Here Auto gets connected Jaguar XF & BMW’s there better with parking

JAGUARXF_S_Interior_02_PosterNokia Here mapping with live traffic is integrated into the Jaguar XF, InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System. Here Auto is also integrated Jaguar’s smartphone companion apps. Here offers a full suite of functions in the Jaguary XF, including learning preferences, parking, notifications to friends and suggesting gas stations when the fuel is low.

Here Auto gives location services across multiple screens in the Jagauar XF. With InControl Touch Pro, Jaguar XF Here Auto learns commuting patterns and preferences over time. It combines preferences with live data from the vehicle and Internet to deliver real-time information at the right moment. Personalized profiles let drivers customize recommendations for preferred gas brands or other favorite destinations.

Here Auto uses a SIM card connected it to the Internet. It’s not just for traffic either, Here Auto offers real-time parking availability information at the destination, and real-time fuel prices at gas stations. InControl Touch Pro is integrated with the Jaguar XF’s in-car sensors and connected to the HERE location cloud. When the gas tank nears empty, drivers get suggestions for the nearest gas stations from their favored brand, or with the lowest prices to fill up at.

An intelligent search box understands many things, addresses, keywords and direct points input on the map. The driver can customize the home screens and the software will also learn from usual routes and give personalized suggestions. It will offer alternative routes, if the regular commute is blocked by a road closures or SIG alerts.

In the new Jaguar XF, the system actively syncs information from the driver’s smartphone companion app or computer to the car. When near the end of a journey, the screen switches to approach mode, showing a street level view of the destination and options to find an available parking space. When drivers park and leave the car, mapping and routes are shown on the companion app to get them to the final destination.

Images for the street level view and for the maps used by InControl Touch Pro are gathered and frequently updated by Here’s worldwide fleet of data collection vehicles.

InControl Touch Pro can share an estimated time of arrival with another person via text or email and when encountering traffic an updated ETA to the other person.

The Jaguar XF can have three screens. The new Jaguar XF tech features include a brighter, lighter laser head-up display with more contrast. The 10.2″ display that can show two video feeds at once. Jaguar InControl Touch Pro, iPhone and Android connectivity, and 17-speaker, 825W Meridian digital surround sound. The 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster can be customized with themes and navigation.

There is 10GB of the 60GB solid-state drive storage for media. Gracenote shows the media details.

Jaguar offers InControl Apps, InControl Remote and Wi-Fi hotspots. The system runs a quad-core processor and the Ethernet is 1Gbit/seconds fast to allow for future upgrades.

Here Auto is also working with BMW for similar services and apps.