Nissan gets Sirius about OnStar-style services with NissanConnect

nissanconnect-NissanConnect gives Nissan owners connections via Bluetooth or a USB port to their smartphones for texting, music (iHeart Radio & Pandora) and Facebook. Today, Nissan and SiriusXM announced a new program similar to OnStar or Hyundai’s Blue Link, that will offer SiriusXM’s connected vehicle services, called NissanConnectServices. Services offers  include vehicle security, health monitoring, remote access, emergency services and destination services for 2016 Nissan model vehicles.

As opposed to OnStar where services are provided by General Motors, SiriusXM will provide the NissanConnect connected car services. There are three levels of packages that will be available:

  • NissanConnect Services – This is the first basic entry level service package with emergency services including automatic collision alerts, emergency calling, stolen vehicle locator maintenance alerts.
  • NissanConnect Services Premium This package includes all of the basic services and remote start, remote door lock/unlock, with monitoring alerts such as the car goes outside a boundary, valet alerts and curfew alert.
  • NissanConnect Services Premium PlusThis premium service includes all the base and premium packages plus a suite of destination services such as assisted search, connected search and journey planner.

The Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley developed the services.

NissanConnect mobile apps are included free of charge for three years with the purchase of a Nissan car. The smartphone connection data plans are used for NissanConnect apps such as Facebook, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Twitter.  Usually automakers include these kinds of concierge services  for a six months to year free with trial memberships for new car owners.  Monthly fees can be paid by the month or year.

Prices have been not set for the NissanConnect services.

Currently, new Nissan vehicles with SiriusXM come with a 90-day trail subscription to SirusXM satellite radio.

SirisusXM also offers SiriusXM Traffic, Weather, Fuel Prices, Movie Listings, Stoacka and Sports for Nissan vehicles.

We have contacted PR reps to find out if a SiriusXM radio has to be in the Nissan car in order for the services to work.