iOS 8 iPhone issues with Bluetooth & connected cars: Use the nuke it fix?

ios8One of the best features of cars that connect to smartphones is Bluetooth, giving the driver access to his/her phone through a microphone and speakers in the car. The upgrade to iOS 8 has already caused problems with apps from Clarion and Pioneer AppRadio infotainment systems. Now it appears iOS 8 (and 8.0.2) connecting to Bluetooth is causing more problems with in-car systems. Drivers are not able to make or receive calls over Bluetooth and more.  Fixes that seem to work involve deleting, nuking, clearing, renaming and starting over from scratch.

Update 12/10/2014:Reports from reader comments indicate that the update to iOS 8.1.2 has helped with some Bluetooth issues. We also asked reps from Honda, GM and BMW at the Connected Car Expo about the situation and were told that they are working on it.

Update: 11/17/2014 – There continues to be issues with iOS 8.1 and Bluetooth.  Months after the initial Bluetooth problems, the iOS 8.1 seems to help for a few newer model cars/vehicles. The “Nuke-it” fix seems to work in some cases with addition of the “chose audio” option. We have over 100 comments from our reader confirming all kinds of Bluetooth issues. We figured out why such Bluetooth problems persist from interviewing car makers at Telematics West Coast.

If you have updated to iOS 8.1  or iPhone 6-6+ and it fixed or fried your Bluetooth issues with your in-car infotainment system, please let us know in the comments below, be sure to note your make, model and year of your vehicle.

Bluetooth problems with iOS 8.0.2 persist. We’ve added more solutions/complaints and stories at the end. GM is offering help through CTEs and phone support. There are also reports that Apple will release iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay on October 20. iOS 8.1 Beta is being tested by developers. Pioneer has solved the Bluetooth problem with its CarPlay update for 2014 NEX systems, the first after market company to be CarPlay compatible.

Before upgrading iPhone software,  some in-car infotainment makers suggest that you check for compatibility issues with the iOS 8 and your system, first.  It is always a good idea to backup everything on your iPhone before updating the software.

Problems with iOS 8, iPhone 6/6+ with Cars Reported in Forums:

  • The USB car sync app does not work, USB only charges the iPhone but doesn’t play the music.
  • When dialing a number, the phone switches from BLUETOOTH to PHONE. It dials the number and audio plays through speakers of  the iPhone. The driver is forced to manually make the iPhone play through the speakers of your car.
  • The driver has to restart the  iPhone and pair with the car every time the car starts.
  • For an iPhone 6 with iOS 8  music can be heard through Bluetooth, but driver can’t answer the phone or dial out. (2014 XV Crosstrek)
  • 2015 Kia Optima iPhone 5S, keeps calling last dialed number.
  • Bluetooth only works from the call button in the car.

Bluetooth issues have been reported on Mercedes Vito, Renault Clio, Ford Focus , different Ford models,  2014 Mazda 3, 2011 BMW 520D, Jeep, Kia, Volkswagen 2011 CC, Subaru Legacy 2014, Acura Tsx 2010, Subaru Outback, Dodge Charger, Cobalt (Chevrolet) 2012,  Honda Civic 2014, Honda Pilot, Audi A1/A3/A6, Chevy Equinox, Toyota Pirus C, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper, BMW, Lincoln MKX, 2012 Acura TSX, Chevy Cruze, Ford Explorer,  Hyundai Elantra and Kia.

Some Solutions from Forums

In general users found that “nuking” settings, clearing out everything and starting over helps in most cases.

1. Reset All Settings

Go to iPhone  Settings ▸ General  ▸ Reset  ▸ Reset all settings.

2. Unpair Phone and Car Infotainment System Rename Phone

Go to iPhone  Settings ▸ > General ▸ About ▸ Name. Change the name of the iPhone and pair with the car infotainment system again.

3. Restore Network Settings:

Restore all network settings of iOS 8.  Go to Settings ▸ General ▸ Reset (at the bottom)▸ Reset Network settings.*This method is also deletes all Wi-Fi and other network settings!  If you reset you must re-add all your network settings in iOS.

4. Delete and Start All Over:

  • Delete all Bluetooth devices on the iPhone.
  • Deleted the phone from the car’s Bluetooth paired device.
  • Switch car off.
  • Switch Bluetooth off on iPhone.
  • Reboot iPhone using home and lock simultaneously.
  • Turn Bluetooth back on.
  • Start the car and pair the two to again. (Poster believes that it iOS 8 problem by the look of things.)

5. Factory Reset & Restore

Factory reset  the iPhone 5s and re-install iOS 8 from scratch. Restore apps and more from  iTunes (Chevy Equinox.)

6.  Clear Out Everything Even Car Settings

  • Disconnect car battery to remove all settings from car.
  • Make a backup of your iPhone/iPod with iCloud backup.
  • Restore updated iPhone to new.
  • Once restored it should connect as it should.
  • Restore apps, calendar, music from  iCloud backup.

“So ya, nuke the phone and restore from a backup. It worked for me! That said, There’s obviously a bug causing the initial issue, so I hope it gets resolved in 8.0.1.

7. Get Bluetooth Update from Dealer

There are reports that Apple support suggests contacting your car dealer for an update. We have no knowledge of any dealer with an update.


It appears the problem is based on previous settings in both iPhones and car infotainment systems.  If you have found a solution please post in the comments below.

There are also reports from customers who called Apple that there are car incompatibility issues. Another report said that a driver took her car to dealer and after a reset and clearing of data, it re-paired and worked without an update to car system.

Apparently Audi told a customer, “Unfortunately the iPhone 6 is not yet compatible. The iOS 8 versions have been freezing our systems. We are currently waiting for Apple to come out with another version of iOs to address this.”  Someone also reported that after she finally got Bluetooth working, Siri no longer worked.

Since the problem is reported in multiple vehicles, it may be an iOS 8 problem.  Most of our colleagues who do have iPhones generally wait a few weeks before updating.  It is also a good idea to set aside time especially if you are planning to use your iPhone in your car to test the update.  We don’t want you trying to fix the problem while driving.

CarPlay the Answser?

In the future we hope that cars with Apple CarPlay will not have any problems because the iPhone connects by a lightning connector and don’t require Bluetooth. CarPlay has been delayed by most car makers except for Hyundai.

Update: 9/27/2014

iOS 8.0.2 does not appear to fix any Bluetooth issues.  An Apple Forum member reported “Luckily, I never installed 8.0.1, but I installed 8.0.2 last night. No help. Same problems as before.” He did however rename the iPhone and it worked. In Australia there were complaints of problems with iOS 8.0.2.”

iPhone users are beyond angry.  They are afraid that someone may cause and accident and be killed because of Bluetooh malfunctions

Apple has pushed out an update iPhone that has broken functionality in so many makes/models of car it’s ridiculous. In summary: Pretty much any other kind of phone continues to work in these countless makes/models of affected vehicles. For all the posted work-arounds (beyond anyone not on this forum), most continue to have issues.

iPhone users are frustrated beyond belief. iPhone users may be breaking the law now they no longer have hands-free communication. The reality is someone, somewhere, has probably been killed as a result of the distraction caused by this.

Be accountable Apple. People have historically paid a bit more to buy your products because they come to expect perfection. This situation is a joke, as is putting out iOS 8.0.1 that broke phones. Pick up your game.

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  1. iPhone 5S with iOS 9.2.1…Elantra 2016. I have tried several of the suggestions listed and no luck. It initially worked for a while, but now connects with no one able to hear on either end. The map voice won’t work….rather frustrating. I am going to pair another “non apple” phone and see what happens.

  2. My new iPhone 6s keeps “calling itself” when I get in my Bluetooth enabled car. No way to stop it other than to disconnect Bluetooth functionality. Kind of a bummer.

  3. I went from an android to an iphone until my contract is up. I never have had an issue with my android and can’t wait to go back. I will never buy another iphone if they can’t do their job and fix something that is supposed to be fantastic.

  4. 2013 Lexus RX350….I bought the iPhone 6s the day it came out 9/25/15. The gal at the Apple store updated it to 9.0.1 right after she activated it while I stood there. The phone works great except this one HUGE issue…I’ve tried every way possible to connect it to my RX 350 using Bluetooth. No dice!
    I’m upset because I went from a much-loved Samsung S5 to this iPhone 6s. My Samsung worked perfectly with my car bluetooth and this new iPhone doesn’t connect at all.
    Come on Apple, fix this ASAP!!! This is inexcusable for people that have routinely listened to music, Pandora, and had hands-free calling on every phone they’ve ever owned. Guess I should have stuck with my Samsung. How disappointing. 9/28/15

  5. I have a 2014 Chrysler 200. Just upgraded to an iphone 6 and updated to 8.4.1 My Connect was working beautifully before -now it will not work, will not even begin to pair my phone. Any help or news as of today? 9/8/15?

  6. My Jeep Wrangler 2011 has the same problems as everyone else. I just updated the AppRadio 3’s Firmware and it made no difference. My phone is an iPhone 5S, butwe’ve tried an Android (Samsung) phone, with no joy either. There’s no sound coming through the speakers, yet the mic works as the person calling can hear me. I am currently downloading IOS 8.2 to see if it is going to work (but since the Android had a problem, I won’t hold my breath). Pioneer here in Aus have simply told me the stereo is an overseas model, so they can’t help…

  7. Well things have gone from bad to worse. My iPhone 6+ 128Gb was updated to 8.2 and now my Honda Civic 2014 sees it by it’s name, but on the iPhone it’s just called “handset”. Of course it will not even pair now. I reset the phone to factory settings and the goof at apple said did you do it over wireless from the phone (which I did) and I said why should that make any difference. If the wireless connection dropped I’d end up with a bricked firmware and have to restore from iTunes anyway. Why is this happening? Does anyone have the same problem as me? Does anyone NOT have the problem because they found a way around it. Tell me if you did. Apple seem to have no clue, they made it worse with this update, and Honda are silent (it’s a Mitsubishi radio which Honda uses)

    • We have tons of comments and there seems to be no pattern as to when or why some cars do or do not work with each update. It appears to less of a problem with newer vehicles.

      Honda systems are based on the Android OS.

      • Civic 2014 seems pretty new to me, and if they are Android oriented then I will take them to the ACCC for not revealing that ‘fact’. It’s not on. You hear NOTHING from Honda and as I said its a Mitsubishi radio they stick into the English manufactured Civic

        • The head unit is also dependent upon the country the car is sold in. All we know in the U.S. some units are based on Android…Newer ones in Europe are also Android-based. The only people who know for sure are Honda. The Honda developer at a conference didn’t want to talk to me any more after he found out that I am a reporter.

  8. I have a 2011 Yukon Denali and I put a $3000 Alpine X009 navigation unit with Bluetooth handsfree and iPhone Bluetooth Pandora control as an advertised feature. When using my old iPhone 4s old software all functions worked but some Pandora issues. I’ve upgraded to iPhone 6+ and iOS 8xxx and no more Pandora Bluetooth control and spotty Bluetooth phone. Expensive truck, expensive radio and $900 iPhone and wasted hours/days of fiddling to no avail. We need to start a class action law suit.

  9. I have a 2010 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport. My iphone 4s worked perfectly (music and phone) until I updated to iOS 8.0 which was around early October. I noticed this when I went to make a phone call though the contacts on my phone, it just won’t connect to the blue tooth. I had to speak to the person by picking up my phone. BTW.. I wasn’t driving at the time. Music still works and receiving calls work, and also numbers i have stored in my car work.. but it just won’t connect if i dail a number through the phone. I’ve tried disconnecting and forgetting the device.. and nothing works. Going to call my Mazda dealership to see if they have heard of the problem. But by the sounds of it… seems to be a general problem with Apple and by the sounds of it.. not taking responsibility!
    PS. I just asked a co-worker who has an iphone and his works in a ford. My boss also has an iphone and has a Audi.. he hasn’t tried it yet.. but when he does he will come back to me. I’ll let you know how he goes!!!!!!

  10. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 that seemed to work fine until the 8.x.x updates. Now it constantly flip flops from connected to disconnected as I drive down the road. Very distracting and unsafe to say the least! I even got a new replacement iPhone 4s 64GB with the latest firmware: 8.1.2 and same problem. Unpair forget device repair same BS every time. This sucks

  11. Hi everyone,

    My car is a BMW 428i xdrive
    I have issues with the Bluetooth Audio, it does not appear on the car although the phone works fine. Any ideas?? I am using an iPhone 6 8.1.2

  12. Hi
    My problem is not with bluetooth that seems to have resolved itself. I have a 2014 BMW saloon, and when I bought it had an iphone 5, it connected to bluetooth fine, but wouldn’t connect via USB, it charges but wont bring up my music or anything. I now have an Iphone 6 plus, and the same thing. Its not the USB port because the car recognises a USB stick it is just my phone. I even bought a BMW lead to see if it would resolve the issue but no luck. Its driving me insane having to play music through aux – is there a software update or something anyone knows about?

  13. This has just started today on my iphone 5 connecting to mercesdes c250, worked fine all this time, now music stops playing when screen locks, will try the reset a people have tried above

  14. I have 2014 Nissan Rogue. Iphone5 update 8.1.2. Had to delete etc etc. worked. Now have iphone 6 8.1.2. BT and phone no problem. But if I want to use navigation apps I must choose media BT to hear nav through speakers. That means I can’t use radio, usb, aux or cd if I want to hear nav. Didn’t have this problem before. Also Siri is slow to respond if at all. Even when plugged in to charger.

    • I have an iPhone 6 on latest version of 8 and a Mitsubishi ASX 2012
      I can use the hands free but the maps voice does not work with the blue tooth turned on. Turn the blue tooth off and the voice works but then the phone is not on hands free. Have tried all the resetting both car and phone but nothing changes. Apple have even suggested that I have a dud phone, would appear that there are a lot of dud phones out there. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  15. My iphone 5 works in my 2006 Toyota Prius on bluetooth only if I make the call through my contacts manually. It does not work if I try to make the call through Siri, it disconnects. I tried all the resetting mentioned here and it has not fixed this issue. I have updated through iOS 8.1.2 and it has not yet helped. At least I can start the call manually before driving, but it is too much like texting to scroll through my contacts while driving. I wish I had not updated to 8. My phone worked perfectly on 7, but with no way to go back (ridiculous if you ask me), I am stuck for now.

  16. This Apple iOS issue with Bluetooth is a joke and needs to get fixed before it forces many of us to stop buying Apple products. This issue is not only related to car Bluetooth systems because I have Bluetooth headphones and Bose speakers that used to work fine with our Apple devices and after upgrading to iOS 8.0 and now iOS 8.1.2 we are still unable to get any of these devices to pair with any Apple device on any version later than iOS 8.0.

    • Thank you. We suspect that the problem is across all devices. However, this news site focuses on connected cars. The car makers have a vested interest to get it to work. We’ve spoken to GM, BMW, Honda and others, who say they are working on it. For many it’s a major difference in buying a new $100-$200 Bluetooth speaker or buying a $32,000 new car. We will be attending CES and asking Bluetooth specialists for help.

  17. Mercedes Benz 320 CDI 2008. Bluetooth worked perfectly with IOs 7 and then I made the fatal mistake of updating to iOs8 – no connection – and, I need to be able to answer my phone in the care. Very frustrating. Apple – you really disappoint me and I have been a long-time loyal over-spending customer.

  18. Option #4 – Delete and Start All Over

    This option worked for me. The problem was the car’s infonav system was recognizing the phone, but would not play audio Via Bluetooth.

    Using an iPhone 6, running iOS 8.1.2, paired with a 2014 Mazda 3.

    Followed instructions exactly as given, and the problem resolved.

  19. 2011 Hyundai Sonata – My iPhone 4S paired w/ Bluetooth, but I just got an iPhone 6 yesterday, with iOS8.1. It didn’t work, so when I got home I upgraded to iOS8.1.2. My phone will still not even recognize that there is an available bluetooth device to pair with.

  20. I just updated to iOs 8.1.2 this morning right after my iPhone 6 was unable to connect via bluetooth. I have removed my phone from the appradio, and had my phone “forget the decice” and now I can not pair again. My phone will find the radio, but will not pair… I have no idea how to fix this.

  21. 2006 Dodge Charger with UConnect. iPhone 6 version 8.1.2. Phone will connect and calls placed and received no issues although no extended information like battery life and calling number are displayed – worked on old Android phone. When using Google Maps when the app says something the radio mutes and the app speaks. But the app never returns control to the music. I have to click out of the map, music plays again, then switch back to Maps. The next announcement the cycle is repeated. If I leave the Maps in the background it mutes to speak and does return control to the radio. Also when I dictate text messages they dictation comes out over the car speakers and the radio is muted. I never had any of these issues with my Android. My first Apple product ever and I am not impressed at all.

  22. I only what my Bluetooth on my iPhone 6+ to work with phone calls only I don’t wanted to work with my GPS I don’t wanted to work with navigation or music I only want Bluetooth to work when receiving and making phone calls when I’m listening to the radio my GPS interrupts my radio when I try to speak into my phonegiving an address it keeps trying to connect to Bluetooth and screws it up so I have to turn Bluetooth off I don’t want to have to do that I want my Bluetooth on for phone calls and I want to hear my GPS through my phone only not through Bluetooth I know I did not have this problem with my android so I know it’s not my car I can’t find a setting to fix that to change that to only work with phone calls what am I missing

  23. Still unable to play music through my car speakers with bluetooth on iphone 6 in my Mini cooper s. Tried all of the above, wasted several hours, very frustrated, the high price of these devices should be enough to ensure good service. Get it sorted apple, fed up with waiting!!!

  24. Range Rover HSE Sport Ireland iPhone 6 updated to latest version of iOS 8 can pair and make calls etc with the Bluetooth in the car, BUT have to pair each and every bloody time I get into the car, this is RIDICULOUS. have NEVER had this problem with any other device I use (and I use LOTS because it’s part of my job) I had all the above issues too until I got the upgrade of iOS but this constant repairing defeats the purpose! APPLE must get this resolved, stupid stupid “continuity” has caused so many issues it’s not funny!

  25. I have an iphone 6 to replace my 4s. My 4s worked perfectly with my 07 BMW without idrive.
    The car recognized the new iphone 6, the iphone 6 recognized the car but I couldn’t get a connection. It was making me nuts. I finally figured it out.
    I had my car on just utilities then set up menu for the phone.
    I plugged my phone into the adapter, turned it on to setting, then to bluetooth

    Both the car and phone recognized each other. The car said it would get ready for an ID number to be put in (which is just 1234)

    The phone then said “Enter passcode” this is where I had my problem. Apple assumes everyone knows what passcode they mean. You assume they mean put in your “Apple” passcode….NOPE, you put the same 1234 code you put in the car, on your phone.

    I put the 1234 on the phone and it worked I know have hands free, with the adaptor.
    It works for incoming outgoing and iTunes.
    I am not a genius by any mean. it took me a month to figure it out. I was ready to bring the phone back. I 4S was much easier to pair with the car than the 6 is

    • The Apple iOS interface assumes you’ve been with Apple for years. It is never obvious and there are hidden buttons that don’t make sense.

      • Exactly. Now that I have everything Apple as I was tired of getting a virus on my PC once a week, it been quite an experience trying to figure it all out.
        When I went into the phone settings my bmw didn’t show as a link. I had no idea I had to click on the word “BMW” to get it to tell me to put the passcode in.
        Come on, give us a hint at least.

  26. iPhone 5 IOS 8.0.2 renaming my iPhone fixed my Bluetooth connection issues with my Pioneer Nex5000 radio, however I still can’t find CarPlay and Pioneer released a firmware update yesterday that has been installed to my radio, I can’t seem to find CarPlay on my iphone or radio? Any suggestions? Does it has to be in the USB1 port?

  27. I have a 2014 Kia since I update to iOS 8.2 the Bluetooth no longer works can’t make or recieve calls and when I try to play music it switches to phone and majez s phantom csll to the last number called

  28. Same here, I just bought a 2015 Lancer GT and my 6 won’t work via bluetooth or via usb/lighting cable. Any Ideas on a fix? I will follow the few step above, but I’m at a loss. Thanks

    • Hi Todd,

      After some online reading, here is what I tried just now and seems working.

      By the way, my iPhone 6 is on iOS 8.0.2

      1. Turned off Bluetooth on iPhone 6 (Setting -> Bluetooth)
      2. Changed Name against my previous phone name (General -> About -> Name)
      3. Restarted iPhone 6 (Article for reference:
      4. Started the pairing process with Acura HandsFreeLink system as instructed in owner’s manual.
      5. The car Bluetooth system was able to discover iPhone 6 and then typed in 4-digit pairing code on the phone.

      I played a couple of songs and made a test call to my friend via Bluetooth. The result is good at the moment. I will update if anything further.

      • Paul, Thanks for the help, but I tried all that and them some and still nothing. I’m gonna call the deanship and see if there is firmware update or something they might be able to do. If not I’m stuck until Apple releases a fix.

        • For those of you with GM cars, there are tech specialists and a toll free number to help with these kinds of issues. We have contacted other car makers for assistance including Harman that makes the head units for Audi and BMW.

  29. Update – I was having a connection issue with 1 out of every 15 attempts I could get the usb working
    I am working with UConnect (Dodge Ram) 8.4AN and installed IOS 8.1 (Build: 12B401) on my iPhone 5 and that seem to solve the issues.
    Plugged in after pairing and right away I got sound. I promptly unplugged and waited a short time and repeated the process and everything reconnected. I’m not sure when 8.1 will be available for everyone but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

  30. I had the same issues, phone connects the makes a phantom call that you cannot disconnect as it appears only on the car info screen and not on the actual phone.

    Apple told me to take the phone in to an Apple store for a swap.

    As everything else worked fine I gave it one last shot.

    – Went to iCloud and found 2 iPhone backups (one from my old iPhone 5 and one from my iPhone 6). I deleted the iPhone 5 backup.
    – I then signed out of iCloud on the iPhone 6.
    – I went to the car (Audi Q3) and deleted the phone from the car.
    – Then on the phone I deleted the car from the phone.
    – I then reset the Bluetooth, phone and directory settings on the car back to factory settings and turned the car off.
    – Back on the phone I reset all network settings. After the restart I did the power/home reset.
    – I then turned the car and the phone back on, with Bluetooth working on both.
    – Paired the phone to the car.
    – Tested calling and receiving calls. Turned phone and car off a couple of times to make sure it actually reconnected OK.
    – Signed back into iCloud.
    – Set up all the network settings manually.

    Crossed fingers this seems to have worked.

    The idea came to me as my phone did not pair with another Audi that did work with another iPhone 6. And that iPhone 6 actually worked in my car.

  31. I have an iPhone 5s, upgraded to ios 8.02, now its not connectign properly with my Mercedez Benz bluetooth. I’ve tried deleting the profiles on both the phone and the car and renaming my phone. When I connect, bluetooth immediately says “connecting call” and mutes all sound – and hangs like that.

  32. Thank you so much for this blog. I have a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. I could pair the phone with the vehicle’s bluetooth but could not make nor receive a call. I tried renaming the phone first and when that didn’t work I remembered that I had to reset my network settings on my iPad mini so I decided to do the same with my iPhone. After resetting the network settings i was immediately able to make a call from my vehicle’s bluetooth. The appointment with the dealer is being cancelled by my husband.

  33. I’m having the same issue with the iphone 6 connecting to my car (BMW 435i). The odd think is it worked just fine the first 4 days after buying the iphone 6. Then, on my way to work one morning I attempted to make a call. It cutoff after several second. The phone still showed to be connected to the car.

    I did try renaming the phone and it did correct the issue but only for a few days. I encountered the same problem this morning. Now, I can’t seem to find any solution to fix it. I haven’t tried resetting the phone to factory but I suppose that will be the next step.

    I sure hope apple can get this taken care of. I have always been a strong supporter of apple products but this is very irritating, particularly because it is so very dangerous (not to mention illegal in my city) to manually use your phone while driving.

    I just hope that this is a software issue that can be fix with an update.

    Please please apple. Get it fix quick!!!!

  34. I own a 2012 Mazda 3 MPS in Australia (Mazda Speed 3 in the USA) and am having issues with iOS8 and the bluetooth in the car. I have tried resetting the network on the iPhone 6 and deleting the phone book from the cars memory, plus un-pairing the phone and re-pairing the phone. It works occasiionally, however the majority of the time i get a reply from the car saying “telephone service not available”. The bluetooth seems to work as the music is playing in the car from the phone. I called Apple and they were unaware of the issues so I am glad I found this forum. After following step 2 and step 3 only, the phone worked, however when I tried to hang up from a call usung the cars control, the phone disconnected from the stereo and I needed to hang up by pressing the hang up button on the phone. I hope Apple fix this. I will try all the steps above and report back as soon as I can.

    • Dear Paul:

      This is not a forum but an article from AUTO Connected Car News. There are a lot of different players in this space all blaming each other.

    • I have a Mazda 6 2010 in UK. Since iOS8 update (and followed by 8.02) my iPhone accepts inbound calls OK but outgoing calls keep being pushed back to the iPhone speaker and not the in-car BOSE system. Tried removing all Bluetooth devices from both the car and phone and rebooting/re-starting both and then re-pairing both, no effect I still have the same problem. The system is now also very “buggy” and constantly freezing for 10 seconds or more, it might not sound much but a lot can happen in 10 seconds on the motorway when your bloody phone isn’t working !

  35. Phones tested:
    – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
    – 8.0 and 8.02

    Porsche Cayenne 2014 with Porsche Communication

    Both phones managed to connect, could play music over Bluetooth.
    Calls received could not be answered from car.
    Calls made disconnected after a few seconds.

    Managed to fix:
    – reset PCM to full factory reset and car handover mode.
    – reset iPhones with ‘reset all settings’ (tried all other forms of reset before without luck)
    – once reset was complete went to Bluetooth settings in phone and removed the leftover profiles (tried this before phone reset without luck)
    – changed iPhone name (tried this before phone reset without luck)
    – paired phone and PCM in car.

    Now all works as it should!!!

    Notes: issue defiantly comes from the phone being restored from a backup of a previous phone when upgrading. All reset instances still had the Bluetooth profiles left in them. Only reset all settings deleted the profiles internals but still left traces. Which had to be manually removed.

    • I’m glad you got it working. Probably Apple is looking at this right now, trying to fix it. Previously, Apple used to test all updates and wait. Now they send them out so quickly, there’s no way they can test them. Most likely, no one thought, hey let’s test this on the most popular cars and audio systems in the world.

  36. tried this before phone reset without luck) even then still had the old BT profile that needs manual deleting once again.

    Tested on iOS 8.0 and 8.02

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