Is Your Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking Broken with Sensor & Radar Problems?–What to do

AUTO Connected Car News has been receiving reports from readers for months that some Nissan models’ Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems are malfunctioning and stopping in unexpected situations. There appears to be a broken sensor, misaligned radar and software glitches. Some comments we have received from readers relate multiple visits to Nissan dealerships and vehicles are not supposed to. Some vehicles show a warning “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction,” message.

Models effected include 2015 2016 2017 2018 Nissan Rogue, Nissan Rouge Sport, Murano, Altima, Maxima, Armada, Pathfinder, Leaf and Sentra with AEB functions.

One part that can malfunction is called “Nissan SENSOR ASSY-DISTANCE” and may have different part numbers depending on models. On the Sentra the part is 28438-5UD0A  and on the Rogue it is 28438-5FA1A.The parts are reportedly Bosch radar sensors in the front grille.

Here are some complaints from our readers

“My 2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid is in the shop for the 4x today for the faulty braking system. They find the codes and clear them saying Nissan won’t let them try and fix it. The issue started at 500 mile. I am scared to drive it because the braking system will engage for no reason”

“I HAVE A MORE SERIOUS AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY SITUATION with my front sensor. The front sensor actually malfunctioned and engaged the brakes!! I was driving on a highway @50 mph when the emergency braking system kicked in and brought my vehicle to a complete stop!!!”

The problems appear to be so widespread that there are two class action lawsuits filed to try to help owners of the affected vehicles. This lawsuits claim that Nissan has not recalled the vehicles and has not provided remedies that solve the radar sensor problems or offered reimbursement for expenses.

Some of our readers have reported success by taking their affected Nissan Murano, Sentra, Altima or Armada to a different dealership, that was able to get the correct part and at least replace the sensor.

We contacted Steve Yaeger at Nissan customer relations to give us a statement.

In an email received earlier Wednesday he wrote: “The AEB systems on the various vehicles are made by two different manufacturers and there are two different issues that a small number of consumers have indicated with each. There are different warranty/TSB service remedy solutions for each vehicle.”

Yaeger sent a statement from Nissan regarding the situation:

Nissan is committed to customer satisfaction. The Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) were released to dealers to help diagnose and address customer concerns related to AEB operation.  Different models are equipped with different systems, but our message to customers is simple, if a warning lamp is illuminated, or if a customer believes the AEB is not operating as intended, we invite them to immediately visit their dealer for an inspection and diagnosis.”

 We asked if in the situation if is possible to temporarily turn off the AEB until you can get to the dealer or get it fixed.

“It is possible deactivate AEB/FEB feature, any driver can turn off driver assist functions – including FEB – in the main menu as demonstrated in this video. Each time the car is turned off and restarted, however, the system defaults to FEB activated state. Nissan isn’t advocating this action, so we wouldn’t want this to be part of our statement. “

We have learned that it may be better for Nissan owners with the problem to opt-out of the class action lawsuits, if you would prefer to have Nissan buy-back the car as lemon and then buy an alternative vehicle with working AEB functionality.

The opt-out process must be documented via sending a certified letter with return receipt or email confirmation.

We also suggest that you document every dealer visit. Often the dealer is not putting the correct information into the service form and customer invoice. We are hearing that because Nissan will not pay the dealer for certain things that they turn away the customer.

Update 10/7/2019

Our readers who filed complaints with NHTSA are getting action. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the complaints about the AEB in Nissan Rogue. This means that there may be a recall at some point in the future.

Although we have have been getting major complaints—-NHSTA received 129 complaints from consumers alleging a false positive triggering of AEB.

In response to ODI’s April 15, 2019 Information Request letter, Nissan provided data indicating that it has received 750 unique subject vehicle complaints relating to false positive activation of the AEB system. 12 were identified that contained allegations of a collision resulting from the activation of the system. Four complaints contained allegations of injuries, three of which were the result of a collision. These complaints included duplicates of complaints that ODI received. The injury allegations were limited to soft tissue type injuries such as whiplash and bruising.

NHTSA received a defect petition from the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) on March 21, 2019 alleging that the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system on Model Year (MY) 2017-2018 Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport vehicles was engaging in cases where there was no obstruction in the path of the vehicle.

The CAS petition additionally alleges that, based on Nissan’s actions, the manufacturer is aware of the issue due to issuing a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) launching two “Quality Actions,” and initiating a “Customer Service Initiative” in relation to it. CAS contends that Nissan’s actions do not represent an adequate long-term solution to the problem, as the action is only available during the basic coverage period of the warranty. CAS also argues that the alleged failures are an unreasonable risk to safety and views Nissan’s communications as not acknowledging the potential safety issue involved, instead treating the alleged problem as a performance update.

ODI has granted the petition and is opening this preliminary evaluation in order to evaluate the cause, scope and frequency of AEB false positive activations, as well as to evaluate the suitability of the manufacturer’s campaign to address the concern or improve performance of the AEB system.

The good news is that no one has been killed. We urge to continue reporting the problems and documenting your cases. If Nissan does not fix your problem you may have Lemon Law Case as long as you do not join the class action. Often the automaker wants a recall because it is cheaper for them to replace a few parts than to buy back a whole vehicle.

Update: 8/4/2019 Another option that may be helpful is to install a dashcam. In this way if the AEB causes an accident—stopping for no reason at all—you as the driver will not be held liable by showing the video. There is confusion as to whether this is a hardware problem or software problem. It is possible that without proof the dealer or insurer will blame the driver for braking for no reason at all. We believe that the Nissan vehicles’ AEB are malfunctioning–if you have dashcam video–it may give a clue on how to fix the problem.

When you set up an appointment either go to the individual dealership web appointment interface or

It should show you offers at your local dealerships, click or tap on “Schedule APPT.”

The fastest way to schedule is to use “I’m in hurry”

You can eeither enter the problem via comments or by selection “not sure” and stating your problems in the comments.

If you tap on EDIT you can choose a service and have the option of filling in more information.

Please make sure that you have an email address and your comments will appear in the appointment email confirmation in “other.”

Here’s the tricky part. When you get to the dealer, show them your appointment and make sure that your comments appear in the work order aka repair order.

We have heard that dealers are not fully documenting repair orders and then come back later and say the customer did not make the dealer aware of a problem.

A general rule in all of this is get documentation in writing.

If you are hoping for a class action, it may mean that the vehicles stay on the road until the automaker works on a fix, which could be putting you and your passengers in danger.

We also suggest that you file complaint with NHTSA. When there are enough major problems submitted there, the automaker is forced to seek a solution and recall the vehicles at no expense to the owner.

You are welcome to share your successes or failures to get help with your Nissan vehicles in the comments that appear after the rest of this article.

A lawsuit filed in Northern California by BURSOR & FISHER, P.A. alleges the Nissan knows about the radar sensor problems because a series of technical service bulletins (TSBs) have been sent to dealerships since 2016. The bulletins include

  • TSB NTB15-099b for 2016 Nissan Altimas, 2016 Maximas, 2015-2016 Muranos, 2016 Murano Hybrids, 2015-2016 Rogues and 2016 Nissan Sentras that tells technicans to check for misalignment or damages.
  • TSB NTB16-116 and bulletin PC499
  • TSB NTB18-008
  • TSB NTB18-041 “Unexpected Operation of AEB, FEB OR FCW [Forward Collision Warning]” in 2018 Rogue, Rogue Hybrid and Rogue Sport vehicles.
  • TSB NTB18-041a to include 2017-2018 Rogue, Rogue Hybrid and Rogue Sport vehicles.
  • TSB PC637 reprogramming of ADAS software on 2018 Rogues built in the Smyrna, Tennessee. The bulletin states “The software update is designed to help improve the performance of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Forward Emergency Braking (FEB), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems in the affected vehicles.”

This lawsuit claims that Nissan has not recalled the vehicles and has not provided remedies that solve the radar sensor problems or offered reimbursement for expenses.

A  lawsuit filed in the Middle District of Tennessee David Turner, et al., v. Nissan North America, Inc., et al.covers 2017-2019 Nissan owners who have made complaints, an were told the system works as intended.

Class action lawsuits typically take years to resolve.

That lawsuit alleges:

The vehicle have a defective emergency braking system that exposes drivers and passengers to the risk of sudden and unexpected collision.

Nissan’s Emergency Braking System, however, is not road ready. It suffers from a serious defect, wherein the Emergency Braking System engages suddenly and unexpectedly when no collision is imminent and a driver has no intention of stopping her vehicle.

Owners have experienced sudden and unexpected braking on railroad tracks, on bridges, in intersections, and other driving situations that have placed them at serious and unreasonable risk of side-on or rear-end collision.


We do have some suggestions to try out to see if they help.

  • It may seem obvious but it is possible the front sensor could be dirty or obstructed. Since techs only update software and look a code, it couldn’t hurt to clean the front grille per directions from your car’s user manual. Radar is hidden and hard to see.
  • Check to see if your software has been updated. You can call any Nissan dealer with your VIN number and they can look up your records.
  • If a dealer that has not been able to fix your problem, try calling other dealers within driving distance of your home or office. Previously when we experienced a Nissan TSB after calling four different dealers we were able to find one that was aware of the bulletin and was able to get a replacement part that other dealers did not have. It is better for documentation purposes to use the web interface to setup the appointment and keep an email copy of your comments.
  • Additionally, try looking on Yelp for dealer reviews and phone numbers. We know of a case where a Nissan was taken continually to the same dealer and finally a second dealer was able to diagnose multiple problems with a vehicle that was bought back a lemon.

Be sure to leave updates in the comments below:

If you are experiencing problems or solutions please inform us in the comments below. Also please read our previous article on the topic to keep informed of the problem.

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  1. My front end collision light would not go off and the told me it was damaged and warranty could not repair due to a spill. I did not know any liquid was in my trunk. Then recently the cruise control stopped working and they told me all if my issues were part of the recall but Nissan could not replace or fix anything. I was and am still well within my warranty. I’m fixing to go through a lawyer. I just filed a complaint with my local attorney general office. If all my issues deal with the recall, they should fix it. I have 2 kids under age 5 and if something happens, I have everything on file for my my to sue big time. They are not standing behind the product, just looking for money.

  2. I just bought a new Nissan Sentra 2020 and I experienced that awful feeling of the emergency brakes stopping the car abruptly for no reason whatsoever. Took the car to the dealership they supposedly disabled it.. The car still breaks for no reason, it appears that the emergency brakes resets everytime you turn the car on.

  3. We have a 2020 Rogue. My wife parks in an underground parking garage, as she enters the garage the brakes stop her no matter how slowly she enters. We took the car in, the dealer replaced the sensor. Her car continues stopping as she enters the garage. Our fear is the car will stop randomly and cause injury.

  4. We purchased a 2019 Nissan Sentra and the radar sensor light came on. We took it back to the dealer and were told it was fixed. We left the dealership and the radar sensor light came back on. On the second day we were told that it were not cover under our warranty. We have only had the car for a month with a year warranty.

    • A 2019 car should still have a three-year 36,000 mile warranty. I would call the national Nissan help line and or another Nissan Dealer.

  5. I recently purchased Nissan kicks and facing same problem and dealer gave me same answer that in snow and rain it happens.

  6. We bought a 2019 Pathfinder 6 months ago. We’ve driven twice when it was snowing and both times the AEB sensor indicated an obstruction, disabling the cruise control. We contacted the dealer who tells us that there is no fix and that there is no way to disable the AEB without disabling the cruise control. In effect, when it snows the car is without cruise control. “Living with it” is NOT a reasonable solution! This sucks.

  7. Purchased a new 2015 Murano years ago and have over 50,000 miles on it. On trip recently, AEB light comes on and stays on after about 20 minutes on road. System doesn’t work including cruise control. Once I turn engine off, light goes off. When I turn engine on and start to drive, light is off and I can use cruise and other. After 20 minutes or so on road, light again comes on and entire system is useless. We are Nissan people and have purchased over 10 nissans. Our other vehicle is a maxima with no electronic safety system. Obviously this is a defect. Should be repaired free of charge even though past 3/36.

  8. Sorry forgot to add that the front crash warning blinks, my lane assist and my auto brights for lights keeps flashing my high beams while the front crash is blinking

  9. I have a 2019 maxima sr. I bought it new but drive over 150 miles a day. Sensor started failing at 5,000 miles. Brought it to dealership and they told me they couldn’t recreat it. At this point the front crash light warning was just occasionally blinking. Now I’m at 12,000 miles and it was happening daily. Brought it back to dealership and they said they readjusted the radar sensor. Now I have the front end obstruction light coming on so back to the dealership it is. They told me they are replacing a front camera this week. I really dont feel safe in this vehicle and if they cant fix this I will be contacting a lemon law attorney. Funny thing is they gave me an Altima as a lender car today that only had 2k miles on it and it happened on that car too. Sad that nissan isn’t fixing this. They must know what the issue is. I don’t need added stress to my already long commute

  10. I’ve been to the dealership three times for the “front radar obstruction” and AEB warning light lighting up for no reason. No Resolution!!!
    Cruise control cuts out when AEB light comes on. Most recent advice, “Live with it.”
    Wish I’d never purchased a Murano POS.

    • I had that problems too. Went to dealership twice and no solution. The advisor said as long as light come on then the part will be replaced.

  11. I bought my 2019 Sentra SR in August and have had issues with the sensors since August. It causes my cruise control, AEB, and Collision Warning, etc. not to function. With work and home life, it took me a while to get the car in to be fixed. However, in November, the dealer replaced the sensor and performed a software update (radio / speakers not working properly either). Within a week of getting car back, sensor malfunction began randomly again. The week before I decided to take the car in for the second time, the system malfunctioned and I accidentally left the keys in the car to pick up a prescription. I was locked out of the car because the remote sensor completely failed. Just got my car back yesterday, I was told they adjusted the sensors, balanced my speakers, and did an oil change and tire rotation (tire sensor has come on twice since purchase) at no charge to me. This morning while driving, sensor malfunction popped up yet again, so I have to take the car back to the dealership on Saturday. I will say the service technicians have been friendly and seem helpful, but I am not sure even they know why it continues to malfunction. It is very frustrating to say the least.

    • It looks like your dealership is taking care of you. I hope they give you a loaner car. Please update your comments when it is finally fixed.

  12. Just purchased a 2019 Nissan Altima Platinum on 12/9/19. It is at the dealership today 1/22/20 for this same problem that started 1 week ago. Extremely disappointed that I have to have this brand new car serviced one month after purchasing it!

  13. I have a 2016 Nissan Maxima and I was driving home yesterday from work doing 70 mph and all of a sudden my gas petal went all the way to the ground and car reduced speed on its own to 30 mph, i was almost hit by the car behind me and had to veer off to the side to avoid being hit. Took my car to Nissan and received a call today and I was told I have to replace the sensor and it will cost $1300. My car has been telling me “front radar obstruction” since I purchased it and took it to Nissan multiple times to only be told they cant find anything. Now that my car is out of warranty they find it. I have made a call to headquarters, waiting on a call back. Looks like their are 2 class action lawsuits going on and want to give them the opportunity to buy the car back as a lemon or fix the issue before contacting the lawyers.

    • You can take your issue up to executive support—to see what they do. Our experience has shown that after all efforts don’t work it’s time to get a lawyer.

  14. I just purchased a 2018 Nissan Sentra with no warranty. After driving I am now noticing a beep and message across dash that says “Unavailable Front Radar Obstructed.” Then twice says warning malfunction . I went to Nissan and they told me the sensor is defective and I need to replace it. Asking price 1650 . You guys think it’s right amount. ? I asked the guy if it’s really necessary to replace the censor and he said yes because it’s not safe driving when it’s malfunction.

    • This is a very difficult question to answer–many cars are driving around with automatic emergency braking. If you look for Nissan parts online you could find a cheaper price for the part–the question is if you can find a reputable mechanic that knows how to fix and install it. Hey wait a 2018 Nissan should have 36,000 miles or 3 year warranty—-. You can contact customer service to see if they can cover part of the repair–or wait for a recall—which hasn’t happened yet. The sad part is many people buy a Nissan Sentra because it’s affordable but the new sensors are expensive to fix….

      • My understanding is that after you install the new part it must be reprogrammed into the computer or it won’t be recognized. This was true in previous years, not sure about this year.

  15. We had the same issues today when we took are 2018 Sentra in because of the malfunction. They said the bumper was cracked under the car from hitting something. They replaced the sensor but shortly after leaving the dealership it malfunctioned again. Took it straight back to the dealer. They said it’s not covered under warranty because the bumper has a crack and it’s making it malfunction. I call malarkey. This is a huge problem that is going to get someone seriously hurt.

    • If the you have a new sensor–which is very expensive–it may be easier to replace the bumper. Sometimes you can buy a bumper cheaply or it is covered under collision insurance. There are places where you buy pre-painted matching bumpers. I hired an independent guy to replace my fender–it wasn’t that hard to do…if you have someone handy. In the meantime–it’s a pain but you can shut off the function every time you start the car….Another possibility is to have the car bought back as a lemon or try another dealer.

  16. I just bought a 2018 Nissan Murano SV and every 20 minutes or so a warning comes up”unavailable front radar obstruction “. I took it to the Nissan dealer and they said that there was no recall on it and said the sensor costs around $1000.

    • If you have less than 36,000 miles on it–and less than three years it should still be under warranty. I would contact Nissan Consumer Affairs and or another dealer in the area. In the meantime, you can turn the sensor off when you start the vehicle—or try cleaning the sensor.

      • I can’t believe Nissan doesn’t stand behind their product this emergency breaking doesn’t work I have told them that since a month after I bought the car. I had the sensor replaced 8 months ago and I have time the dealership several times it still doesn’t work and today they tell me it needs to be replaced and because you are out if your warrant.y they will pay 90% I am Floored! They tell me every time they have no way to test it when I tell them it doesn’t work and can only see codes. So people are test dummies. This is very sad to spend 48000 on a car they will not stand behind. Also the silver plater around the gear shift is rubbing to black. A month after I had the car they replaced it and then I went back 2 months later and Corp wouldn’t replace it. I now have. A year and half car that is falling apart

        • Personally if I were in your shoes, I’d buy a dashcam to document with video what is happening, then you will be more likely for them to believe you and if you do file a Lemon Law claim for them to buy back the car—your attorney will have evidence. I also feel that women get more push back because they think we’ll give up—-not us.

  17. I seem to have the opposite problem with my 2019 Altima Platinum. The warning says malfunction. This system not available due to malfundtion. The lane departure malfunction also shows not available due to malfunction. (see manual). I have looked but not found this problem in the manual. The problem only became evident after I had the car for 5 months.

  18. I just purchased a 2018 Nissan Murano Platinum “as is” with no warranty. After driving I am now noticing a beep and message across dash that says “Unavailable Front Radar Obstructed.” I researched the problem and found it is a very widespread problem with several Nissan models. I am so frustrated now. I am afraid to use cruise control which I like to use from time to time when traveling. If there is a fix I don’t feel that I should have to pay for it. This is a problem Nissan has known about due to a defective part. Not sure where to go from here or what to do.

  19. I have a 17 Maxima and it’s doin the same thing.. I really like it but off factory warranty and wondering should I trade it before it gets to many miles or will it be a good car long-term ?

  20. I have had my Nissan Sentra just about a year and the AEB warning light started coming on recently for no reason…even when I wasn’t close to another vehicle. It goes on every time I make a turn also. Because it took a year for this to start happening I have to check if there really is an obstruction someplace. I get nervous that the car will brake automatically.

  21. I purchased a brand new 2019 Rogue on Saturday and the light came on Saturday along with the warning. The care went in today for a “software update” which didn’t work so now they are replacing the sensor, they state the computer shows no error but my car shows the error, I want to return the car…I am not happy and they are telling me that once they replace the sensor it will never happen again…should I believe them?

  22. This exact situation has happened 6 times to me. I had the radar replaced and it still does it. Never at the same intersection…always a green light

    • The way radar works–is that there has to be physical presence to indicated that the brakes should be deployed. They are not able to see if a light is red or green. In fact, the light is most likely out of the range of the sensors. I suggest that reader note if this something like a plastic bag in the road—or other obstruction.
      Another possible way to help document all of our readers’ problems is to install a dash cam and record the that there is nothing in front of the car—This would also help for legal situations. The dealers are only doing what the automaker is telling them to do.

  23. This is not just a usa issue. I purchased a 2017 qashqai known in us as rogue sport. Had 6 feb malfunctions in the middle of green light active intersections. The radar was replaced but yet again the feb haulted the car and froze in a green light intersection. I have had so many failed software updates. This is not a part issue, it’s a software defect. As u drive through the same intersection right away and it does not create the same error. Nissan told me if someone rear ends me- its THEIR fault for driving too close. They deny any issue with their product

  24. Please file your complaint with the NHTSA as Nissan is still selling these cars and refusing to service to owners with complaints. Please also file a complaint with the your state’s Attorney General office This is a huge safety issue.

    • For Nissan owners with this problem–yes follow a complaint with NHTSA—it will eventually help if they get many complaints–in the meantime one of the best ways to pressure Nissan is through Lemon Laws and getting your car bought back by Nissan.

  25. Owner of 2019 Altima AWD. This is a huge problem. Yesterday I experienced the brakes abruptly stopping the vehicle while going up a slight incline. There were no vehicles in front of me. On another occasion I experienced the brakes going on hard while On the highway without good cause. I am a very safe driver so tailgating is NOT a habit I participate in. The Nissan Emergency Braking malfunction is a huge safety problem that can cause rear end collision, frontend cross traffic collision, etc. Yesterday the transmission felt like it was impacted when the safety features malfunctioned. The vehicle brakes were applied so hard that I jilted forward and back which caused my head to bang the headrest. I am experiencing neck pain and back pain which is totally outrageous. I went into the dealership to request immediate repair. I was told by the general manager that Nissan is aware of the problem and the fix is not yet available. I will not stand for this and neither should you. Keep pressing. I don’t trust the car and I don’t want the car.

    • If you keep bringing it to the dealer and it does not get fixed, you may be illegible for Lemon Law in which Nissan will have to buy back the car.

  26. I have a 2019 Nissan Altima.That same warning light came on the car. Turned off in middle of traffic.I tried to turn it back on but it wouldnt let me since breaks got stuck.This happen to me twice.

  27. I was having “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction” with my 2018 pathfinder after 500 miles,
    After I called Nissan North America,
    They changed the radar sensor at Staduim Nissan At city of orang in California, it is about 8500 miles that I have had the no problem, so far it is working as it should. I drive about 100 miles every day on the Hwy and I often use the adaptive cruise control.
    Also if your car is still under warranty you are entitled to a free loaner car while your car in in the shop

  28. Nissan automatic emergency braking system malfunctioning. The alarm goes off “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction” and little symbol lights up of two cars crashing on dashboard panel. My vehicle stops short intermittently when this warning occurs. I have noticed the problem is more frequent when I make a turn, go over a speed bump or in inclement weather it seems to happen more frequently… Car comes to complete stop without me touching the brake. I was almost rear ended twice today because of this. On the way home from work today the warning light came on 3 times after making several right turns on city street It was also raining. My car stopped short and car behind me had to slam on their breaks to avoid hitting me. .

    • It sounds like your car is dangerous— I would call Nissan and get it towed to a dealer or drive very slowly on side streets.

  29. Absolutely not I am having the same issues and I almost died on a bridge with this vehicle I am in no way shape taking this car back from them

  30. I mean the sensor shouldn’t be picking up the bridge above me. #1 it’s dark no shadows & #2 It’s concrete & also brakes locked under every under pass. This has happened before without going under any under passes, not one car or bridge or wall or any obstruction nor rain or snow. Not one thing in sight for this to have happenedg. No excuses

  31. At the end of December going into Jan 2019 I purchased my 2019 brand new Nissan Altima right out of the showroom . I’ve had the ABE system lock on me once before but thought nothing of it that maybe the rain was making the system malfunction.

    But it was on a double decker bridge outside of Philadelphia with my sister in the car when we were scared for our lives. Going 60 mph my brakes locked in the middle lane and I immediately put my flashers on and tried to stay calm & get over to the shoulder lane. Turned the car on & off and drove the car about a foot and the brakes immediately locked again. The entire bridge ride my brakes locked the system inside beeping like crazy.

    Once I was able to get off the bridge the brakes finally unlocked. I continued to drive to our destination as we were seeing a show but on the way every SINGLE underpass we went under my brakes continued to lock.

    Now I had my father call the dealer and we set up an appointment. At first the person on the phone said oh yeah we are having a recall. Then as my dad is talking to the Nissan technicians they told him there was no recall. They also said it will take 1-2 hours to fix, then just my luck they send me home with a loner car to use until it’s fixed.

    Now I dropped it off on Wednesday didn’t receive a phone call until late Friday afternoon of the techs telling me they put a new sensor in and that they are still having the SAME ISSUSE. I’m sorry but we will need to hold the car over the weekend as the new sensor isn’t working and we are having the same issue. So on and so forth they call me 5 o’clock Monday night as my father has left voicemails asking for updates and still no answers until late Monday. The technician said” we have to order a new ‘bracket’ that the sensor sits in” that will take 2-3 days. T

    hen has the nerve to ask if I have been in an accident in my brand new car that I just purchased from Nissan in December. Safe to say I’m still without a car, almost died on a double decker bridge & now being asked & insulted as to if I have hit anything in the front to make the front sensor not work?

    I am beyond frustrated and very disappointed with Nissans customer service and also Nissan still letting these faulty AEB systems on the road. These cars NEED TO BE RECALLED before it takes someone’s life.

    • Document all your problems if they don’t fix it–they may have to buy it back as a Lemon. Lemon Laws are different in different states. Also it could have something to do with the way the sensor is “seeing the shadows” on the double deck bridge.

  32. I would show them all of these articles and insist they replace it. All Nissan dealerships have been receiving service bullitens regarding this issue for a long time now.

  33. We bought a 2018 Murano with 12,888 miles. The radar sensor obstruction warning came on the first day. We took it to our local Nissan dealer and they old us it had been in an accident and therefore the warranty was void. The only proof they provided was a smidgen of residual paint on the windshield. We bought the car from Carvana which claims they do not sell cars that have been in an accident. The car fax was also clean. There is no visible damage to the vehicle. I think this is just another tactic of Nissan not to replace what is a known problem. Has anyone else experienced this excuse with Nissan? We are not finished with this!

  34. Our car stopped as we were coming into the driveway with malfunction light on for AEB system. Called Nissan and within 2 days they changed the sensor and did an alignment. Car will be 2 yrs. old in June. This is the first time this has happened. Still under warrenty. Hoping it won’t happen again.

  35. I have had this issue with my 2018 maxima since I bought it 3 weeks ago. Being told by the dealer that my concerns are invalid and that nothing is wrong. Called Consumer affairs and they told me that enough repair attempts haven’t been made to buy back the vehicle. After going once and getting the part replaced and still having the issue on something with 300 miles is ridiculous. Maybe opting out of the lawsuit is a good options to just get rid of this car once and for all. How do I get them to go for that?

    • You may be able to have the car bought back as a lemon—-depending what state you are in. I know an excellent lemon law attorney in California.

  36. I purchased a 2018 Nissan Rogue with 29k miles on it. The very first day I drove it after purchasing the brake assist engaged on 2 different occasions entering the freeway. There were no cars or obstructions in front of me, however there were cars coming up fast behind me. The car beeped and gave me a warning and by the time I was safely able to look down (a few seconds) at what was beeping the brakes engaged for about 5-10 seconds and then let go. I was not able to control the car, just go along for the ride and hope for the best. This was so dangerous. I will never drive with this option on again. And quit frankly I do not trust the car at all now. I am considering returning it as per dealer contract I have 5 days to return it for any reason.

  37. I should have added…the parts they changed for me were the sensor (Unit-distance) 28438-9UC0A and the bracket for this sensor 28452-5AA4A, The service rep could not tell me if this was a newer model for either, but did say that he believed the bracket was made sturdier. Who knows. It took 1.5 hours to replace and then align the sensors. I was still under warranty so no charge. Not much faith though.

  38. I had non stop issues on my 2017.5 Murano Platinum. Kept getting obstruction alert which disabled the AEB and my cruise control. It would happen every few miles. I brought it in to the dealer and they said the faults showed it had a smear or something (basically dirty) although I know it was clean. They cleaned it and said it was all good, Within 3 miles of leaving the dealership it came back again. I drove right back and complained a lot in front of customers. They then said they were told not to replace the sensor by Nissan corporate but that he could most likely override that and get it approved. So I had it replaced yesterday. Nothing so far, but I do not have a lot of faith for the long term. The fact that Nissan refuses to own up to this is a joke. The dealership was great with me so it is all corporate.

  39. Brian Lewis says:
    Just bought a 2018 Murano SL. The FEB / Cruise Control failed two days after purchasing the vehicle.

    • Depending on the state you purchased the car, you may be able to take it back for a refund–I’m not sure which states have the return policy. In California, you can purchase insurance so that the dealer will take back the car…Also if you have less than 36,000 mi on the car it should be covered under warranty…

  40. Nissan is fixing my 2017 Rogue as I type this. HOWEVER, on the phone they said they don’t know how long it will take as they have never installed one. Wow, I feel safer already.

  41. I ended up at around $280, yes. So far, I haven’t had the issue again (3 days in). I’ll give it some more time and send you guys an update.

  42. Hi Lynn,
    thanks for the advise, I found a dealer that was familiar with the radar obstruction on the Pathfinder, they replaced the sensor and so far it has been a 1000 miles with no issue. warranty covered the repair and the rental (in California). I will report back in another 1000 miles.
    my car started the problem at about 800 miles, so far the car has about 3000 miles on it.
    also what helped me was Nissan North America, they arranged the visit with Master Mechanic and kept in touch with me every week at my convenient time.

  43. Hey Lynn, I did make a report to the NHTSA the other day. My car is indeed past its factory warranty however, as an interesting side note, my service technician at the dealership made a call to Nissan corporate and they ended up agreeing to cover 80% of the bill regardless of the expired factory warranty. I also do see on my invoice that the replacement part is classified as 28438-5FA3A which is different than the one listed in the article above, so that at least seems a little comforting. Hoping that a full replacement of the sensor is the fix.

    • Please be sure to report back to let us know if it works. We think it may be software issue. They paid 80% what was the cost to you? The part is around $700 I would guess you had to pay in the hundreds….?

  44. Has anyone had any luck for this issue with having the dealership replace the sensor? I purchased a used 2018 Rogue in January of this year that has roughly 40,000 miles on it. Several times now it will randomly beep as though to warn me of a proximity alert. Two days ago, it fully engaged and stopped the car in the middle of a city street while I was going 40-45 mph. Luckily there was no one behind me. There were zero obstructions or cars on the road or anywhere near me. It was deserted. I took the car into the dealership today and they replaced the sensor.

    • That’s what we are trying to figure out. What is the most important thing to do right now is report this problem to NHTSA—the more complaints they have the more likely they will make a recall to fix the issue. In the original AEB sensor article, we have comment from someone stating that they are getting the sensor replaced through warranty. You are past the entire car warranty that ends at 36,000 mi unless it is considered a drive train issue. Please also make sure that the sensor is clean and that there is no dirt on it.

  45. I bought my 2018 Roque, have taken it to Nissan about 5 times for the AEB system braking on its own and the indicator light staying on and flashing. I ‘ve been dealing with this since November. Took the car to 2 dealers getting the same response. I believe Nissan is trying to avoid a recall. Going back to the dealer to leave my car and telling them to fix . I won’t pick it up until its fix. I have plenty of evidence this system is not working. They reason they continue to not fix my car is because they said there is no code. I told them if the codes are not reading correctly then the system is not reading correctly.

    • Please make sure they provide you with a loaner car. The most important thing is for owners to do is to report the situation to NHTSA. The more complaints they get the better. Also please read our other article about what you can do. There is a way to manually turn off the AEB when you start the car which would make it slightly less annoying…

  46. Finally they changed the radar sensor on my 2018 Pathfinder and so far it is working fine,
    Initially the dealer near me said radar was working fine and the radar obstruction was due to the last week’s raining weather. Then I took it stadium Nissan at city of orange they gave me a loaner and a week later I got my car back with a new sensor. I will post another status update in a few weeks.

  47. I have a 2018 rogue. The dealer Jas determined that frost blocks our radar, and the fix is get out and defrost the emblem any time the light comes on the dash. How convenient!

  48. 2018 Nissan Armada…. AEB has engaged three different times (Lemon Law, arbitration, and all other methods have been exhausted at this point, to no avail). The only indication was the sensor/notifications of “ghost” objects (meaning snow flakes) that it considers harmful, and then out of No where it breaks..Its been in the service department more than a few times. Nissan has blamed it on everything from dirty bumper, the All State Drivewise Module, to the driver not reading the manual (where it says that in bad weather the sensors may malfunction and I should disable the Intelligence). It only seems to occur when it snows or when there are snow/icy driving conditions (the system can be on or off, its happened in both scenarios). The first time it engaged, on the highway doing 65-67, second 35-40, and third 35-40 (with my 3 year old in the car and the system disabled). Nearly caused accidents each and every time.. Nissan claims its working normally.. I made sure to capture video and pictures of the system malfunctioning, and still Nissan is claiming normal operations. Funny thing, they’ve never tried testing when it snows, just on sunny/rainy days (where I have never had the issue).

    • I’m confused, did you hire a Lemon Law attorney? There is a difference between calling a problem Lemon Law and actually hiring a Lemon Law attorney. If you hire a Lemon Law lawyer, Nissan will have to buy back the car. If you are interested in learning more—We will contact a Lemon Law attorney who can explain how, Lemon Law works.

  49. Hey Guys, I have the same issue with my Nissan Sentra SV. but am based in Africa in Ghana so how do I deal with it? my FEB light came on sometime last year while I was driving and the car to a stop. I have tried every thing to switch it off ever since but it wont go away. what do I do now?

  50. Matt,
    Nissan master mechanic told the dealer should have called Nissan north America tech support for advise. also make sure they write down the DTC code on the service order.

  51. I’ve got a service appointment on Tuesday. The service guy on the phone said this is something they can address and it’s under warranty. Keep ya posted.

  52. Just bought a 2018 Nissan Murano SV with 19k miles and within 5-20 mins of driving the warning pops up of obstruction. We’re going to call our local dealership and see if this will be addressed.

  53. Thank you for reaching out to me. Nissan did replace my sensor but with the identical part number so who knows if the new part will malfunction as well. I also sometimes disengage the FEB sensor but one must remember to do it. It took 7 months for the malfunction to show up so now I deal with the anxiety of “if & when” with the new part.

  54. I have experienced the AEB system to engage three times now within 2 months. All three times the AEB has malfunctioned has been going through a traffic light or just before entering one without a car in front of me. Yet, I had a car stop dead in front of me and the AEB never engaged.

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