Subscription Only CarPlay for BMW

Previously BMW owners paid $300 to enable CarPlay on BMW vehicles—BMW has now changed the pricing to a subscription service at $80 a year or $300 for twenty years. For those who do the math it seems like $300 for twenty years is the same price—If the BMW driver will own the car for more than three years—the $300 option appears to be the better deal.

With BMW model year 2019, Apple CarPlay Compatibility will be included with Navigation (standard or optional depending on the vehicle) as a one year trial.

It has been reported that charging extra for the service will help keep the initial cost of new BMWs down as well as pay for software upgrades.

CarPlay allows for direct connection to iPhones with a special interface that is mirrored on the vehicle’s screen.

Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrates iPhone to BMW’s iDrive. Messages, calls, Apple Map® and music are shown on the center display just as they appear on your iPhone.

With CarPlay Compatibility:

  • Siri acts as a traveling co-pilot while driving in your BMW by helping with things like sending messages, placing calls and making dinner reservations all while being hands-free
  • Apps already available on the connected iPhone like Podcasts®, Audiobooks, and much more are supported
  • Access to all of the content from iTunes® or  audio apps using  BMW’s built-in controls is also possible
  • CarPlay works wirelessly with iPhone and BMW