Merecedes-Benz E-Class to offer self-driving autonomous features

cesmercedesbenzIn March 2016, we can expect the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class will have an automated driving option according to Bloomberg Business.

The E-Class will use sensors and cameras to keep it in the middle of the lane and navigate around curves while keeping within the speed-limit posted by street signs. The car can drive itself at speed of 80mph.

The current version being tested now in Germany can’t handle sharp turns, yet. If the driver’s hands aren’t on the steering the wheel, a light will go on, then a beep sounds to turn off the automated driving warning the driver to take over control of the wheel.

E-Class’s automated systems are designed to help prevent crashes, when encountering a traffic jam or obstacle the car will auto-brake and stop in most cases. When a driver swerves, s/he will be guided around the unexpected obstacle.

Pricing has not been set yet, however the S-Class autopilot that can handle stop and go traffic and prevent a lane change when there is a car in the blind spot. This Distronic Plus package costs about $2,500 and is bought by 90% of S-Class buyers.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2016 is a totally new design expected to be launched at the Detroit Motor Show in 2016 and be followed by coupe, convertible and station wagon models.

Mercedes revealed the totally autonomous car “Luxury in Motion” at CES. Daimler showed the Freightliner Inspiration self-driving truck at a huge drive-in theater–the Hoover Dam in May.

Currently, Daimler, Tesla, Audi & Delphi are winning self-driving connected car race in Q2.

Uber is test driving self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, Penn. while Google is testing autonomous LSV in Silicon Valley which have been in accidents.

Bosch is testing a self-driving Tesla S duo in U.S. & Germany.