BMW 7 uses BMW i3 and new connected car tech

remotecontrolscreenBMW announced that the new BMW 7 Series models will offer new technology. BMW in its teaser video says that the best way to predict the future is to create it. With this car, BMW claims it creates the future of luxury vehicles. Drivers will no longer have to park the car into tight spaces themselves. There’s a touchscreen and gestures can control the infotainment system as well as new ADAS features. The body is made of carbon fiber that is light and strong.

With the new remote control parking feature, BMW 7 cars can get in and out garages without anyone at the wheel, allowing the car to be parked tight parking spaces. The new BMW Display Key has remote control and an LCD display to show functions.

In the next generation of the BMW 7 Series, the iDrive operating system’s monitor has a touchscreen as well as the BMW controller.

BMW gesture control, available for the first time allows hand movements to be detected by a 3D sensor to control infotainment functions. The gestures can be used for controlling the audio volume  and accepting or rejecting incoming telephone calls. There is also the option of pairing a specific gesture with an individual choice of function. Which we saw at CES earlier this year along with other gesture controls(see video after BMW video). There is also a new level of voice command.

Driving Assistant Plus and Driving Assistant systems now include the steering and directional control assistant, Lane Departure Warning Assistant with active side collision protection, and the rear collision prevention and cross-traffic warning functions.

The Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function, a press of a button now allows the driver to acknowledge speed restrictions detected by the Speed Limit Info function.

BMW 7 uses strengthening carbon fiber that it used in BMW i3/8. It’s light and increases efficiency. It saves up to 50% on weight. Read review of BMW i3.

BMW encouraged those interested in more information about the new 7 series to sign up online for updates. Currently prices for the BMW 7 series start around $70,000 in the United States.

BMW recently updated its iOS iPhone Apps for music streaming, sharing locations, mapping, parking, weather, news and listening to books. Here provides the mapping apps for BMW with the ability to find parking.