Mercedes, Bosch & car2go 2 self-drive pick-up & auto-park rental cars

1-BBM-21290-eBosch, Daimler and car2go are working together on a pilot project using intelligent parking lot infrastructure, Bosch vehicle control units and Mercedes-Benz on-board sensors to enable cars to drive themselves for driver pickup and park themselves after drop-off.

A driver books the vehicle via the car2go app. When the user is in the retrieval area of the parking garage the car drives up to the user. To return the car, the user parks in the drop-zone of and the car parks itself after notification from the smartphone app.

The intelligent system of the car park registers the vehicle, starts it, and directs it to an assigned parking space.

Bosch is developing the technology for parking garage–parking space occupancy sensors, cameras and the communication technology.

Bosch will develop the communication unit in the vehicle, which also controls the parking process and interfaces with the Daimler vehicle components.

Daimler will adjust the sensor systems and the software in the car2go vehicles and provide innovation for the car-sharing model of car2go.

Once this technology is available, rental cars will automatically drive to a pick-up point after being called by a smartphone app. When cars are returned, they will automatically return to their parking spot.

car2go is a car sharing service based on time used. Rates in the U.S. start at 41 cents a minute (+tax) after a $35 sign up fee. The hourly rate is $14.99 and with a maximum day rate of $84.99. Parking, gas and insurance are included.