AUPEO! opens in Motown

bmw-aupeoAUPEO! opened a new office Farmington Hills, Michigan, near Detroit.

The opening comes a year after AUPEO! was bought by Panasonic Corporation of North America. The company believes its presence in Michigan demonstrates AUPEO!’s commitment to strengthening its U.S. activities.

“We are pleased to be in metro Detroit, close to our automotive customers and where we are adding strategic capabilities,” said AUPEO! CTO David Taylor, who is based in Farmington Hills.

AUPEO!  specializes in reinventing the in-vehicle audio experience for connected vehicles.  It offers service in more than sixty countries and is working with eight of the top ten global car companies.

AUPEO? recently announced the addition of news and talk radio content to its cloud-based audio streaming platform. Partners include CBS Radio News, TheBlaze Radio News and TheBlaze Radio Network,  AccuWeather, GEO Traffic and Umano.