New car quality sucks for Bluetooth, voice, audio and bad weather

jdpowerNew car owners are having more problems with new cars due to new technology and harsh weather reported JD Power in its latest study.

The study scores problems that happen in the first 90 days a car is owner.

The study found a 3 percent increase in problems from  2013.

Newly launched new models continue to be more problematic than carryover vehicles.

The increase in problems among all-new vehicles was found in  voice recognition, Bluetooth pairing and audio systems. The problems stem from new technology that doesn’t work as easily as expected.

Harsh weather caused an increase is found in the heating/ventilation/air conditioning, exterior and engine/transmission categories. Harsh weather conditions have an adverse effect on vehicles.

The study also found that the fewer problems owners experience with their vehicle, the greater their loyalty to the brand. 57 percent of owners who reported no problems stayed with the same brand when they purchased their next new vehicle.

For a second consecutive year, Porsche ranked highest in initial quality among all nameplates, with a score of 74 PP100. Following Porsche in the rankings are Jaguar (87 PP100), Lexus (92 PP100) and Hyundai (94 PP100).

General Motors Company received six segment awards—more than any other automaker for a second consecutive year.Hyundai Motor Company received five awards.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Cambridge South, Ontario, Canada (TMMC) plant, which produces the Lexus RX, receives the Platinum Plant Quality Award for producing models that yield the fewest defects or malfunctions.