Magellan’s GPS Eco & Abalta connect car services on maps across devices

smartgpsechoMagellan’s SmartGPS Eco navigation/content platform and Abalta’s WEBLINK platform are now working together to provide maps, content, gas prices and locations in cars from the driver’s smartphone.

They plan connected car solutions for automakers to deploy Magellan navigation, smartphone apps, and cloud content to any vehicle that is infotainment ready.

Magellan’s SmartGPS Eco cloud platform aggregates location, content, such as fuel prices or business locations, while showing the information the navigation map.

The Abalta WEBLINK platform enables the display and control of smartphone apps, including Magellan’s SmartGPS apps, on virtually any infotainment display.

SmartGPS Eco offers navigation, content services, iOS and Android smartphone apps, and connected car platforms. It delivers money-saving offers, navigation while keeping drivers informed with relevant location and social content

The SmartGPS Eco is built on a cloud architecture supporting flexible content aggregation, personalization and localized delivery that is designed to integrate with connected car solutions.

Abalta Technologies’ WEBLINK platform is based on the users’ smartphone in cars. WEBLINK allows automotive OEMs to create a branded experience in the vehicle using the customer’s smartphone to deliver it. In addition to supporting SmartGPS Eco, WEBLINK also supports a wide range of music, entertainment and news applications.