Why Bluetooth Siri-ous issues with iOS 9.2.1 iPhone 5-6+S with car infotainment: GMC, Buick, Mercedes, Kia & BMW

iOS921graphicEvery time, Apple issues an update for iPhones and iOS since 8.0 through 9.2.1, car owners with infotainment systems experience issues with their Bluetooth connections to in-car infotainment systems. The latest update to iOS 9.2.1 appears to wreak havoc on some new model GMC /Chevrolet Truck, Kias, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Buick, Dodge, BMW and Honda cars.

The last round of Bluetooth iPhone problems were connection issues. This time around it is a Bluetooth problem with reconnecting to the radio when a call is completed. Some problems occur with Siri and SiriusXM radio.

A common problem is that after a phone call ends via Bluetooth the iPhone doesn’t allow the radio or music system to restart. The radio or music has to be manually reloaded. If the driver uses any app on the iPhone such as Facebook, the connection is completely lost and sometimes a random song starts playing. Another problem is the inability to play music from iPhones.

The changelog for iOS 9.2.1 sates that update contains security updates and bug fixes including a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server. There is no mention of Bluetooth fixes.

There are interesting mysteries when we read between the lines in Apple forums where questions have been deleted from car owners with some Siri-ous iOS 9.2.1 problems. Here is a list of some the problems we have seen reported via our own readers and forums:

Every since downloading 9.2 iOS update on iPhone 5S, music playlists were lost. the Dodge Durango does not get along with the iPhone now. Music won’t play without touching the iPhone and when it is touched, it doesn’t do what it is supposed todo. The vehicle stereo system will not control the iPhone like it used to either.

With an iPhone 5 in a 2016 Chevy Equinox. Everytime the call ends it connects Bluetooth music instead of reverting back to what was originally playing.

Since the latest update to 9.2 an iPhone 6S will connect Via Bluetooth to a 2016 Kia Sorento, but the music will not play. The song shows up on the screen, but no sound comes out of the speaker. After removing the car as a device off of the iPhone and re-pairing to the Kia,  it started working perfectly, but then it stopped working again. The owner has to keep deleting the device off my car and phone and re connecting.

A 2015 GMC since iOS 9 with an iPhone 6 connects fine and takes calls but won’t go back to the previous state of radio play after the call is ended. The driver has to manually switch back to the radio or it will begin to play music from the iPhone . It didn’t do that with iOS 8. It also flips out if I open Facebook and connects like it’s trying to play music through the radio! Again none of this happened before iOS 9.

A Chevy pickup will quit playing XM radio anytime someone calls, apple maps, google maps, or even when the driver pull ups Facebook in the car. The owner has to re-adjust volume, restart XM every time. He disabled Itunes because it kept playing random songs. He tried to adjust settings in phone and truck settings several times, but zero success. This is not only super annoying but dangerous because when hes reaches down ever time to readjust. He disabled CarPlay but that didn’t seem to help anything.

There is a similar issue with a 2015 Silverado LTZ with Chevrolet MyLink 8” Touchscreen, and iPhone 6 (iOS 9.2). The owner  unpaired/reset my iPhone/paired again with no success.After receiving a call and hanging up, the stereo stays on a Bluetooth device screen with no audio output. App usage causes the same issue. Only manually changing back XM/FM etc. works, it doesn’t automatically return like it used to.

A driver has the exact same problem as d above with the GMC Acadia 2016, after calls it does not change back to radio and he has to manually change the source. Also if he opens apps like Facebook, photos or maps. The radio source to the Bluetooth audio even though there is no audio playing.

The same problems are reported wht a Chevy Equino and 2015 GMC Sierra when the driver gets in the car and starst it up it automatically switches to Bluetooth and starts playing random music from my phone. This only started happening after I updated to 9.2

A forum user wrote “I was fed up and called Mylink Infotainment. They confirmed this is a known issue and working with Apple to correct. Supposed to be part of iOS 9.2.1 but I’m skeptical.

“This may or may not be helpful.  I am not experiencing the problem in my Mercedes-Benz 2015 GLA45 AMG since the update to 9.2.  However, for the three months I did experience the issue. After calling Apple more than once, I finally was transferred to a “senior supervisory tech.”  She had a direct line to Apple’s iOS software design team.  I was emailed a detailed questionnaire, asking for the Mercedes info,  radio model, software revision #, etc.  It was quite lengthy and detailed and I had to call MBUSA to gather some of the info.I am wondering if Apple has done this for any of you with GM vehicles?  If they have not, on your next call, you might want to reference this post.”

Until iOS 9.2. the iPhone worked perfectly with a MY13 Land Rover Discovery HSE but after 9.2, the iPhone will not link to the music system. Phone functions work but the ability to stream music via Bluetooth, or listen to audiobooks, is gone and the music system cannot recognize the iPhone.

The same issues were found with a new iPhone 6S Plus. Previously, a Droid that was several years old and it worked perfectly paired to the Intellilink system in 2015 Acadia. After the upgrade 9.2  when apps are opened or browsed – such as messaging or Facebook, it will cause the radio to start playing music from the iPhone when the driver was previously listening to FM or XM.

Bluetooth issues reported with 2015 GMC Sierra, after completing a call, ‘NO ARTIST’ shows up on the navigation screen. The driver has to manually turn my radio back on, which disengages navigation. Then, he has to have to restart the navigation screen. Also, if the truck connects to the wife’s phone, when she is on Facebook, it will try to play audio from her app.  Android Phones have NO ISSUE.

Similar Bluetooth issues with  2015 Buick Regal with iPhone 6 after 9.2 update. After making or receiving phone call Buick Intellilink will not revert back to station/source. If he opens anything on the iPhone, it switches to iPhone source.

Bluetooth problems are reported with a 2015 Chevy Silverado. At the conclusion of a Bluetooth connection, the system does not return to the previous source. The update to 9.2.1 did not resolve the issue.

“The problem is undoubtedly on Apple’s end, as this occurs on my Jeep UConnect and Ford Sync systems as well. Both worked fine prior to the 9.X update, and my work Android phone still works with no issues. Ever since upgrading my iPhone 6 to 9.1 (and now 9.2.1), the phone will disconnect from the vehicle as soon as the “callee” picks up the phone on their end. I can always reconnect using the phone, but the point of hands-free is to eliminate this distraction.” Apple Forum member

Same issues with reported on a 2016 GMC Sierra and  2015 GMC Sierra. Similar problems with a 2015 GMC since iOS 9.The iPhone 6 connects fine and takes calls but won’t go back to the previous state of radio play after the call is ended. The driver has to manually switch back to the radio or it will begin to play music from my phone, didn’t do that with iOS 8. It also flips out if I open Facebook and connects like it’s trying to play music through the radio! Again none of this happened before iOS 9.

A forum member signed-up for the public beta program to try and see if this issue was resolved in iOS 9.3 and so far it has not been.

The same issue with a 2015 Silverado where it swaps the input on the radio when the phone is unlocked and opens any app that might have sound. The radio also starts playing my music stored on my phone at random times too. He had an iPhone 5s with iOS 9.2 that had the issue. He recently upgraded to an iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.2 and it is having the same issue.

The one forum post that looks the most interesting is

“I don’t think it was a GM problem because it did work at one time not long ago. The only response I got from Apple was that they deleted my post because I told more than they want to say right now, BUT bottom line is it’ll be all better real soon.”

Other Bluetooth iOS 9.2.1+ Problems:

2014 Honda CR-V and my iPhone 6s Plus will connect via Bluetooth, but it is constantly dropping the call from the HandsFree Link and moving it to the phone itself. It then changes it back to HandsFree Link.

2011 Volkswagen Tiguan also has extreme problems with connectivity. I have to turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on for the car to recognize the phone. The dealer who researched the issue and found that only 2016 Volkswagens were compatible. This prompted a call to Apple Tech Support. 1 hour 51 minutes later, the adviser indicated that the phone technology superceeded the vehicle’s and no resolution was found. Volkswagen stated that they have no idea if there will be a software update.

After updating to iOS 9.2.1 — the update disabled the Bluetooth to infotainment with 2015 328 BMW and forced to use the USB connection.
2014 GMC Acadia stopped receiving texts from iPhone 5S over a year ago.  the owner has been into the dealer several times and rebooted the iPhone and reinstalled it omany times as well as activated ‘show notifications’ on the circled i under my Bluetooth devices in the iPhone and it still does not work.
FIX Turn off Siri?
One our readers wrote, whose audio system would not re-connect after a call wrote, “The only way I could get it to work similar to before the update was to turn off Siri” on his 2015 GMC Sierra.

Turning off Siri on 2015 Traverse kept the radio from changing on it’s own and it would go back to previous function after phone call, but the performance of voice command and recognition was diminished. When he turned Siri off and tested the functionality of the vehicle and the iOS 9.3 and it seemed as is all issues instantly disappeared. As soon as he turned Siiri back on they came back. So it seems that the issue is with Siri, The user thinks it’s turning everything off so that it can wait and listen the your next command via “Hey Siri”.

FIX Standard Nuke-it?

A owner of a BMW X3 who found Bluetooth was TERRIBLE with iPhone 6S after the most recent update. She followed the a  “Nuke-it-fix” and its variations of the continue to work for some Bluetooth fixes.  We received this variation on the “Nuke-it-fix,” which resets all the networked settings:

1. Delete iPhone device profile from car phone.
2. Delete Bluetooth link setting from iPhone for car phone.
3. Turn Bluetooth setting to “off”
3. Go to iPhone Settings> General> Reset > select “Reset all network settings.”
4. Put Wi-Fi password back into iPhone.
5. Do a two finger “hard reset” on iPhone.
6. Boot iPhone back up.
7. Turn Bluetooth back on.
8. R- pair iPhone to car
9. Test by make a call and allowing to just set “live” for 5-10 and check for connectivity drops.

Shut Off Handoff

These fixes come from our readers who have been very creative. One fix is the hands off the Handoff feature, just by turning off the HandOff feature some uses have been able to connect iPhones to their cars, again. The other new fix is to use the car as “Bluetooth Headset”

  1. Disable Handoff on iPhone- Launch the Settings app from your Home screen ▸Tap General. ▸Tap Handoff & Suggested Apps ▸Toggle Handoff to Off.
  2. Change Bluetooth Settings– Go to General ▸ Accessibility Car Audio Routing ▸ Select “Bluetooth Headset” instead of the default Automatic.

One reader disabled the Handoff, changed the phone from Automatic to Bluetooth routing and did a network reset and the iPhone is now works with the car.

If you have updated to iOS 9.0-9.2.1 for iPhone 5/5S/5c 6-6+ 6S/6S+ and it fixed or fried your Bluetooth issues or music streaming with your in-car infotainment system, please let us know in the comments below, be sure to note your make, model and year of your vehicle. We also welcome any solutions you have found worked with your car.

We have comments from readers that there are still Bluetooth problems reported with BMW, Audi, Acura, MINI, GM(Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick), Honda, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Lexus, Fiat, Hyundai, Chrysler, Acura, Mazda and more. The year and model of your car are very important.

Previously, after talking to many automakers we asked Why Bluetooth iOS 8-8.1 & iPhone 6-6+ issues persist in cars? It seemed like the 8.1 update helped with a few new model cars. Here is a summary of Bluetooth issues and fixes and checkout the most popular nuke-it fixes.

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  1. GMC ACADIA, 2013 – Bluetooth in vehicle fails to pick up calls for iPhone 6 with IOS 10.2. Took vehicle to dealer after re-syncing phone to vehicle. Dealer updated program to vehicle however phone still fails to pick up calls. Suggestions?

  2. Have 2015 chev silverado LTZ, had issues with two of the iphone 6s programs, now downloaded 10.1 and it seems to be ok, mine would switch stations and display screens, take back to dealer and they dont have a clue.

  3. My iphone6 no longer plays through Fird sync on my Ford S-max 2.00 tytanium 2016 model car. I use Tom Tom and google maps to get around and thought I was going nuts. On my today thought I would google to see if there were a solution. Glad to know it’s not me being a technophobe. I will try some of the suggestions and will go to an Apple Store to see what they can do. Paid a lot for iphone6 plus when I retired so I could use satnav through it.

  4. 2016 Chevy Equinox and iPhone SE- I can rarely get the phone to connect to the car bluetooth since the latest IOS update. When I got the vehicle, it paired every time with no issues.

    • Hello Sheryl here,
      I have a 2016 Buick Encore just took
      My car in today for this very problem my tunes are cutting out real bad the display is showing another song can’t listen to my songs at all it wasn’t this way in February when I first bought the car…anyways I was there at the dealership 3 hrs they reprogrammed still doing the same thing

      • Have you tried shutting off handoff or using as headset? Also it’s not clear are you trying to stream must via Bluetooth. iPhones should play music nicely connected to a USB cable. In fact if you have an iPhone CarPlay should work and solve your problems.

        • USB only sometimes solves the problem on my 2016 Silverado pick up. It’s a mess. Won’t connect but keeps trying, screen blacks out and I lose all control of the electronics.

    • 2016 Chevy Equinox and iPhone 6S – I can rarely get the phone to connect to the car bluetooth since the latest IOS update. When I got the vehicle, iPhone 6 paired and had no issues, with 6s I constantly have issues. Sometimes it will completley lock up my audio/entertainment system and the only way to get it to work again is to pull the fuse and wait 10 minutes so it can reset.

  5. 2016 Lexus GX460 with iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1. Handsfree bluetooth audio for phone calls unusable. Callers report it sounding like being in a wind tunnel and cannot understand conversation. Have to resort to handset use. Used to work fine with iOS 8ish.

  6. I have a Golf GTI 2011 model and found my new iPhone 6 plus wouldn’t pair with my car through bluetooth. I tried deleting the original phone pairing in the car and on the iphone but I still had the same problem. After reading this article, I turned off Handoff and I was then able to pair the phone through the car. I can now call handsfree as I had been able to previously with my old iphone. I did not need to try the “Reset all network settings” option.

  7. Solved my Issue: My biggest issue was using Google Maps. Every time Google maps would provide a voice update via bluetooth to the GM Infotainment unit, the media that was playing would not come back on – maddening! I did multiple things at the same time (not good for problem determination!) Upgraded to 9.3.1 Under Google maps Navigation settings, I selected “Play Voice Over Bluetooth” and then selected “Play as Bluetooth Phone Call” it would not work until I selected “Play as Bluetooth Phone Call”. Now any audio returns after a Google map audio update. Next to figure out how to get WAZE to play audio in the background.

  8. 2016 Buick LaCrosse. My wife and I both have iPhone 5s. Her phone will connect mine will not. Both of our phones connect to MyLink in my Corvette.

  9. Hi everyone I have a 2016 chevrolet equinox, and Iphone 6s plus. Just downloaded the 9.3 actualization, and everything is working flawlesly again. Very happy now I can have my siri turned on all the time and don’t have to worry about turning it off each time i drive my car.

  10. Hello everyone, I have a 2016 GMC Denali truck and iphone6s plus. I have been having the same Bluetooth issues mentioned by all. Most frustrating was the fact that the phone will not go back to radio play after a call. It just remains connected to the phone. Updated to new IOS 9.3 this morning and it appears that my problems are now fixed. Hopefully moving to IOS 9.3 helps everyone else as well.

  11. I am currently running. iOS 9.3 beta 6…. connections issues still persist with MYlink in my 14′ Silverado…..still doest switch back to pervious screen after phone call… basically all same issues… ugh

  12. my acura tl 2006 does not pair or connect since the IOS 9.2.1 I have called Apple many times it will pair three times in a row then doesn’t connect then it wont even pair if I delete it and reset it….Apple needs to stop messing with things

  13. 2015 M4 here – just updated to 9.2.1 a few days ago and it’s been a mess since. No connection at all and I’ve tried all of the recommendations mentioned here and on Apple site.

    It is frustrating because my car’s system rocks hard, and now I’m forced to listen to The Billy Madison show in the morning (shout out to Billy and crew).

  14. 2015 GMC Sierra. Radio switches to device after making a call. Radio switches to device if Facebook pulled up. Random audio outages for a few seconds about 5 minutes after starting drive. SMS texts not working on screen most of the time.

  15. 2015 Buick Encore – after 9.2 iOs any phone calls made are forced into ‘Transfer – Private Call’. There are no options to make the call work on the infotainment system. Attempts to transfer are unsuccessful – even when going to the phone and seeing that the audio is selected for the Buick. Then when changing to iPhone, still cant communicate. Neither party can hear each other. Takes multiple attempts to drop the call and start over – but you have to go to phone settings and select iPhone to make a call…and hope you don’t get stopped by a cop for using your ‘not hands-free’ calling that California requires.

  16. 2014 A250 could connect after deleting phone in system then reconnecting although took maybe 6 times for this to happen, can hear music from itunes but sound is terrible most sounds have to be turned off yet radio is clear sound so its the phone not the car speakers not sure what to do

  17. Bmw X5 2015 and iphone 6 wiith 9.2.1–sometimes it workswell– sometimes it doesn’t.work at all. Frustrating. Hoping that 9.3 fixes this Bluetooth bug–it’s apple not the car–paid a lot of money to not have this work.

  18. 2016 Mazda Cx 5 i can use the bluetooth for calls. But music will bot play through the car. I.e. spotify, pandora. The screen stays blank. And with phone media, it says loading for a long time and doesnt play anything.

  19. Since upgrading my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.2.1 the phone connection to my 2015 Vauxhall Corsa with intellilink no longer works correctly. It appears that there the audio transfer between the phone and the vehicle is permanently muted. The phone can make calls, the vehicle display shows when the call is connected and the recipient of the call can hear the driver but there is no sound audible on the vehicle’s speakers

    • I have the same issues with my iPhone 6 and 2 different Ford Transit Connects. The 2015 stopped working about a month before it was turned in. The 2016 worked for about 2 weeks and it now has it same problems. Try everything I seen online and still can’t get it to work correctly

  20. I don’t see any mention of VWs here…I have a 2010 Jetta Sportwagon TDI that needed a Bluetooth upgrade to get it to work in the first place. I got that because of a class action suit. I’ve been running IOS 9.2.1 for a while now, but suddenly it stopped working in the car at all. My iPhone 6 days it’s connected to the VW but it’s just dead

  21. With an iPhone 5s in a 2015 Chevy Equinox. Everytime the call ends it connects Bluetooth music instead of reverting back to what was originally playing. Same with the Waze app. Worked fine on iOS 8.x. So frustrating.

  22. My 2011 Mercedes Benz e350 will no longer pair with my cell phone since 9.2.1 I have an iphone 6 plus. It worked like a charm before the update. Apple has no answers and does not support going back to previous operating systems.

  23. MAZDA 3 SP25 early 2013. Still does not work with Bluetooth at all. Works in other cars just not the mazda. Major devo’d as this was one of the reasons I bought the car was the Bluetooth functionality

  24. 2015 Audi A4. Handsfree connection is awful and choppy. Media will play pandora but does not recognize music song list

  25. My 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe connected perfectly to my iPhone 5s to play music, call, contact list, etc. and it has the most updated software. I can no longer connect to bluetooth since I purchased the iPhone 6. I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but frustrating just the same.

  26. 2013 MB E350, 2014 MB 550SL, 2013 Mustang Boss 302, 2011 Edge (with My Ford Never Touch”….NO ISSUES. iPhone 6s running 9.2.

  27. HYundai santa fe 2016 IPhone 6s on Ios 9.1 suddenly stopped having audio ability when it connected to car bluetooth. Any ideas for fix?

    • 2013 GMC Acadia w/ iPhone 6 (iOS 10.3.2) – Suddenly stopped pairing all together!

      I’ve un-linked both the phone from the car’s list and the car from the phone’s list, rebooted phone and after multiple attempts over 3 days got them back on the paired device list – however, it’s not working. Phone says “not connected – turn on or get in range” while car says nothing is paired. I will try again with hand-off disabled…very frustrating that it doesn’t work at all (despite being buggy in the past, I miss it!)

  28. Lexus RX 350 2011. After IOS 9.1 – can call out on car phone but switches from car to IPhone when call is connected. Same issue on inbound call

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