Broken Sensor Stops Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) on Nissan Sentra, Altima, Armada & Murano?

Sometimes systems break or malfunction. Faulty modules used in Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Automatic Emergency Braking systems are not working properly on Nissan Sentras and possibly other Nissan models such as the Nissan Altima, Armanda or Murano.

Update 10/9/19 NHTSA is investigating the problem over 129 complaints for a possible recall.

Update 1/31/19 We have contacted Nissan about the problem and they have made a statement. There are also two class action lawsuits on the matter.

The problem apparently is caused by a radar module in the front grill supplied by Bosch. New Sentra owners are getting warning error messages, “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction.” when the module is not covered.  The Bosch component deactivates and disables both cruise control and emergency braking.

Nissan told Digital Trends that it is aware of a relatively limited population of Sentra customers who are reporting the problem and it’s engineering team has identified the cause to be a supplied-component issue. Nissan is working on finding a solution and getting it to their dealers for replacement. Apparently it is Bosch Radar sensor make in Hungary for Nissan part number (28438-5UD2A) that has a MSRP of $753.67 which can also be found in Nissan Sentras going back to 2016.

A similar model sensor is found on the 2018 Nisan Murano, Nissan Altima, Murano, Pathfinder and Leaf.

The problem with a faulty AEB sensors is that most consumers have no way of checking if automatic emergency braking system is working. It is most likely a newly identified flaw. Nissan notes that the problem does not effect driving ability. Nissan also notes that the warning is doing its job, and critical safety systems are not affected.

The 2019 Nissan Sentra, went on sale starting August 14 at Nissan dealers nationwide. For the 2019 model year, all Sentra grades (except Sentra S) receive standard NissanConnect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. AEB is standard on all Nissan Sentras with Xtronic transmissions.

Nissan Safety Shield 360, a suite of active safety technologies,  are available on the all-new 2019 Altima and 2019 Rogue – both on sale this fall.

Using radar technology to keep an eye on your speed and proximity to the vehicle ahead, AEB (formerly Forward Emergency Braking) gives you audio and visual display warnings to help you reduce your speed if necessary. If a collision is unavoidable, this feature will engage the brakes to help reduce both the speed of the impact and the severity of a collision.

Update 3/7/2019.

We have been getting comments from frustrated Nissan owners who have experience either the software notification problem or Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) engaging in inappropriate situations.

Nissan sent AUTO Connected Car News a statement suggesting that owners bring your vehicle to your local Nissan Dealer. You can also turn off the AEB when you start the vehicle.

Some of our readers have reported success by taking their affected Nissan Murano, Sentra, Altima or Armada to a different dealership, that was able to get the correct part and at least replace the sensor.

We have learned that it may be better for Nissan owners with the problem to opt-out of class action lawsuits, if you would prefer to have Nissan buy-back the car and then buy an alternative vehicle.

The opt-out process must be documented via sending a certified letter with return receipt or email confirmation.

We also suggest that you document every dealer visit. Often the dealer is not putting the correct information into the service form and customer invoice.  We are hearing that because Nissan will not pay the dealer for certain things that they turn away the customer.

When you set up an appointment either go to the individual dealership or

It should show you offers at your local dealerships, click or tap on “Schedule APPT.”

The fastest way to schedule is to use “I’m in hurry”

You can eeither enter the problem via comments or by selection “not sure” and stating your problems in the comments.

If you tap on EDIT you can choose a service and have the option of filling in more information.

Please make sure that you have an email address and your comments will appear in the appointment email confirmation in “other.”

Here’s the tricky part. When you get to the dealer, show them your appointment and make sure that they show your comments in the work order aka repair order.

We have heard that dealers are not fully documenting repair orders and then come back later and say the customer did not make the dealer aware of a problem.

A general rule in all of this is get documentation in writing.

If you are hoping for a class action, it may mean that the vehicles stay on the road until the automaker works on a fix, putting you and your passengers in danger.

We also suggest that you file complaint with NHTSA. When there are enough major problems submitted there, the automaker is forced to seek a solution and recall the vehicles at no expense to the owner.

You are welcome to share your successes or failures to get help with your Nissan vehicles in the comments below. Drive safely and take care of yourselves.

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40 thoughts on “Broken Sensor Stops Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) on Nissan Sentra, Altima, Armada & Murano?”

  1. My 2018 Pathfinder light came on. Took it to dealer …$152 to say someone must have bumped your car…need to replace sensor $1900…not warranty work. I have no clue what to do. Just bought 2 months ago.

    • TI personally would call several dealers to see if another dealer would cover it under warranty it should still be under the 36,000 3 year warranty.

  2. Same thing with mine, I have the 2016 fully loaded Nissan Altima, which one do you have? I’m joining the lawsuit as well

  3. I have a 2018 Nissan Kicks. I am having problems with the Nissan Emergency Braking System. Over the last four months, the radar has malfunctioned hundreds of times and giving false warnings and malfunction messages. Nissan says there is no problem and a Nissan Service Department has to see it happen before they will address. It happens mostly on expressways and is set off by large trucks, walls, bumps and turns. I fear at some point it will stop me on the expressway for no reason. Nissan basically said it’s on me to prove that they have a problem and you can’t believe what’s on the internet. I know there is a problem, I see it almost every day I drive the Kicks.

    • We suggested in one of our articles it may be worth it to install a dashcam to capture it on video. We believe from our readers that there is small percentage that is malfunctioning–however it should not be malfunctioning at all. Be sure to document every visit to the dealer and write in the request that you believe the AEB is malfunctioning. You may be able to get better service from another dealership. It may also qualify you through Lemon Laws for Nissan to buy back the vehicle—for nearly the price you paid for the vehicle. I would also try to get all their comments in writing—have them write up a service order and put in the writing what they are saying. Please keep us posted.

  4. I have a 2015 Nissan Murano. The lid that covers the sensor fell off and now my AEBS doesn’t work. Took to dealership and they want to charge me $1400 to replace sensors. How is this possible? How could they make that tiny lid the end all of such an expensive system? What can I do?

    • I would look at genuine Nissan Parts store find out how much the part costs–you can often buy the part discounted. Then see if I can find a local mechanic to give an estimate to install the part. Find out the exact part number.

  5. 2017.5 Murano Platinum. Same issues. Still under warranty so I brought it in for service. They said it showed “stain” fault which I believe it the major fault of everyone. The cleaned it really well and sent me on my way. Within 3 miles I had the fault again. Then it reset itself and it came back again. I drove back to the dealership and in front of customers demanded that open my file and document that the service did nothing. The service manager came up and asked if I was unhappy. LMAO…i get it now, but he then said since you are unhappy I will override the new sensor order. He said Nissan does not want to offer new sensors since they are expensive. He did this and when it comes in they will install. He also said the majority of Nissan cars are having this issue. Nissan is a joke for not owning up to this. My god Nissan…the long term issues will overwhelm a sensor recall. Either way…I have no faith in Nissan. I will get the sensor and than trade in for another brand.j

    • When they don’t write up anything for you. Take a video of your interaction with the service rep. It is imperative that you report this to NHTSA. The more pressure owners put on Nissan the more likely they will fix it. If they don’t fix it your next option is Lemon Law, Nissan has to buy back the car and label it as a lemon, so every buyer after you knows that it is a lemon. Something also to think about, is that the problem may not be the sensor but a software glitch. Please let us know if replacing the sensor fixes the problem. If replacing the sensor does not work, then it could be software problem

  6. same problem. 2018 pathfinder. good thing it has not actually stopped the vehicle, just the light comes on now and then, and lose the cruise control.

  7. I have the same problem “front radar obstruction: not detected”. It beeps anywhere, just randomly even though nothing was in front of my car.
    2018 Altima SR Special Edition

  8. thank you Lynn,
    the master mechanic said it is a known issue with some 2018 cars, and it is the radar sensor, my car is in the shop waiting for the part. I will post an update as soon as I get my car back.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    did you get the software update, if yes did it fix the problem, could you tell what was the diagnostic DTC code ( for my pathfinder 2018 it was C1A16), and which Nissan Model do you have this problem with?
    I did contact the Nissan HQ and they did return my call, I am meeting their Master technician this week.

  10. Lynn,
    when did the software update come out, I was at Nissan dealer last week, 2weeks and 4weeks ago for the same issue. no software update for Pathfinder 2018

  11. you have automatic breaks in the altima? my sensor beeps every time i get in my altima 2018 – telling me the scensor is unavailable due to an obstruction. it’s beyond annoying

  12. No one has called me either. They did send an email with a survey attached so I filled it out and blasted them and said how appalled I am that no one has reached out to me regarding my concerns.

    • We have contacted Nissan for a statement and published a new article with some tips. It is possible to turn off the AEB when you start the vehicle. We also offer tips for finding a Nissan dealer who can help you with your problem.

  13. My 2017 Nissan Rogue Hybrid is in the shop for the 4x today for the faulty braking system. They find the codes and clear them saying Nissan won’t let them try and fix it. The issue started at 500 mile. I am scared to drive it because the braking system will engage for no reason . Clear and sunny day while doing 65 on the highway it came on. Another day it was on the highway with no one in front of me at night while doing the speed limit. These vehicles are a danger to the people in the cars as well as others on the road. I have called Nissan customer support. They closed the first case with no follow up stating they couldn’t get a hold of me. But have no evidence that they even tried to call me. Opened a new case today referencing the old one. Probably will ignore this one too.

  14. I just got a new 2018 Sentra. The radar keeps popping up was nothing around the car. I have not signed the papers yet for the deal and I’m not sure that I will especially if it’s an ongoing problem I don’t need that with a brand new car.

  15. Omid,
    Can you believe that it’s not my invoice, however, I did ask a rep to hand me over the paperwork so I can write down the code which was hilighted on their paperwork. Not sure I’d they are truthful but this is the code that was hilighted. Not even close to your pathfinder code. Mine is a 2018 Rogue. 5HR9B. That’s all I got. 🙁

  16. Hi Meryl,
    could you please post the diagnostic code for your car, they usually write it down on the invoice. the diagnostic codes for my Pathfinder’s faulty radar sensors was ” DTC C1A16″.

  17. I HAVE A MORE SERIOUS AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY SITUATION with my front sensor. It front sensor actually malfunction and engaged the brakes!! I was driving on a highway @50 mph when the emergency braking system kicked in and brought my vehicle to a complete stop!!! It was a clear day and nothing was in front or along side of me to engage the brakes. I brought it into a local Nissan dealership and I contacted Nissan Corporate to file a complaint. The dealership checked for error codes and one code did pop up. All they did for me was replace the sensor with the same Bosch sensor so now I am driving a vehicle where at anytime can engage. Thank God no one was immediately behind me! I AM SCARED TO DRIVE MY VEHICLE. IT IS UNSAFE AND NISSAN CORPORATE WONT’ DO ANYTING FOR ME.

  18. My Pathfinder 2018 started failing after 10 days,
    it usually starts acting up after 45 minutes of driving, I have taken already taken the car to dealer few times and contacting Nissan north America

  19. Bought my Altima brand new 6miles on it7/1/2018 before the issues has come up in MD. Month 1 took it back they supposedly put new radar on it. Second time in they played with the computer/ calibrated it. They assured me it was fine….it wasn’t it has done it again and I’m looking to getting it fixed. I honestly want a complete buy out of my vehicle. It shouldn’t do it in the rain or complete sun…they tried to say it was raining that’s why it’s messing up…no absolutely not. It basically almosted caused me to get into a deadly accident with a tracker trailer .

  20. I purchased a 2018 Murano on 9/15/18 and the day I picked it up the error message appeared “front radar obstruction unavailable”. The sensor was replaced in October once the back ordered part arrived. However, a couple of weeks ago the error message appeared again. When a brand new car is purchased equipment should not be malfunctioning day one and continuously. Very disturbing.

  21. Have similar issue with 2018 Sentra SV. Radar will work, alerts to cars too close, but it will also toss out a “UNAVAILABLE FRONT RADAR OBSTRUCTION” alert and the two little collision icons on the dash turn orange when I’m just driving and there is absolutely nobody in front, next to or behind me. I have had the radar recalibrated once, replaced once and it is doing it again. I have had the car since late April.

  22. same problem 2018 nissan rogue , took it in 3 rimes already first they did a computer update, scond time realigned radar and another update, 3rd time replaced sensor but new sensor was from the same batch so still having an issue. i called nissan consumer affairs and they made an appt with me for a n out of state nissan specialist to look at my car. i drove all the way to a dealer not located near me because supposedly they had speicalized diagnostic equipt that the one near me doesnt have. the specialist never showed up. bottom line. contacting a lawyer, tired of this crap

  23. Randy says
    Took my wife’s 2018 Murano into a Utah dealer … got it back 4 days later supposedly with the new parts installed … took it back into the dealer with the same issue as the previous visit … tech played with the computer on the dash and turned the system off … said the warning light would stay on …. couple of miles down the road the sensor shut the cruise control off again ..
    i cant write what i think of their system

  24. My dealer had the part shipped overnight due to fact we are headed out on vacation. Everything fine EXCEPT the “tech” could not calibrate the part to Nissan’s software. They said they have been trying since 1:00 PM today and as of 4:00 PM no luck. They assure me they start calibration tomorrow morning @ 7:30 AM

  25. Purchased a 2018 Murano on 9/22, was informed the part would be ordered and replaced in a couple days. Couple days later…..the part is on “national backorder” and no time estimate on availability.

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