Emotional AI, car angels for self-driving coming

peperrobotHonda R&D will be collaborating with SoftBank using artificial intelligence tech called “emotion engine,”  developed by cocoro SB for mobility products.

To study AI Honda will be launching a research lab in Akasaka, Tokyo, in September of this year. This joint research project with SoftBank will be one of the open innovation initiatives Honda will pursue in the area of AI technologies.

cocoro makes a robot that works cheap in for mundane tasks — Pepper a temporary robotic worker. She is really cute and likes to be hugged. USA Today’s Jennifer Jolly says its the closest thing to Rosie from The Jetsons.

“We’re thinking of a little angel that takes care of you and your home, and because she knows you so well, can guess what you need,” Pepper’s inventor Rudolf Gelin explained.

Pepper can bring you a drink or TV program. When Pepper sees that the reporter is Tweeting, she suggests a hastag.

Honda and SoftBank will work on mobile products that form conversations with the driver, together with other information obtained from various sensors and cameras installed on the mobility product.

The technology will perceive the emotions of the driver and thengage in dialogue with the driver based on the vehicle’s own emotions.

This could lead to some very interesting interactions. Say you just left a Starbucks with a large drink. In twenty minutes when you gotta’ go she may suggest the closest restroom?

The mobility products “grow up” while sharing various experiences with their drivers.

The project is designed to let the drivers have the experience of feeling that their mobility product has become a good partner and will then form a stronger emotional attachment toward it.

With the target to create new relationships between people and mobility products, Honda will remain committed to the development of AI technologies.

The “emotion engine” is a set of AI technologies developed by cocoro SB Corp., which enable machines to artificially generate their own emotions.

We are wondering, after a while if the Pepper car will like people in Los Angeles, develop road rage…

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