Tesla hacked, hackers won’t reveal how

tesla8A Tesla S have been reportedly hacked by security firm in Bejing. According to Bloomberg News, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. was able remotely control the Tesla’s locks, horn, headlights and moon roof while the car was moving.

The Beijing-based Internet security company reported in its Sina Weibo account. Qihoo 360’s information technology group conducted the experiment.  It did not reveal how it did it. However from the photos it looks like they were able to attach some kind of computer and  control the car from an outside computer.  Qihoo 360 suggested that Tesla S drivers be careful in the ran because the sun roof may open with no notice.

Telsa reported that any vulnerabilities discovered during the competition will be researched and corrected. The carmaker requested security researchers to report potential vulnerabilities and not to hack its website, servers and networks.

Tesla emailed Reuters with the statement “We hope that the security researchers will act responsibly and in good faith.”

At the Symposium on Security for Asia Network  Conference in Beijing this week (July 16 and 17), hackers can win $10,000 if they can hack a Tesla S. However, most cars are not hackable and researchers are working on ways to prevent hacking entirely.