013 Kia Optima. I am hoping the 8.1.1 will work! I am very frustrated!!!

  149. forgot to mention that my wife has an iphone 6 and tried to pair it with her 2014 Mini and had the same problem. it doesn’t pair. we tried everything short of resetting the phone. we’re both hoping that apple put out an update to ios 8.1 soon to solve the bluetooth issue.

  150. I just got my iPhone 6 yesterday (November 12, 2014) and it wouldn’t connect to my 2013 Acura RDX this morning. The Acura sees it and asks to connect, but it fails everytime. The phone also says “now discoverable” but the little wheel icon just keeps spinning, trying to find the car.

    • I’m in the same boat – wheels keeps spinning, car connects but fails every time ( I have a 2012 VW Passat). It worked perfectly before the IOS 8.1.1. update. I’ve tried clearing and resetting Factory Settings, tried all the bug fixes and nothing. It’s so frustrating. I’m almost ready to jump the Apple ship.

  151. 14 Bmw 335gt, iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1. The phone pairs with the car and can make and receive calls. Cannot play music either through Bluetooth or wire connection. iOS 7 was good on my old iPhone 4s

  152. i have the iphone 6+ running ios 8.1 and i have been unable to pair the phone with my 2013 bmw x1. i never had a problem pairing my iphone 4s or 5s. but since getting the iphone 6+, i have never been able to pair it with my car. it’s frustrating to say the least. the “geniuses” at the apple store are u.s.e.l.e.s.s. i have been tempted to reset (settings > general > reset > reset all settings) my phone, but it’s a lot of effort given the fact that i don’t know if that will help.

  153. I had an iphone 5 that worked perfectly bluetooth wise in my 2013 BMW: I bought 1 month ago a 6 Plus with IOS 8.1, and the bluetooth does not connect anymore. I have tried everything, the only hope is that 8.1.1 will fix this bad blow.

  154. Subaru WRX 2015. Blue tooth connected fine with iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1. Then purchased an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1. Now I have to manually connect Bluetooth every time I enter the car.

    However my wife has a 2011 Subaru Forrester with a iPhone 6 with ios8 which works perfectly.

    • I have the same problem with my 2015 STI the stereo connects great for music through the phone but when I make a phone call via Bluetooth the sound quality of the persons voice on the phone is terrible. It must be the new update I guess we have to be patient and wait until they update again. I just bought an iPhone 6, was working fine until I updated it. Does anyone know how to go back to the previous update on the iPhone 6? thank you Apple

    • 2015 Subaru Impreza and iOS 8.1.3. The connection is a DISASTER!! The Infotainment literally blacks out, reboots itself and then needs to find the Bluetooth device EVERY TIME while driving! The infotainment system was even replaced once already cause the problem is so severe!!!

  155. From Mike:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a big fan of autoconnectedcar.com, and just have a question about the feedback you have received from your readers. I am having an issue, but based on the articles and forums I’ve read, it seems like my issue is “unique”. I was wondering if you’ve heard of my exact issue.

    Ever since I updated my iPhone 5s from iOS 7 directly to iOS 8.0.2, the Bluetooth in my 2013 Hyundai Elantra does not work like it has in the past. My car’s Bluetooth is through the 2013 Hyundai Elantra’s regular stereo and not a navigation unit.

    The phone pairs fine. However, after I place a phone call through the steering wheel controls, it does not “ring” over the car’s speakers. Therefore, once the call is placed, I can only hear audio over the car’s speakers once the person picks up or it goes to voicemail. I could call outgoing and receive incoming calls, but do not hear any “ring” through the car’s speakers once the call is placed.

    I have reset settings and network settings on the iPhone 5s. I also did a “restart” on the phone, and unpaired and paired the connection multiple times, both in the phone’s settings and car’s settings. I have done all the troubleshooting tips, both directly from Apple and Hyundai, and through other suggestions, but my Bluetooth connection still does not fully work. This issue started right after the update from iOS 7 directly to iOS 8.0.2. I had no issues before updating to iOS 8. iOS 8.1 did not fix my issue at all.

    I have contacted Apple and Hyundai, and nobody has been able to assist me. Apple is saying it’s a car issue, while Hyundai is saying it’s an Apple issue. This issue is happening on two iPhone 5s’, both updated the same day “over the air”.

    I was wondering in regards to iOS 8, if you’ve heard of the phone pairing fine, but no outgoing “ring” over the car’s speakers once the call is placed?

    Please add comments if you have the same issue.

    • Having the same exact problem in my 2011 acura. No audible ring. So annoying!! Apple is the issue not the car.

      • Apple NEVER admits they are at fault. Even though we have hundred of comments that there is a problem and verification from many of the top car makers in the world.

    • I am having a same issue with my Hyundai. Actually, what I did addition to pairing my phone to my car is, I tried to pair someone’s iPhone 6 to my car and it worked just fine. This makes me think that it’s a problem with my iPhone 6.

      Hope this helps!

    • Apple is a crap company. They are a GenX and Millenials delight with slick marketing, but inferior products that the neither can recognize because they have been lured by the siren in the shape of an apple. I downloaded an “up grade” to my old phone (a 3 series). It froze up my phone and it had to be replaced. I, at the time, was required to have the apple b.s., so i then purchased a 4s. I have also dowloaded an upgrade–same b.s., now i have lost the ability to pair my phone in my Toyota….the music pairs, but not the phone. Apple products are crap, and they are way worse than their competitors when it comes to bleeding every cent out of you they can. Even though through marketing they would have their dumb millenial and gen x idiot followers think that they are actually some altruistic company. How about that U2 shit that they downloaded on my iphone for free? I am very particular about my music, having culled through 10s of thousands of songs (over 50,000) and having chosen 1,700 for my play list that were worth listening to–and all of a sudden i am listening to drivel. And getting rid of the drivel is now a project. F*** Apple.

      Sorry, I may have ranted a bit there.

      • If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only one. We have hundreds of complaints. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Tech companies are despotic dictatorships without concern for the “little guys.” When Apple came on the scene with its 1984 commercial, we didn’t realize that in 2014 it would 1984 all over again.

    • Same problem with me 2013 elantra gt iphone 6 – 8.1.3 T -Mobile had cricket I phone 5 8.1 worked fine makes me wonder if its T-Mobile.

      • Same here – with 2013 Hyundai Veloster w/Nav and iPhone 6Plus. When I first got the phone in Dec. the only way to get it to pair AND work correctly was to reset the phone to factory settings, ‘forget this device’ and begin from scratch. Now that the phone updated itself to 8.1.3 it won’t pair to my car all over again. The phone says it’s paired, but NOTHING works – no phone, no Pandora, nothing. I really don’t want to factory reset again, but I’ve tried every other idea and still no go.

        • I have a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo too and I’m also having problems pairing my iPhone 6Plus. I have tried everything I have found on the Internet minus doing a factory restore. I would hate to do one and have it not fix the problem. And I erased everything for nothing.

        • My 2013 Hyundai Veloster will successfully pair with my iPhone and I can only go into the phone screen once to make calls. If I go out of that screen to chance music and try to go back into it later I cant. It will just say pairing on the too of the screen. It won’t even let me go into Bluetooth settings but I can go into other settings. Very frustrated I’m being told by Apple its Hyundai’s fault and Hyundai telling me its apples fault.

    • I have the same issue. Hyundai Elantra 2013. IPhone 5s iOS 8.13. Also people say sound quality is horrible when I talk. Over modulated.

    • I hear you.
      My IPhone 6 paired with my Elantra just fine as well. But half of the time, after I make or receive a call, it just doesn’t hang up, and the radio never comes back. There’s nothing I can do to hang up the damn call except for…making another call. Then it hangs up. I’m on iOS8.3 update.

  156. I have a 2012 Mazda 3 and My IPhone 6 Audio appears to work on the Mazda Bluetooth Radio, but my phone cannot stay paired and I have to keep resetting the Bluetooth Phone connection to Mazda. My phone is less than 3 days old and it is not fixed in the current 8.1software release. I first purchased an IPOD back in 2003 and have been an apple fan ever since. I am seriously considering reactivating my old 5 with the 7.1 software and taking my IPhone 6 back to AT&T. Samsung Galaxy Models are looking more like a solution to my IPhone problems

    • Have you been able to get this problem fixed? I also have a 2012 Mazda 3 and can’t get the blue tooth to work with my iPhone 6. The phone connects to other blue tooth devices (such as portable speakers) and I’ve tested with my friends phones with my car but it still doesn’t work.

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