Why you’ll love the new Apple CarPlay Features in iOS 10 for iPhone 5/6/SE + – Siri Maps n’ Apps

mapinstrumentclusterAt WWDC, Apple announced new features to coming to iOS devices in September including some great new features in CarPlay. Updates to iOS 10 will be pushed to iPhone 5/5C/5S SE 6/6S +.

There are some very compelling new features coming to CarPlay including predictive mapping, turn-by-turn in the dash, customization more Siri integration and home kit.

Maps Adapted for More in CarPlay

Eddy Cue showed a new view maps with directions not only displayed from the center stack put turn-by-turn directions can be see inside the instrument cluster.

Traffic will be integrated. If there is a lot of traffic, CarPlay will give alternate directions and tell you how much time it will save. CarPlay is now also compatible for ultra-wide screens, therefore automakers such as BMW, Merecdes-Benz or Lexus that have a wide pop up in the dash can more easily implement CarPlay.


Maps shows traffic on route along with pan and zoom. Quick controls for route details.

Maps in iOS 10 are simpler and more intuitive to use. Services such as Lyft can be launched directly from map. Maps has intelligence that proactively delivers directions to where you most likely want to go next, based on your routine or appointments on your calendar.

Once a route is planned, Maps can search along the route for gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops and more and provides an estimate of how the stop impacts the length of your trip. Maps will also make a route that can avoid paying tolls.

The Maps feature is open to developers for reservations such as OpenTable inside of maps. They also showed dynamic view of maps depending on if you are at a corner or straight away.

Maps will automatically remember where drivers park their cars with the “Parked Car” feature in iOS 10. When the iPhone user disconnects from Bluetooth or CarPlay the iPhones remember where the car is parked in Maps where the driver can add notes and get directions back to the car.

The CarPlay icons can be removed for apps you don’t use and you can move the icons around in iOS 10. On a connected iPhone go to Settings > General > CarPlay > [Your Car/Receiver Name], from there, tap and hold an icon to move the local. Changes done on iPhone in this setting will immediately be seen on the car’s infotainment screen.

iOS 10 will also allow users the ability to remove stock apps in CarPlay as well. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay > [Your Car/Receiver Name] on the connected iPhone. Tap the “-” on top left of the app icon you don’t want to show up on your car’s in-dash system and it will disappear. To put the icon back  tapon “+” on the removed apps bring them back.

CarPlay still requires Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Now Playing, and Car apps.

More Siri Messaging and Shall WeChat and VOIP

Siri serves over two billion requests a week. Siri will be available for messaging apps. Siri will give drivers a way to send messages, such as WeChat, Slack and What’s App.

Drivers can make Cisco Spark Vonage and Skype/VOIP calls when driving with CarPlay integration.

Siri for iOS 10 will work with CarPlay as well, giving you even more control of your digital life while you’re behind the wheel.

The Home app is deeply integrated into iOS, delivering a simple and secure way to set up, manage and control your home in one place. Accessories can be managed individually or grouped into scenes so they work together with a single command and can be controlled by using Siri. They can be managed remotely or set up for home automation with Apple TV, and can respond with automatic triggers set by time of day, location or action.

OS 10 will be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone 5 and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

More Music Options

CarPlay has more music options with new tabs For You, New, Radio, Playlists, and My Music to Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Now Playing. Your own music is easier to reach and includes playlists.

If you don’t have CarPlay or car and want a ride. With iOS 10 iPhone users will soon be able to use Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, to request a ride and receive real-time updates. You can also book a car right within the Maps app.

When you request a ride through Siri, you’ll see the fare and driver information and be able to quickly confirm your request. When you look up a destination in Maps, you’ll have the option to book an Uber to get there. You can even pay with Apple Pay. And with iOS 10’s new Notifications, riders can see when their Uber is arriving on an animated map and use quick actions to contact their driver or cancel their ride.

As far as our predictions went, we got the following correct:

  • Map enhancements.
  • Better Siri and Siri app intergration.
  • Pinch/Pan and Zoom
  • Real-time traffic cameras (from TomTom).
  • CarPlay outside of the headunit  – we thought it would be a separate device, instead it’s the instrument cluster.
  • Home kit

We missed the car on these:

Street view maps.


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  1. I’d really like to use Waze in CarPlay. Does anyone know if the sticking point is Apple allowing the app or Waze/Google supporting CarPlay? Is there any development on the horizon?

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