Nissan LEAF gets free charging and self-cleaning with creature resistance

nissanleafThere is good news for Nissan LEAF owners present and future.  First, Nissan LEAF owners can get two years of free charging and in the future LEAF owners may never have to waste water washing their cars. Creature lovers and haters will be happy with their nano-coated LEAFs because animal poo and bugs won’t stick either.

No Charge to Charge Nissan LEAF in 10 Metros & Quick Chargers at Dealers

Nissan offers the “No Charge to Charge” at eligible public stations for buyers who bought a LEAF after April 1.  Owners receive free access to more than 2,600 charging stations and more than 200 quick chargers with ChargePoint, Blink, CarCharging, AeroVironment, and NRG eVgo., accessible via an EZ-Charge card. The program is only available in 10 market,  San Francisco; Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Phoenix; Dallas-Ft. Worth; Houston; Washington, D.C.; and Nashville, Tenn., where Nissan North America is based. More free charging metros will deployed later.

Nissan is installing 500 quick chargers at Nissan dealerships throughout the US that charge a Nissan LEAF 80% in thirty minutes. Charging at home through a Nissan 240V charging dock is estimated to take less than five hours with the 6.6 kW onboard charger and less than eight hours with the S grade’s standard 3.6 kW onboard charger.

Clean Nissan LEAF Machine – Poo n’ Bug Resistant Too

Nissan claims that the new Nissan LEAF electric vehicle might just be the “world’s cleanest car” when  “self-cleaning” paint, called Ultra-Ever Dry is applied.  Ultra-Ever Dry is being testing in the US on a Nissan LEAF.

The coating creates a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, preventing standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the LEAF’s surface.  Nissan has not made any announcements about the coating and when or if it will be available.

With the coating the LEAF  never has to stop at gas stations not even for a car wash, reported Nissan in a news release.

“No matter what the road throws at this LEAF, its Ultra-Ever Dry exterior coating will throw right back,” said UltraTech International Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Shaw.

When AUTO Connected Car previously spoke with Mark Shaw, he said that the coating was only available for commercial trained applications. Ultra-Ever Dry has been very useful in the construction industry, especially dealing protecting trucks from wet concrete.

Other good news for those who deal with animals is that Ultra-Ever Dry protects against animal waste.  Yes, no more bird dropping stains on your brand new car that eat into the paint. In fact, an entire bird coop has been coated with the covering making cleaning the coop poop very easy.  We also believe that water based bugs will be easy to remove.

Ultra-Ever Dry is not VOC compliant for some states, therefore you must check with your AQMD to find out if you can use it in your area.

Ultra-Ever Dry iis translucent and can not be used on clear surfaces such as glass. Although it has been shown on fabric, the coating eventually wears off.  In fact the coating on cars will only last a year.

The Nissan LEAF is available in three trim levels for 2015 LEAF S, SV and SL, along with option packages offering advanced systems such as Around View Monitor and seven-speaker Bose energy-efficient audio and Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant.

The EPA estimated driving range for LEAF on a fully charged battery is rated at 84 miles and MPGe ratings are 126 City, 101 Highway and 114 Combined.