Zubie adds Verizon Wi-Fi hotspots to service/device

PhoneKeyGL700_NoBGZubie has partnered with Verizon Wireless to offer Wi-Fi 4G LTE hotspots to cars for $10 a month added on to a Verizon data plan along with the annual Zubie subscription fee. It works through a Zubie device connected to the OBDII port on compatible cars made after 1996 along with smartphone apps

The Zubie Android or iOS app allows users to turn late-model cars into connected cars with diagnostics, car locating and driving style insights. It also helps parent track teen drivers.

Verizon Wi-Fi service then lets passengers connect to the Internet

The cost for Zubie services per year is $99.95. It looks like the pricing model has been changed so that the device is free with one year of service. The next year the user pays another $99.95.

Verizon 4G LTE for the Wi-Fi hotspots requires activation on a Verizon data plan and monthly fee of $10 a month plus data that are billed by Verizon. In other words it acts like adding a tablet or other device onto a Verizon plan.

Zubie is compatible with apps such as tow-truck calling Urgent.ly, Fleetio and PEQ automation. New apps are coming from IFTTT and OpenBay.

Zubie works with Progessive insurance for insurance discounts.

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In September, Zubie announced a suite of contextual analytics features that deliver deeper insights around driver behavior and profiles.

Last year, Zubie was nominated for the Tech CARS Award, however, mojio won by more votes. Mojio comes with free service for a year.

Do you know of a connected car tech service, product or person that deserves an award? Nominations are open for the 2015 Tech CARS Awards.