Parking comes to iO S6- 9.3.2 – 10 Apple Maps for iPhone, iPad & CarPlay?

parkingyoungstownParkopedia announced that it is going provide its parking services to Apple Maps. Parking places by Parkopedia are now live in select locations. According to Parkopedia since Apple maps are updated on the server level the information when availalbe will be in all versions of Apple Maps even iPhone with older versions of iOS such as iPhones with versions of iOS 6 or iOS 7

Drivers using Apple maps are now able to search for parking and receive rich information about nearby parking lots including location, payment type, number of spaces, etc. In the future drivers will also be able to find cheapest lots as well.

Apple maps users can book a parking space by clicking on booking link or Parkopedia logo.

Apple Map users can view information about parking garages and lots around the world.

We are trying to find out if Parkopedia is seen through Apple Maps in CarPlay and works with Siri. We have contacted Apple to find out. In the meantime if anyone has used parking in CarPlay or by activating Siri, please let us know in the comments below

Since Siri works through Bluetooth with many cars, it may be an ideal solution. Check back later for more information.

Drivers have the option to click through to Parkopedia’s website and iOS app to view more detailed information including pricing, user reviews, special offers and real-time space availability. They will also be able to make reservations.

The service allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination, tells them how much it will cost and whether the space is available. Parkopedia also allows drivers to pay for parking online, through a mobile app and in-car.

In OS 10 the iPhone will remember where you parked you car and help you find your way back. The map features in iOS will be greatly enhanced. Maps in iOS 10 are simpler and more intuitive to use. Services such as Lyft can be launched directly from map. Maps has intelligence that proactively delivers directions to where you most likely want to go next, based on your routine or appointments on your calendar.

Once a route is planned, Maps can search along the route for gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops, parking and provides an estimate of how the stop impacts the length of your trip. Maps will also make a route that can avoid paying tolls.

Parkopedia is the world’s leading parking service provider used by millions of drivers and organizations such as BMW, Ford, Garmin, Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, Toyota, Volvo, VW and many others.

Parkopedia provides detailed static information on 40 million parking spaces in over 150,000 facilities across 6000 cities in 75 countries; including real-time parking space availability information in over 500 cities in 30 countries.