Real-time traffic & HERE services there for Volvo Sensus

INRIXVolvo Cars has chosen HERE for advanced mapping, local search and car locating. The company will also be using INRIX data for traffic.

Volvo’s infotainment navigation system, called Sensus, uses advanced maps and services enabled by the HERE location cloud to provide drivers with smart guidance both in and out of the car. The first model featuring the new Sensus system is the XC90, Volvo’s new luxury SUV which started shipping earlier this year.

Volvo Cars selected INRIX, Inc. for the car maker’s first live traffic service. INRIX will provide Volvo drivers with rich, real-time and predictive traffic flow information for routes, travel times, and alerts to accidents and incidents. The technology will be integrated globally first into the Volvo Cluster 90 vehicles equipped with Sensus Connect.

HERE services are:

  • High quality maps, featuring an extensive range of attributes for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that support the partial automation of the car for safer and more comfortable driving. These include precise road geometry necessary for adaptive cruise control and curve speed warnings, as well as traffic sign detection.
  • Turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in more than 50 languages.
  • Local search, enabling the driver or passenger to find nearby points of interest, such as restaurants and shops and related information including opening hours and phone numbers.
  • Send-to-car functionality, which means drivers or passengers can pre-plan a route on their smartphone or tablet and send it directly to the car.
  • Find Your Car, which enables the driver to use their smartphone to see their car on the map and get directions to it.
INRIX offers accurate real-time and predictive traffic information for every major road type including highways, arterials, city streets and other secondary roads. INRIX combines traffic information from its crowd-sourced network of connected vehicles and insight from thousands of public and private sources to provide Volvo Cars with a real-time traffic service that covers more than five million miles in 42 countries.
INRIX Traffic will be a part of Volvo Sensus Connect, an innovative on-board infotainment and navigation solution that allows drivers to find and pay for parking, discover new places, stream their favorite music and much more. INRIX real-time traffic will be available in November 2015 in the new Volvo XC90, and then in all other future Volvo models.