Chevy Silverado OnStar RemoteLink predicts issues before they cause problems

SliveradoChevy Silverado drivers will have Proactive Alerts soon. The service predicts and notifies drivers when certain components need servicing before it affects performance.

The predictive technology will first monitor the battery, starter motor and fuel pump, all critical to starting and keeping a vehicle running.  More vehicle parts and components are expected to be added in future model years.

Silverado owners drive every day travel and work. They are some of the most connected drivers on the road and the largest population  of OnStar RemoteLink mobile app users. They check tire pressures, oil levels and remotely start their trucks more than other users.

When using the app, Remote Start and Vehicle Diagnostics are the top two most-used features by Silverado owners. Silverado is also the top model for owners to send directions from their phone to their vehicle.

Chevrolet customers with an active OnStar connection, today, can monitor tire pressure, oil life and other key data points via the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app or through a monthly diagnostic email sent from the vehicle.

cq5dam.web.1280.1280Nearly 99 percent of Silverado owners with access to OnStar 4G LTE connectivity  service agree to the Terms and Conditions, giving them a three-month or three-gigabyte trial of 4G LTE data. For those customers who purchase the plan after their trial, the most popular plan purchased is one gigabyte of data per month.

Proactive alerts is compatible with Telogis’ fleet maintenance tools that work in sync with OnStar technologies, allowing tracking of destination, speed and, fuel economy, engine hours, idle time and oil change status. Trucks also can be remotely locked and unlocked. Unlike trucks from other manufacturers, Telogis can connect to properly equipped Chevrolet trucks using OnStar’s remote application programming interfaces in lieu of costly hardware installations in each vehicle.