Car Sharing App Will Have Remote Features in the Fall

Turo is will be “on the go” this fall with the new Turo Go features that allows guests to locate, book and unlock cars instantly from the Turo app.

This is now early-access waitlist for hosts to get Turo Go connected car hardware installed in their cars when it’s available in select cities this fall.

Turo Go hardware will allow car owners to remotely lock and unlock their cars, automatically track mileage and geolocate the car. In addition to making the experience of owning a car smarter, and the experience of sharing it safer, Turo expects to use Turo Go’s connectivity applications to improve their customer experience — both for busy Turo hosts and for guests craving instant mobility.

In the future, in addition to supplying hosts with this connected car technology that can be installed in any car, Turo envisions working directly with automakers to integrate the Turo app with connected vehicles coming off the line. “We’re talking with a number of forward-thinking auto manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, about solutions to further integrate instant mobility into our service. We see a future where new, connected vehicles leave the manufacturing line ‘Turo-ready’,” added Haddad.

With over six million users and 4.5 million completed trip days, Turo is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. Turo is available in over 5,500 cities in 56+ countries. The company recently raised a $104 million Series D funding round led by Daimler and Korean conglomerate SK Holdings, with participation by Founders Circle, Liberty Mutual, American Express Ventures and Sumitomo.